Sunday, 18 October 2009

Smiling Faces

Pansies always remind me of smiling faces. I don't often have them in summer, preferring the smaller Viola, but usually have them through winter as they hold up to the weather so well. I was supposed to have my winter hanging baskets planted up by now, but they're still not done. I managed to buy the flowers for them yesterday, but have been so busy that I never got round to that job. As you can see, I did buy some Pansies, but also chose some Violas for the baskets. I had wanted some really pale yellow ones, but didn't manage to find any so I've decided that I will grow my own next year so that I can choose exactly what I want. The pansies will go in other containers.

Another job I was supposed to be doing was planting my spring bulbs. I have got some Fritillary's which I thought would look nice around the pond area. I've got a few of them there already but thought I would add to them. I've also got some Narcissus - Minnow which are a multi headed variety, and fragrant. I want to finish tidying up the border before I plant the bulbs, but I will leave some old foliage there for insects to take shelter in during winter, after all, it is supposed to be a wildlife border.

One job which I did manage to do in the garden was emptying out all the containers which held the summer bedding plants. The contents were taken to the allotment and put on the compost heap there, as the bin in the garden is full.

A few weeks ago we visited Wyevale garden centre. They were advertising a bulb growing competition for children. They could take three tulip bulbs of either Pinocchio or Red Riding Hood and they have to plant them and record the progress in scrapbook form. The scrapbook should be handed in next year after the tulips have bloomed, and there are gardening related prizes. My daughter thought she would give it a go, so took three bulbs. The problem is, we can't remember which variety she chose. Still, it will be fun finding out when they eventually bloom. So this is another job on the 'to do' list. Obviously, it is a job which my daughter will be doing without help from me, but I still need to sort her a container out and get her some compost to use. I don't know where time goes.


  1. They do have the prettiest little faces don't they?

  2. sounds like you've been busy Jo...I do love your's not something I've ever had in my garden but maybe I will get some to liven things up!!

  3. I like the smiling faces of your pansies - they're real little troopers too!

    I know what you mean - where does the time go?!!

    Jeanne x

  4. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. You and your daughter will not have to wait until the tulips flower to id them Jo.
    'Red Riding Hood' has coloured markings on the leaves :) Like your pansies.

  5. I think Pansies are such cheerful little plants, Re.

    Pansies are great for adding a little colour to the garden in winter, Tanya.

    I like flowers which go on blooming, Jeanne, and Pansies seem to fit the bill. They're great for winter.

    Thanks for the information, Anna. I'll watch out for the markings on the leaves then.


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