Wednesday 21 October 2009

On And On And On......

As you can see, my runner beans are still flowering, though now that the colder weather is upon us I doubt if these flowers will come to anything. They're a variety called Scarlet Emperor and have been very productive. I have picked more beans today, they just seem to go on and on and on, hence the title of this post. There are still more beans maturing on the plants, but as soon as we get a proper frost it will be the end of them. I pulled up the French beans at the weekend. I had my last harvest from them last week when flowers were still to be seen on the plants, but the cold weather finished them off.

The area of the allotment which has been used this year is in much better condition now than when we took it on. It's so much easier to dig than the area which has been left untouched. That area is back breaking to dig over. I'm trying to get out as many of the stubborn weeds as I can, and then hubby is going to dig over the area getting the rest of the weeds out as he goes. Well, that's my plan, he doesn't know it yet.

Lots of seed catalogues have been dropping through the letterbox, and I have been pondering over which potatoes to grow next year. I wasn't very successful this year as alot of the potatoes had slug damage. Charlotte seemed to do well, and they're known as having a good resistance to slugs, but I wasn't over keen on the taste so I'm looking for alternatives for next year. I'd like to have a go at International Kidney, but apart from that I'm open to suggestions.


  1. Are you growing potatoes from seeds? I have never done this, I always grow them from old potatoes... and they are doing rather well.

  2. Hi Jo! It's interesting how long bean plants can last! I still have a tower with fava beans in my garden, green and blooming. I noticed that the biggest potatoes were those planted near the beans and peas. I used store-bought potatoes that we didn't eat in time, and they sprouted. Jo, I also want to thank you for your comment on my pink ribbon post! All the best to you and your family!

  3. hi on the Hubby plan....I have found a really good website for researching potatoes and although I am going to write a post on my blog about it I will give you the address now...I found it very good.

    Hope you find it of some use.

  4. Such pretty flowers on the beans! Are they tasty, too? I love edible flowers. They could definitely decorate a dish. Cheers!

  5. I might try Scarlet Emperor next year alongside the white flowered variety which I did this year. Although the beans were very nice, they stopped growing and flowering very early indeed.
    I can heartily recommend Anya potatoes. They are a second early, a cross between Charlotte and Pink Fir Apple. Nutty and delicious, not as knobbly as pfa. don't know about slug resistance as I don't seem to have that problem.

  6. Jo,
    The flowers alone are worth the effort and to think you get tasty beans too! I love pansies, they were one of my Mom's favorite flowers (roses are the other). They do look a bit like smiling faces and they make me smile.
    Have you tried the beer in saucer trap for the slugs?

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog, Vrtlarica. I grow my potatoes from tubers. Glad to hear that your's are doing well.

    I've been lucky with my bean plants this year, Tatyana. They've given me a good harvest.

    Thanks for the link, Tanya. I will have a look at that when I have a little more time.

    I don't know about the flowers, Avis, but the beans are certainly tasty.

    I've heard a few people say that their beans stopped producing early, Rachael. I suppose the best thing would be to try different varieties and see which work best for you. Thanks for the potato recommendation.

    I haven't tried beer traps for slugs, Kat. As I don't get to the allotment every day I'm sure the results would be revolting once I did get down there to empty it. Still, I might have to resort to it if I don't get better potatoes next year.

  8. I pulled up my climbing French beans today Jo - picked a few tiddlers. There were still flowers but I decided that they would not amount to anything now. Did not grow any potatoes this year but really enjoyed my plot neighbours 'Lady Christl'. Good luck for next year's harvest :)

  9. Thanks for the recommendation, Anna. I don't think the flowers on the French beans will amount to anything now either. It's got so cold of late.


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