Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Little Surprise

I was quite surprised today to find the alpine strawberries are still producing fruit. We've had a few frosts now so I thought they would be finished. Alpine strawberries have a very intense flavour and they produce for a long period too so they're well worth growing.

I've got quite a lot on at the moment so I haven't made it to the allotment this week. Hubby has taken a days leave from work on Friday, but as snow is forcast in some parts of the country for the end of the week, I don't hold out much hope of getting there this weekend either. We've dug over more of the allotment already this year than we dug last autumn so I'm quite happy with that even if we don't get any more done.

I always enjoy reading about people's experiences of allotment life, I think that's one of the reasons I enjoy reading blogs so much. On my Christmas list this year are a number of books on this theme, One Man and his Dig-Adventures of an Allotment Novice by Valentine Low, Digger's Diary-Tales From the Allotment by Victor Osborne and Allotted Time-Two Blokes, One Shed, No Idea by Robin Shelton. I hope Santa's taken note.


  1. Lucky you, ours stop producing a while back now - I love the intensity of the flavour from such a small fruit too.

    Snow - No! Although not likely down here yet, hope you don't get it too bad if you get some.

    I like how you've put up a list of books you'd like, great idea. I can highly recommend the Victor Osborne Digger's Diary book, I picked it up from the library 10p sale a long time ago and loved it, it goes out on loan a lot so if you don't get your wish you're welcome to borrow mine in the New Year.


  2. What a nice surprise to find a strawberry. Some of mine have flowers which I must take off.

  3. Oh how lovely! :) All my berries are long gone. The only thing we're still eating are the herbs and the chickens have been helping us by pretty much destroying the sorrel!

  4. Don't they taste exquisite Jo? :) Hope that Santa has noted.

  5. It is a nice surprise to see last strawberry of the season.
    I have a few strawberry flowers that are frozen.

    It is a good idea to have a wish list of gardening books. I usually find something that I like and that forget about it...

  6. No strawbs here but I'm still getting the biennial Evening Primroses flowering - and Oriental Poppies. The season is well wonky!

  7. It seems rather odd reading about strawberries and snow in the same post!
    I've read, and enjoyed, the first and last of those books. Flighty xx

  8. Wonderful for you to find strawberries at this time of year! Loving the blog!

  9. Presumably these things are called "Alpine Strawberries" because they originated in the Alps (above the snow-line maybe???)
    Do you know what variety yours is? I have heard that the French variety "Mara des Bois" is especially good in flavour terms.

  10. oohh what a lovely surprise ! I must blog about our lotty more - I really get sidetracked with crafty stuff.

  11. I haven't been to the plot either Jo but I'm not too worried as I know things are all sorted for me....I think the last few strawberries we had will be slowly turning to mush with the last couple of heavy frosts but that is ok as they have been fruiting since may.

    I hope Santa has paid good attention to your list...maybe you should re-write it on post-its a few times and stick them round the house just in case!!

  12. So nice that you still have strawberries! I think I will try to get an alpine some day, but they don't sell it here. Maybe i can get some seeds from abroad.

  13. What a lovely surprise. I got impatient with the ones I had in tubs and threw them out. They were very disappointing - meant to be runnerless they were nothing of the sort, and colonised everything around them, plus had very few, bitter fruit. I don't think they liked their tubs, to be honest, so perhaps it wasn't their fault. They were 'Baron Solemacher'. What variety were yours? I think I'll try them in the garden next time.

  14. Thanks for the offer of the loan, Dawn. I'll see if Santa obliges, if not, I know where to look. Alpine strawberries have such an intense flavour, you don't really need many, which is just as well given their size.

    It's been a funny sort of year, Damo. Strawberry flowers in November, who would have thought?

    It's nice when we get a surprise like this, Una. Definitely not the norm.

    I love the taste of alpine strawberries, Anna. Like a little taste explosion in the mouth.

    I love books, Vrtlarica. These are reading books rather than reference books, which are usually what I have on my wish list.

    I've had an oriental poppy flower recently, Vegetable Heaven, but the evening primrose stopped flowering a while back.

    Good to know you enjoyed the books, Flighty. It's always good to have a recommendation. The snow arrived on cue, and more to come yet if the forcast is to be believed.

    Thanks for visiting, Orkney Flowers. it's a bonus when something carries on producing, like the strawberries.

    I don't know the variety, Mark. I bought it as a plant in the garden centre, but I've heard people mention that they've grown them easily from seed, though my own efforts from seed have been in vain.

    It's a nice surprise to discover something which shouldn't be there, Scented Sweetpeas. I'll look forward to reading some allotment posts from you.

    You can put away the spade until spring now, Tanya. It's nice when everything's sorted, a weight off the mind. Post its sound like a good idea, just to remind Santa of course.

    Alpine strawberries are worth growing, fer. The flavour is so different to ordinary strawberries, quite different.

    I don't know the variety, Linda. Mine are grown in tubs too, but haven't produced any runners. I wish they would, I could do with a few more plants.


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