Wednesday 8 December 2010

Icy Pond

Yet another post about the weather, which seems to be dominating this blog at the moment. My little pond is completely frozen. The ice is so thick that I'm unable to break it, even though the sun has appeared this afternoon, it's rays aren't strong enough to even melt the snow. This morning, I tried to check on the plants which I'm overwintering in my greenhouse but I couldn't get in as the door had frozen shut. I don't heat my greenhouse, but protect the plants inside with fleece. Somehow, I don't think that it will be enough this year, I don't hold out much hope for my Christmas potatoes.

It's a few weeks now since I've been to the allotment. There isn't a lot growing there at the moment so I'm not particularly worried, but I'll probably take a trip down with hubby at the weekend just to check on things.

On a brighter note, my Orchid is now back in bloom again. I've been really successful with this Orchid so far, chopping off the flower spike at ground level when the blooms fade, which prompts it to grow a new spike and flower again. It's been in bloom for the last two Christmas's and it looks like it will still be in bloom for Christmas this year.


  1. My pond is frozen solid too, I always worry for the fish and frogs that in there. I do sometimes pour some hot water on a bit to melt it and get some air to them.

  2. I can't seem to get my orchids to rebloom do you do anything special?

  3. I can't get in my greenhouse or shed on the plot and my mum's is frozen shut in her garden too. I hadn't given a thought about my christmas potatoes until you mentioned it...but I agree with you that we won't have any. I have lettuces in my greenhouse which I don't have much hope for either!!

  4. Jo, you still have so much snow!! This early bitterly cold snap really has been a disaster for gardeners and some farmers too, I hear. Your poor greenhouse! Goodness knows when you will get inside. And your pond looks so frozen.

    I've given up worrying now and am kind of embracing the weather as best I can. There is a lot of frost damage in the garden and you wonder if things will survive. Will it be a case of starting over again in the spring? We'll have to wait and see.

    Shame about your Christmas potatoes - I know how much you enjoyed growing them last year. However your Orchid sounds gorgeous - clever you!


  5. Hope your spuds pull through Jo, can't believe how cold it is even down south, really not much interest in going out in the garden at the moment.

  6. Dear Jo, Another unbelievable posting, weather-wise that is. We expect the temp to be that low here, but not at your house. Look forward to seeing a picture of the orchid in bloom. P. x

  7. I saw an article on the News this week saying that our Brussels sprouts harvest in the UK is in grave danger because of the prolonged early spell of cold weather. What will we do if there are no sprouts for with our Christmas dinner???

  8. I think that most of us could have written the same post about the pond and greenhouse!
    You'll have to take a photo of your orchid when it flowers and show it here. Flighty xx

  9. Snow is dominating my blog at the moment too... some weather we're having! When will we thaw out!?!! I imagine I'll be losing some plants this year.

  10. Our pond is frozen too - but as it's half empty (or full...!) at the moment, that's not that surprising. I'm more shocked how solidly the Leeds-Liverpool canal froze last week - and that the running stream at the bottom of my garden (which is a good 6-8ft across) had a thick solid layer on the top, if not completely solid.

    Our greenhouse is cold but still accessible - nothing in there anyway. I presume our in the ground overwinter veg is done for. Our chickens are doing ok - still producing eggs at a decent rate - but I've spent a lot of time defrosting their water to keep them hydrated.

    We're just not used to this weather! I'm also having regrets about moving from the flatlands of my hometown to hilly Yorkshire - snow, ice and hills don't mix well at all!

    "What will we do if there are no sprouts for with our Christmas dinner???"

    Have more enjoyable Christmas dinners? ;)

  11. I'm hoping there's nothing in my pond, Su. It's only very small so I'm sure it must be frozen solid.

    I don't do anything special with my Orchids, Green Lane Allotments. I water them once a week with water which has stood for twenty four hours and they stand in a north facing window. I often read that Orchids should be fed regularly but I've never once fed mine.

    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for my potatoes, Tanya, but I don't hold out much hope.

    I think you've got the right idea, Jeanne. There's nothing at all that we can do about the weather, so we should just get on with it the best we can.

    Thanks, Damo. There's nothing at all we can do in the garden at the moment so I'm staying indoors in the warmth too.

    It's bad enough that the snow came so early, Pam, but it's just adding insult to injury that it's still here.

    My Brussels Sprouts ended up in the compost last year as they were so rubbish, Mark. I haven't bothered growing them this year so I'm relying on the shops having some in. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Brussels Sprouts.

    Yes, I think we're all in the same boat, Flighty. Even the south seem to be suffering this time.

    I think there'll be a lot of lost plants this year, Why I Garden. The garden centres will be doing a roaring trade in Spring when everyone is replacing what they've lost.

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment, Louisa. Ah, don't regret moving to Yorkshire. We might get the worst of the weather thrown at us here but it makes for some beautiful scenery. As for Christmas dinner without sprouts, unthinkable!

  12. There is so much snow in your area, you are deep in winter right now.
    We are having very warm weather here, I could go out without a jacket. Right now I see a bee flying outside my window, that is how warm it is.
    Well, I hope that we will have some winter weather soon. It would be a shame to have Christmas without snow.

    I love Orchids, but they always seemed to me as a high maintenance plant. You make it sound so easy.

  13. I know just how youre feeling Jo, the snow has taken over everything hasnt it - Ive given up on most of my greenhouse projects for the winter and im letting the chicken warm themselves in there during the day!

  14. Must have been very frustrating to have been frozen out of your greenhouse. Hope you're back in again now that they thaw's here.

  15. I wonder whether you have got into the greenhouse yet Jo. I was pleasantly surprised when I got into mine as like you I don't heat but just fleece. The compost in the pots where my cuttings are was still frozen but nearly all the foliage, bar the lemon verbena looked ok. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  16. The snow has gone now, Vrtlarica, but we've more forcast for the end of the week. I always thought orchids were high maintenance too, but they take very little looking after.

    I'm sure your chickens will be grateful for the shelter your greenhouse provides, Freerangegirl. The snow has caused chaos here, I'm so behind with everything.

    I'm back in the greenhouse now, Linda, but all is not well. See my next post.

    It sounds as though your plants have fared better than mine, Anna. I was worried that the fleece wouldn't be enough this year, and my worries were realised when the thaw came.


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