Sunday, 24 May 2009

Third Time Lucky?

I've tried to grow aubergines for the last two years, however, I haven't been successful at all. This is the stage that this years effort is at, and it's more advanced than I have managed previously so I am keeping my fingers crossed. It has now been moved out into the greenhouse where I am hoping it will flower and fruit.

There was lots more rain at the back end of last week but the weather over the past two days has been glorious. We are all on holiday from work and school until next Monday so I am hoping that this sunny spell continues.

Yesterday I potted up my tomatoes into their final containers and they have been moved out into the greenhouse. I am only growing one salad tomato - Ferline, and the rest are cherry tomatoes - Sungold, Gardener's Delight and Sweet Million. I am the only one in our family who eats salad tomatoes so I tend to grow more of the cherry variety. I am also growing a Micro Tomato, which as the name suggests is a very small variety.

Today I have been concentrating more on the flower side of things and have potted up my hanging baskets and an ornamental wheelbarrow which my hubby bought me for christmas. I have used the usual bedding plants including Nemesia, Impatiens, Petunia and Violas.

I have now cleared out alot of my greenhouse moving lots of things into the 4-tier plastic greenhouse to make room for the plants which will be housed in there over summer, such as the tomatoes, aubergine and pepper. It's only a 4 x 6 greenhouse so it can get rather crowded at the start of the growing season with lots of seedlings and overwintered plants in there.

We have spent quite a bit of time at the allotment this weekend, more on this later in the week.


  1. Nice looking plant you have there, mine got a bit pot bound before planting out but hopefully they will grow away well now they have got their feet into some lovely soil.

  2. AnonymousMay 25, 2009

    It's looking really healthy, well done! :)

  3. You've been busy! I recognise the 'greenhouse shuffle' only too well. My plants start off in the kitchen, then go to one of the two mini greenhouses and it's always a job to accommodate everything. Fortunately I'll be able to move things outside in the next few days. Are there any Tomatoes on your Micro plants yet?

    G x

  4. I would gladly help you eat the salad tomotoes. Any Tomatoe grown outside with love is fine with me.

  5. AnonymousMay 26, 2009

    Hurrah - you planted up the mini wheelbarrow! I did the greenhouse shuffle yesterday - everything was everywhere, now, it is all in order per shelf and the tommys have been de-leafed and fed.

    Aubergines - we got about 4 last year, and was our first year of trying - seems you should only have 4 flowers on the plant as once. Sweetcorn however, is still an unknown quantity to me....{sob}

    Cat @ Manor Stables Veg Plot

  6. AnonymousMay 27, 2009

    It pays to have a greenhouse! I'm trying to grow thai eggplant on my balcony and it's a long way from being as big as your aubergine. I'm not familiar with the micro tomato, but I grow lots of cherry tomatoes on my balcony, so I'm very intrigued. Cheers!

  7. AnonymousMay 27, 2009

    I have never had any success with aubergines. They like a really humid greenhouse and mine is too full of holes to create these conditions. Good luck with yours!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I haven't got any flowers on the aubergine yet but I'm living in hope. Yes, I had heard that you should limit the fruits but I've never got that far yet!

    Alot of things have been moved out of my greenhouse now to make room for the tomatoes, aubergine, pepper and courgette, but it's only a small greenhouse so it's still looking pretty crowded.

    The micro tomato has got lots of little fruits on it now, I'm just waiting for them to turn red.


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