Wednesday 29 April 2009


This weeding malarkey is hard work! Just look at what I'm having to dig out. I believe that they are tree saplings, maybe Ash, and it really is hard work. There's loads of them and they have got really strong roots. Along with these I've also got couch grass on the allotment, and there's mint which is all over the place, so I'm sure that I've got lots of hard work ahead of me.

The kids have been given their own little plot and they have worked really hard to get it weeded by themselves. My son has planted some carrots - Early Nantes and my daughter has planted beetroot - Boltardy. Both of these seeds came from the 'Dig-In' campaign which is being advertised on Gardener's World and CBeebies. They're also going to have a go at growing some gourds. They've got the swan and snake varieties. I know you can't eat them, but if it keeps them interested that's all that matters. Does anyone know if gourds are better left to trail on the ground or trained to climb?

It has rained really hard the last couple of days so I haven't been to the lottie yet this week. The next trip up there will see my peas planted and also the remaining strawberries which still have to go in. I bought some netting from Lidl at the weekend so this will be used to cover the strawberries so that the birds don't get the fruit.

My parsnips have chitted well using the damp kitchen roll method and these have now been planted up into toilet roll inners. I've put some more seed to chit as I want to have plenty growing. My daughter absolutely loves parsnips and I don't think she would forgive me if I didn't grow enough!


  1. ugh. weeds.


    still, it gets us out the house ;)

  2. Just when I think I'm on top of the weeds, about a million more appear. My allotment is similar. As well as the weeds I get loads of bits of brick and glass out of mine too. Still, once you get on top of it it'll become easier I suppose!

  3. Hi Jo I recognise the top picture, didn't realise you were a fellow A4A member :). I think gourds can be grown up trellises just fine and it would help free up space in the kid's patch as well.

    Well I was just popping in to say hi and to checkout your blog which I like, boy have you been busy. I'll keep popping back in to see how everything unfolds.

    Well I'm going to pop a short update in my blog as there is news on the collard doves.

  4. Yes, I'm also getting bits of broken glass and also some quite big bricks out of mine too. I think it will be an ongoing job.

    A4A is a great forum. There's so much advice given there and for a newbie like me it's wonderful. I have a couple of obelisks so I will have a go at getting the gourds to grow up these. I am trying to save space in the kid's patches so that they are able to grow a few different things.


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