Sunday 3 May 2009

Coming.....Ready Or Not

No, Monty, my son's pet rabbit wasn't really playing hide and seek. I think what he's really trying to tell me is that he can't bear to look at all the bare patches on the lawn. Now that we're getting some sunshine the kids are using the grass again and already it's getting worn. In winter the grass holds on to the rainfall and it ends up in a boggy mess. I have recently bought one of those pronged grass tools which you stick in to the grass and it channels out holes in which to put sand, in the hope that I can get some drainage. I will give it a go this year and see if it helps.

I have created lots of space in the garden this week having taken 28 strawberry plants which were in pots and all the peas down to the allotment. I have also moved more seedlings from the window ledges into the greenhouse which gives me some room to start off more seeds. I have started off my French Beans - Safari in pots and these have germinated already.

The small wildlife pond which I set up a while ago is now starting to establish itself with the water plants spreading, however, I have to say that I haven't noticed much wildlife around it. Hopefully this will come later. The plants which I put into the border are beginning to grow and spread and the Aquilegia Vulgaris - Columbine is already in flower putting on a lovely show.

I have given the bird feeding station a good wash down and refilled all the feeders. I find that the seed feeders stay full and that the birds prefer the suet cakes and fat balls. I don't know why they don't go for the seed in the back garden as I'm constantly having to refill the seed feeders in the front garden which contains exactly the same seed mix. We had a pair of blackbirds build their nest in the hedge in the front garden last year and I was hopeful that they would come back again this year, but they haven't.

I haven't got much done in the garden this week as it's rained such alot. Any sunshine and I've been at the allotment. The Met Office have announced their long range forcast and apparently it's going to be a good summer. I'm hoping that this is the case!


  1. what a beautiful bunny! i have serious bunny envy now :) glad to hear you got your peas in. fingers crossed for both of use we get good crops. i love garden peas :)

  2. Hi Jo

    Sorry to hear you've not been able to get much done this week due to the rain. Like you, I have been moving stuff around to make more room the the next lot of seed sowing - Cucumbers and Courgettes are next on my list.

    Just a thought about your pond. When you posted the picture you had aboviously just put it in. Are there plants or other features around it now to offer some cover for the much hoped for visitors? A few large stones, a log pile or even some potted plants as a temporary measure until others get established might make all the difference?

    G x

  3. You sound as though you have been very busy planting seeds. Isn't it great when you get them in the beds and don't have to look after them so much ?
    The rabbit is lovely, just don't let him near your carrots !!! you should have a lot if you sow them in the bath. If you sow them low down in the bath that should deter the carrot fly as they fly low, so wont be able to get into the bath.
    Have a good week.

  4. My cucumbers and courgettes are already growing. I have them in the house at the moment.

    I do have large stones and more plants around my pond now but hadn't thought about a log pile. The Mimulus is growing like mad.

    Monty the rabbit does like to nibble things, so we have put a small trellis at the end of the border where it meets the grass. He doesn't attempt to go beyond the grass now. My daughter's rabbit is Monty's brother, Sammy. We had hoped that they would be able to live together but unfortunately they fight so they have to have seperate hutches and have 'run around' time on the grass seperately.


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