Wednesday 3 November 2010

Making Use Of The Runners

At last, I managed to get to the allotment at the weekend. The strawberry plants haven't had any attention since they fruited, even the netting was still in place, so I thought I should tackle that bed whilst hubby and son got on with digging over the plot. I didn't have as much time as I'd have liked there due to having to pick up my daughter from her drama group, but I managed to get about half the bed cleared, which was very time consuming due to the mess it was in. There were lots of runners, some of which had escaped in to the next bed, and new plants had set roots so I gently lifted them and potted them up. They will stay in their pots inside the cold greenhouse until spring when I will create another strawberry bed for them to reside in. This is a great way of increasing your strawberry plant stock for free.

Hubby and son got lots of digging done and the plot is looking much tidier than it was, though there's still lots more to do. The winter dig is already further on than it was at this time last year.

There's very little still in the ground at the allotment now. We're still harvesting cavolo de nero, curly kale and chard, and there's Savoy cabbages and spring greens growing.

My daughter is at her drama group again this Sunday which should free up some more time for me to spend at the allotment again. Fingers crossed for a fine weekend weather wise.


  1. Lovely to get more "free" plants isn't it.
    We gave a local community garden a couple of spare strawberry plants earlier in the year and hubby set it up to get lots of runners into new plant pots and we were pleased to see last weekend that they are thriving.
    Hope you get some more time at the weekend. I think the weather forecast isn't too bad for the weekend, hopefully it's good where you are too.
    (Thankyou for your lovely comments recently on my blog x)

  2. I will be keeping my fingers crossed with you, for the weather this weekend. My plot hasn't seen any action for weeks, and the garden can hardly be seen for fallen leaves.

  3. Plants for free, that's just what I like!


  4. Glad you are getting done what you want Jo...It's always so much harder at this time of year as the kids are never as keen to join you on the plot. I still have a few caulis and cabbages growing and also the sprouting broccoli but of course none of that will be ready for a while yet!!

  5. You can't beat free plants, I am overrun with potted up runners, just need to figure out where to plant them!

  6. My first thought when I saw the title of your post was "Wow, she's still harvesting Runner Beans in November...! [I take it that that is not the case...?]

  7. Been there and got the Tee shirt. Getting the net off my strawberry beds was a nightmare as everything had grown through it!

  8. I'm planning on moving my strawberries, and raspberries, next spring! Flighty xx

  9. I think I'm one of the few plots that haven't done Strawberries. I'll have to remedy that for next year.

  10. You have reminded me that my strawberry beds remain sadly in need of attention Jo :) My plants came to me as runners from my lottie neighbours and I was delighted to be given them.

  11. My strawberry bed is in a real state. I walk past it in the garden with my eyes closed.

  12. You're welcome, Dawn. The allotment way of life is lovely, people are so generous donating spare plants to other plotholders. It's especially good to see them thriving and bringing joy to others.

    It's hard to keep on top of the allotment when other things are needing your time too, Rachael, especially when the weather isn't being cooperative either. I hope you get some time to spend on the plot soon.

    It's what I like too, Su. I'm hoping to buy some everbearers for next year, but I'd rather start another bed of ordinary strawberries off from runners rather than buy those too.

    Oh, I forgot my purple sprouting broccoli, Tanya, I've got some too. My son's a really good help on the allotment, he'll get stuck in to most tasks, but my daughter isn't so keen. It's good when she's got something else to do so that I can get down there without her constant moaning.

    I wish I'd got in on the same deal that you got with your strawberry plants, Damo. It's not like you can squeeze one in here and there with the amount you've got, you'll need to think carefully about where to put them.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Mark. It's not long since my runner beans stopped producing, but I've got plenty stored in the freezer for the coming months.

    Everything was growing through my netting too, Green Lane Allotments. It ended up ripping in the end, it was a little rotten, but it wasn't expensive so I'll buy some more next year.

    You must be having a move around on the plot next year then, Flighty. I look forward to seeing what you've got planned.

    Strawberries are the one thing I wouldn't be without on my plot, Mark. You can't beat home grown strawberries, definitely get some for next year.

    I got straight on with tidying up my strawberry beds after they had fruited last year, Anna. It was so much easier than I've found it this year so there's a lesson to be learnt there. I must remember that next year.

    I do that too, Sarah. It looks lovely in my mind's eye. If only.

  13. My strawberry runners are everywhere Jo so I will take inspiration from you and pot up as many as I can. Like Sarah I have been neglecting to face up to the mess!

    Hope the weather is a bit more settled this weekend. We've had really high winds here.


  14. Great that you had some time to fix up the strawberries!
    I hope they all do great next season

  15. My strawberry bed is a mess too - still a bit of tidying to do before I can pot up runners like you.

    Fingers crossed for good weather this weekend, tho we have son home from uni plus Italian visitors, so little chance of getting to the plot.

  16. I hope you managed to pot up some runners, Jeanne. Remember, it means more strawberries next year.

    Thanks, fer. I see that your strawberries are doing better this time round, so we should both be eating plenty next year.

    I've been potting up runners as I've been tidying, Linda. I've managed to salvage enough for another strawberry bed, which is good as I think my original bed will have had it after next year. Hope you had a good weekend with your son being home and your Italian visitors.


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