Friday 3 December 2010

Hanging Around

The snow is still hanging around, though we only had a small flurry yesterday and it hasn't snowed since. The temperature is set to plummet even further so it's highly unlikely that it will melt any time soon. The kids were sent home from school at 1.30 on Monday and they haven't been back since, much to their delight. Instead there's been sledging, snowballing and a few wintery dog walks, though we haven't ventured too far as Archie cries when his paws get cold. We've been advised to check the school website over the weekend to see if it will be open on Monday or not.

I've been really thankful that I bought some walking boots earlier in the year. I thought they would be good for dog walking, but also for wearing on the allotment. I have to say, they're fantastic for the snow. I always find that Wellington Boots make my feet cold, even when they've got those sock liners in them. My walking boots keep my feet toasty warm, the only problem is that the snow is so deep that it comes above the walking boots. I just make sure that I wear long socks and tuck my jeans in to them.

I mentioned in my last post that hubby had spotted a greenfinch in the garden over the weekend. Feeding the birds regularly seems to be paying off as I spotted a wren on Wednesday, something else which I've never seen in the garden before. I also saw a robin feeding from one of the seed holders yesterday. Robins are usually ground feeders so it's unusual to see them feeding this way. I suppose it's a case of needs must in this weather.


  1. I think robins are quite adaptable as I've seen them feeding from seed and fat feeders too. Your snow looks much deeper than ours, but I guess the cold is just as bitter.

  2. It is snowing here right now, but the snow just melts each time, so I don't think this one will stay either.

  3. I bought some of those furry boot type slippers which have kept my feet toasty inside too - I'll need them next week!

  4. Hi..found your blog off another blog..we have 2 robins that keep nipping into the chicken pen and having a good ole feast on the mash in there...our dog cries when he is cold too..poor chap...

  5. Dear Jo, I still can't believe you have all that snow, and here in Pennsylvania we just have rain! Stay warm! P. x

  6. My Robin has learnt from the finches how to eat the sunflower seeds from the hanging feeder - although it still obviously finds it difficult, wobbling about all over the place. I have also had Jays visiting my bird-table just recently. They normally consider themselves to be too big to fit under its roof, but in current weather conditions they have obviously changed their minds.

  7. Your snow looks deeper than what we have in Northern Ireland. It snowed on and off throughout the day today but only a few inches where I'm at. I'm fascinated with all this snow! It sure is cold.

  8. You're right, wellies are cold. My daughter has been wearing them to school since her school went back on Wednesday (when there was more snow than on Monday!) and her feet were frozen.

  9. I've been wearing two pairs of walking socks in my wellies and it must trap the air because my feet have been warm. I also saw a robin this morning on the fat ball feeder. I've been leaving scaps in my small tree and two blue tits popped in yesterday. It's great to see so many birds in the garden in such cold weather.

  10. I agree wellies are useless in cold weather. I find that by the end of the day my socks are damp because, um, wellies don't 'breathe' very well. Sorry if that's TMI! My toes only got cold in my hiking boots when I was clearing a foot+ of snow off my car in -4C yesterday.

    My word verification was burday... as in BRRRday!

  11. You should've seen me yesterday trying to walk to the station in heels.... I was literally holding on to my friend and he was pulling me along as I was slipping all over the place!!!

    Victoria xx

  12. I noticed our robin eating from a fatball from a branch - definately needs must bless.

  13. You've had loads of snow, we've had our first proper snow on Thursday, about 6 inches so we've got off lightly! Our robin is a regular visitor to the fat filled half coconut on the bird table but haven't see him on any of the feeders yet.

  14. Brrr...that looks cold!
    I've had a pied wagtail out the back the past few days for the first time. Flighty xx

  15. I think we've all got the cold weather at the moment, Su. We've had some quite deep snow and it's still hanging around now.

    Our snow still hasn't melted, Vrtlarica. It's so cold at the moment that there's lots of ice around too.

    I could do with some of those slippers, Green Lane Allotments, my feet are always cold. Good luck for the coming week.

    Thank you for visiting, sl.tudor. Your link doesn't bring up a blog, do you have one? I'm sure your robins will be grateful of the snacks they can steal from the chickens.

    I've just popped over to your blog, Pam. It looks like you've got more than rain now.

    I think all the birds are taking their chances while the snow's about, Mark. I've never had Jays in the garden.

    The snow here has been rather deep, Why I Garden, though I know that other areas have had even more snow than us.

    Get your daughter a pair of walking boots, Linda, I can highly recommend them. We had lots of snow last year and the school remained open. I don't know how they make their decisions on when to stay open or close, it really doesn't make sense.

    I've seen blue tits in my garden too, Amanda. I love watching all the different birds coming and going.

    What an apt word verification, Fifi. It's another burday here today. Thank you for visiting, do you have a blog?

    I can just imagine you trying to walk in heels, Victoria. I'm like that in heels even when there's no snow about.

    I think the birds must be taking their chances wherever they see them, mrsnesbitt. They can't be too choosy in this weather.

    We've had more snow this year and last year than I've seen for some time, Damo. I hope this isn't going to be the norm from now on.

    It's lovely to see different birds to normal, Flighty. Yes, it's very cold here, though I think most of the country is suffering with the cold just the same.

  16. We haven't had snow since friday evening and then yesterday it actually started to thaw but with a heavy freeze last night everything is even more treacherous. It looks like we are in for a cold spell for a while longer but fingers crossed schools will be open tomorrow!!

  17. The snow has completely melted here after a magical week of fairly light snow - nothing like what you have experienced in the north of the country. What a great buy those walking boots were Jo!

    Our bossy resident robin has been seen feeding off the bird feeders too, frightening off all the little tits and finches into the bargain!

    How lovely is your little alpine strawberry!!


  18. I hope you are staying warm! We are having a very mild winter so far. But who knows... This is just a beginning.

  19. I wonder if there's any sign of a thaw with you yet Jo but somehow I doubt it. Glad that you have got some warm and sensible boots for the lottie :)

  20. lovely photo, Im half expecting to see Mr Tumnus from Narnia to come trotting down the path.

  21. Our schools have gone back now, Tanya, though they had the best part of a week off last week. The roads, and especially the footpaths, are all frozen though. I'll be glad to see the back of the cold weather.

    I think our snow will be hanging around for a while yet, Jeanne. It hasn't snowed since last week but it's just too cold for it to melt.

    My heating is on none stop, Tatyana, and when I venture out I'm wrapped up in my scarf and gloves. I could do with a hat though.

    It's thawed slightly, Anna. There's some mush about, but most of the snow has turned to ice. Even walking down the garden is like being on an ice rink.

    Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comment, Stone Art. Would you believe, I've never read nor seen the film of The Chronicles of Narnia. I think I must rectify that soon, especially as we seem to be living there at the moment.


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