Sunday, 31 May 2009

Red Hot Chili Peppers

OK, so it's not a chilli pepper it's a sweet pepper, but hasn't the weather been red hot? Unfortunately I've missed most of it as I've been stuck indoors most of the time with a poorly child. Typical! I have kept nipping out into the garden though trying to get bits and bobs done.

As you can see, my pepper is now starting to produce fruit. There are lots of flowers on the plant so hopefully there will be more to follow. As we don't eat many peppers and also due to lack of space in the greenhouse I only have one plant so I'm hoping it does well.

The blueberry bushes have lots of berries on them. I had one plant last year and it didn't produce anything so I bought a second plant at the back end of last year. It certainly looks like it's done the trick and I'm just waiting for them to ripen now.

Also at the back end of last year I bought a Stella cherry tree. It has been grown on dwarf rootstock and as I don't have anywhere in the garden to plant it, it is being grown in a half barrel. I was expecting lovely blossom to appear on the tree, but all I got was one flower. At the moment there is the huge amount of one cherry growing on it. I hope the weight doesn't make it keel over! I'm hoping that it's just because it's a young tree and that in future years it will produce much more fruit.

The Dicentra Spectabilis - Bleeding Heart which I bought earlier this year has come into flower again. It had flowers on when I bought it and as they faded I thought that would be it for this year. I just love this plant so it's nice to have a second flourish.

The bamboo which I bought at Easter has now been planted up into a nicer container. As I removed it from it's pot I could see shoots growing up in the roots. I'm presuming that these will eventually push their way through the soil to give a denser clump.

The allotment is now producing it's first harvest. Over a dozen strawberries have been picked and eaten, and there's plenty more to come.


  1. Hi Jo

    It's also been 'red hot' this weekend down this way!

    Wow, what a healthy, happy plant you have there! I'll now know what to look out for at this stage when I come to try growing them.

    Sadly, I don't expect though that I'll ever come to grow blueberries on the plot. I fear our soil here is far too alkaline for them :(

    Cherries are good in Kent! :)

    I love dicentras, but my lack of growing space probably means I'll not get to grow one myself. If you happen though to notice any insects feeding from them I might well change my mind!

    Best Regards Anon,
    Tim n' Hugs :o)x

  2. Your sweet pepper is looking good Jo, mine are coming along beautifully as well and they seem very happy in their custom made rickety hot house :)

  3. An interesting update, Jo. So glad your Strawberries have settled in well - I knew they would! On the other hand it's a shame that your Stella didn't meet your expectations. I'll be interested to hear how it fairs next year as I have it in mind to copy your idea - but only if I get at least one bowl of Cherries!

    G x

  4. I'm growing my blueberries in containers so that I know I can give them the conditions they prefer. I've potted them up using ericaceous compost.

    I can't wait to see what results you get from your hot house, Kella. Especially the aubergines.

    I'm surprised how quickly the strawberries have fruited after being transplanted. They must have had a head start with being kept in the greenhouse over winter and luckily haven't been shocked when tipped out of their containers. I'm pinning my hopes on a good cherry crop for next year. Watch this space.

  5. Jo you are really lucky 2 have your own kitchen garden which have so much fresh vegetables and yummy fruits.I wish i could have one like you.good luck.

  6. Thanks for visiting Beth.

    I'm really looking forward to harvesting the fruit and vegetables. Before I had my allotment I used to grow fruit and veg in containers with much success. Perhaps this is something you too could do.


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