Friday, 29 October 2010

Say It With Flowers

Hubby's uncle called round this morning with a lovely bunch of Chrysanthemums for me. He always keeps my vases full at this time of year as he grows so many that there are always some which are surplus to requirements. Sometimes I get mixed colours and other times, like today, he brings all yellows, which are my favourites and look stunning en masse.

I didn't manage to get down to the allotment last weekend as other things cropped up, but hubby went and dug up the last of the potatoes as well as clearing some of the beds. My next job is to get the strawberry bed sorted out, the runners are escaping all over so they need to be contained and the whole bed needs weeding. The bean wigwams need to be dismantled and the plot needs digging over.

The weather has warmed up again over the last few days, though we did have our first frost last Sunday night. I haven't seen the forcast for the weekend but I hope it's dry so that I can get some jobs completed.


  1. Those are beautiful flowers from your husband's uncle, something that will strengthen relationship for a lot longer... happy weekend.

  2. The chap on the plot next to mine grows a row of Chrysanths every year. He's had a lot of very dark wine/red colours this year - stunning!

  3. I love chrysanthemums - the colour range is just right for autumn. We had lots in a cold greenhouse last year but then never got round to taking cuttings for this year so just have some old straggly plants.

  4. Lovely chrysanthemums, that is very nice of your hubby's uncle.
    Hope you get a nice weather for this weekend.

  5. They're lovely flowers, and I think that it's a shame that they've been overshadowed by dahlias in recent years.
    Like you I'm hoping to do some plotting over the weekend as I've not been on mine since Monday.
    Flighty xx

  6. Xanths are one of my favorites you get so many different types and so many colours to choses i do like the real deep purple ones. Like wise i need to get down to the veg plot and sort out my potatoes and strawberries. I have just finished putting a blog on about my flowers so pop over x

  7. Lovely flowers I may have a go at growing some next year.

  8. Lucky you Jo - to be kept in flowers by hubby's uncle - especially this time of year. The Chrysanths are beautiful.

    My strawberry runners are currently taking over the garden as well!


  9. Thanks, Bangchik. He really does grow some beautiful flowers, I'm so lucky to have his surplus.

    There are some beautiful colours, Vegetable Heaven. Hubby's uncle has grown some new ones this year including a stunning deep red.

    I've never grown Chrysanthemums myself, Green Lane Allotments. Mind you, I don't really need to when I have a constant supply anyway.

    Thanks, fer. I managed a trip to the allotment at the weekend so I can't complain about the weather.

    It's funny how the fashions come and go, Flighty. It's not so long ago that Dahlias were deemed old fashioned but they're back in favour again.

    You're right about the variety and colours, Bears Footprints. There's a Chrysanth to suit most tastes.

    I look forward to seeing how you do with them if you do give them a go, Damo. Your Dahlias this year have been stunning.

    It's lovely to have fresh flowers in the house, Jeanne. I don't like cutting flowers from the garden for the house, I much prefer to see them out there, but it's different on an allotment, flowers can be grown specifically for cutting. Hope you get your strawberries sorted out soon, I've started on mine.


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