Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Last Of The Blooms

There isn't alot left flowering in my garden now. I seem to have a riot of colour in summer but as soon as the cooler weather arrives there isn't alot of interest. One of the plants which is still flowering is Cheiranthus Cheiri - Wild Wallflower. This was bought in April as a very young plant and it quickly established itself. It has flowered all through the summer and is still going strong. My Fuchsia's are also still flowering. I have quite a few Fuchsia's so these always give some late colour to the garden. I think I will have to look for some plants which flower a little later next year to add some blooms to the autumn garden.

I have cleared away my tomato plants. They hadn't quite finished fruiting but as the cooler weather has now arrived I need the greenhouse space to house my more tender plants. As my greenhouse is only 4x6 I can't afford the space for both. My tomatoes have performed really well this year and I'm really pleased with the amount I've harvested from four plants, certainly more than I would buy if I wasn't growing my own.

I had intended to get my winter hanging baskets planted up this week, however, I haven't had time to go and buy the plants so that hasn't happened. Last year they were just planted up with Pansies and I think I will do the same again this year. They go on blooming right through winter and they still look good in all weather, even snow.

I have started clearing away all the summer bedding plants, well, I say I have, what I really mean is that I enlisted hubby's help in doing this. Unfortunately, the compost bin in the garden is now full so that's something else which has been put on hold. The rest of the summer bedding will be pulled up during this week and taken to the compost bin at the allotment.


  1. Hello,

    I just love it when a new plant takes off so quickly. I plant Pansies in the winter as well but I didn't know that they hold up in the snow.

    I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. you seem to be doing really well with your clear up for winter..hope the weather holds out for you to get finished this week!!

  3. A few autumn flowering plants I have are Dahlia (Bishop Llandaff) which is still in full flower, also Erysium 'Bowles Mauve' seems to flower practically all year round, and Nerenes also flower in autumn.

  4. Those are lovely flowers, are they very big? I would say yes to the pansies in hanging baskets, they are always so cheerful. We still have Marigolds blooming on the steps, I don't know how long they will last, but I love having them their to greet me.

  5. Hi Jo, that wild wallflower is really lovely. We're in the throes of planting new trees and have been busy turning over the allotment this week. Hope you managed to get some good compost out of the bin before filling it up! Ours is full of stuff too, and we've had three bonfires of rubbish so far! Great to have some potash for the garden...

  6. Each year I intend to put in more late-flowering plants too - (my Dahlias are still looking good) but my garden is very much a spring and early summer garden hence no photos of it lately! You can't beat pansies they are such admirable little plants and look lovely in baskets.

    Jeanne x

  7. Must admit that there's very little colour left in my garden too - it has run out of steam. Have bought a few perennials though recently that might go some way to remedying the situation. Pansies are so cheerful - hope that you get the chance to plant up some baskets soon :)

  8. Thank you for visiting, Azplantlady. I really like plants which put on a good show in their first year.

    There's still plenty of tidying up to be done, Tanya. I'm hoping to get some more done at the back end of this week.

    Thanks for the recommendations, Rachael. I definitely need some autumn colour next year.

    The Wallflowers are about two foot high, Kat. They're just the right height really for my small border.

    I'm getting plenty of compost out of the bin in the garden, Scattered Gardener. It's one of the darlek style ones with a little hole in the bottom, so I just keep shoveling some out and adding to the top. It works really well. I've started some bins off at the allotment now too, so I should have plenty to keep me going next year.

    I have plenty of colour in spring and summer too, Jeanne. The garden lets me down in autumn though. I'm going to make it a priority to get some later flowering plants next year.

    I still haven't bought the Pansies, Anna, but I'm hoping to get them and plant them at the weekend.


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