Sunday 25 October 2009

The 'C' Word

Dare I mention Christmas yet? These are the potatoes which I'm growing in containers, hoping to get some lovely new potatoes for Christmas dinner. I saved a few of my Kestrel tubers which I bought in the spring and kept them in the salad drawer in the fridge. They've now been planted up in a container, and as you can see, are growing well. They've been earthed up as they have grown and the compost has now reached the top of the container. Now that we keep getting risks of frost I have moved the container into the greenhouse as it's important they don't get frosted. I've never grown potatoes at this time of year before so the results will be interesting.

I hate to admit that I still haven't got my hanging baskets planted up. I did start to make an effort today, but the weather was awful, it has rained all day. I thought I would bring everything into the kitchen and do them in there, but the plants were rather soggy after being out in the rain, so I have moved them into the greenhouse to dry out a little. I'm hoping to have some spare time this week as the kids are on half term, so I'll do them then. Watch this space!


  1. hope your potatoes work out well...we are trying this too. Hope the weather is better for you this week and you get your hanging baskets sorted!!

  2. I love Violas and Pansies in winter baskets. I hope you manage to get them done this week.
    Enjoy the half term break.

  3. Your container potatoes sound a great idea Jo, good luck with those. It's been dismal here on occasion but then we get lovely warm balmy days in between!

    Enjoy the half term break!

    Jeanne x

  4. Arrgh 8 weeks to the C word!
    Interested to know if the potatoes are worth doing, we got poor yeilds when we tried but i don't have a greenhouse...

  5. I'm already thinking of presents-- who will get what-- do I buy this or that? We do have to think ahead a little, don't we.

  6. Thanks Tanya. You'll have to let me know how your potatoes turn out.

    I did enjoy half-term, Maureen. I love having the kids at home with me.

    The container potatoes sound a great idea in theory, Jeanne. I've grown potatoes in containers before, but not at this time of year, so we'll have to see how they turn out.

    Did you try the potatoes in containers at this time of year, Allot Of Veg? I had good yields from my summer ones. I'm interested to know how they turn out at this time of year though.

    I've already started my Christmas shopping, Mary Delle. I love buying presents for everyone, but I think it gets harder each year thinking what to buy.

  7. Wow, they look like they are doing really well. I have tried to grow potatoes for Christmas but it has never worked for me

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, Poppy. Sorry to hear that your Christmas potatoes didn't work out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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