Wednesday 6 May 2009


I haven't spent alot of time at the allotment this week due to all the rain we've had so instead I have been sowing more seeds. I planted 30 French Bean - Safari and 30 have germinated. They won't be kept in their pots for long though as their bed at the allotment is already prepared. I have also planted up my Parsnip - White Gem seeds which I chitted on damp kitchen roll, into toilet roll inners. They won't stay in these for long as parsnips have a long tap root which grows quicker than the leaves. If the taproot hits the bottom of the pot it will cause the parsnip to fork. Some of the seed leaves are just poking through the compost now so as soon as they are all through they will be going to the allotment.

All my strawberries are now tucked up under netting away from the beaks of birds which will be eager to feast on the crop before we get the chance. My peas are also under netting, but I have used a finer mesh for these as I want to keep the Pea Moth away from them. There's nothing worse than finding maggots in the pods. Yuck!

I have decided to create a patch for flowers at the allotment as I can't bear to cut flowers to bring indoors from the garden. I have planted some Asiatic Lilies which I got from a Gardener's World offer, Lilium - Black Out, Brunello and Pisa. I have also got some Carnation's and Dahlia's on the window ledge which I am growing from seed. I'm going to have a look for some smallish Sunflower's to grow too.

I give some of my surplus veg plants to a lady at hubby's work. This week she has kindly repaid the favour and sent some trays of Love in a Mist, Nemesia and Viola. They will be sure to make my garden look colourful this year.


  1. 30 from 30 is a great result! (It can only show that you're giving them right) And a prepared bed to boot! I wish I was them!!

  2. Yes, I was happy with 100% germination. I'll give them a little extra time in their pots and then they'll be in their bed and they can grow away.


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