Monday, 29 November 2010

The White Stuff

The weather forcasters were right for once when they predicted snow. There's more forcast for overnight and it seems there's no let up for the rest of the week. I can't remember when it last snowed this early in the season, though some news reports suggest it's been 17 years, I just hope it doesn't mean that we're going to get a long winter, last year was bad enough. Don't forget to pop over to my Through The Keyhole blog to find out what Archie's first impressions of snow are.

Obviously, nothing got done on the allotment again this weekend. I'll be interested to see what difference the drainage pipe which hubby laid earlier in the year makes after the snow melts.

The birds are loving the food which has been put out for them. It makes such a difference to them in snowy weather to be able to find food easily. Hubby spotted a Greenfinch over the weekend, something we haven't seen in the garden before. Let's hope he returns with his family.


  1. We got our first snow few days ago. This is usual timing for us to get some of the "white stuff".
    Now it's all gone, but forecast is telling us we will be seeing it soon again.

  2. We had my sister's dog to stay for a couple of days and she loved to nuzzle the snow. NOt too much here yet but we are bracing ourselves.

  3. Plenty here - and getting deeper. At least now my allotment looks just like the tidiest plot on the site!

  4. Hi Jo; Re the Greenfinch -- you should visit this blog, which has some great photos of Greenfinches:-

  5. Oh greenfinch - we had one over the summer - gorgeous - I had a robin today (much excitement - not had one at this house so far!). Enjoy the snow if you can - we've a whole lot here too - nowt done in the garden - except moving the hens indoors........

  6. Oh my goodness you have had a lot of snow, thankfully we haven't yet.
    There is no point going to the allotment in this weather as the ground is solid, so whatever hasn't been done on mine has to wait until possibly spring. I had a mountain of manure delivered to share amongst 4 of us, but it looks like it won't get spread on the beds this year. I did manage to get a few barrowloads on some beds.

    Stay warm.
    Archie is adorable, I just had a look on your other blog.
    M x

  7. Like you I do hope that it's not going to be another long cold winter!
    Lucky hubby seeing a greenfinch! Flighty xx

  8. No real snow here yet. Plenty of garden birds though, they really need the food on the bird table at the moment.

  9. It looks cold, but what a pretty picture. Even in the snow it manages to look cheerful. Stay warm and cozy.

  10. Dear Jo, I can't believe it ... you have the snow; we have the rain! What a topsy-turvy world. Pam x

  11. We've had quite a lot of snow here, Vrtlarica, and it's still snowing. The schools are shut, much to my kid's delight.

    I'm sure you'll have had some more snow by now, Green Lane Allotments. It's supposed to snow all day today. It's started already here and it's quite heavy.

    There is that, Vegetable Heaven. I think everything looks so pretty when it's blanketed in snow.

    Thanks for the link, Mark. There are some lovely photos of Greenfinches. I think it must have been a one off as we haven't seen any since.

    I love to see a robin about, Orkneyflowers. They're such sociable little birds, watching what you're up to in the garden.

    Thanks, Maureen. I didn't manage to get the whole plot dug over for winter either. I think mine will be waiting for spring now too.

    There's more snow here again today, Flighty, with no sign of any let up. I think the Greenfinch must have been a one off, we haven't seen him since.

    I can't believe the amount of snow we've had, Damo. So soon in the season too, it doesn't bode well.

    The snow certainly does paint a pretty picture, Kat. It's ok if you can stay in the house and see it through glass, not so nice if you have to venture out though.

    Who would have thought the snow would come so early, Pam? It does make a change from all the rain we usually seem to get though.

  12. Yes it's arrived and snowing now - I needed to get to Rothwell this morning too!

  13. I believe that there is much snow in your part of the world Jo. It looks good but oh what a to do when you want to get out. I have just been away for a week looking after poorly parents and wondered whether I would get back home! Have realised that I have left greenhouse door at lottie open - hope my grapevine makes it through :(

  14. I thought it would catch up with you sooner or later, Green Lane Allotments. It appears to have stopped here now, though the snow that's already laid is hanging around.

    Oh no, hope your grapevine is ok, Anna. Yes, we've got lots of snow here still, though I don't think there's much forcast for the weekend, I think we've had our fair share now. Hope your parents are on the mend.

  15. You are so right, putting out food for the birdies does make a big difference this time of year. We had a load of Waxwing land on the apple tree, but they didn't stay long this time. Better appley offerings elsewhere I guess :)

  16. I've never seen a waxwing in the garden, Mangocheeks. I do love to encourage different birds to visit though, I enjoy watching them so much.

  17. I see a lot of people getting snow early this year. I wonder if I will get some snow earlier this year too.

  18. We had snow earlier than usual last year too, fer. I hope it's not going to be a usual occurrence.


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