Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Promise Of Things To Come

Just look at this bud on my blueberry bush, it certainly gives you hope in this cold weather. My first blueberry bush was bought a couple of years ago but I didn't get any fruit the first year I had it. I bought a second, more established one at the back end of 2008 and last year I had a great harvest from them both. My resident blackbird took a liking to them, but to be honest, there were so many berries that I didn't mind sharing. There's lots of buds on both bushes now so I hope to get a repeat of the great harvest I had last year.

My potato order still hasn't been delivered. I had an email from Thomson and Morgan advising that due to the bad weather, they have a backlog of orders waiting to go out. I'm hoping that they arrive in time for me to chit them before they have to go in the ground. I know that there is a debate whether chitting actually works, but I like to think that these old fashioned ways count for something.

It's a lovely sunny day here in Leeds today. I'm hoping that we have some dry weather for a while now so that the allotment can dry out and we can get the drainage pipe laid. My son was going to help his dad dig out the trench for the pipe but this won't be happening now, he's broken his arm! Think football, school, PE lesson.


  1. This is so pretty picture, but you need to enlarge it to truly enjoy.
    Blueberries can’t pollinate them selves. They do need another plant of different blueberry variety to pollinate each other. So you did a good thing buying another one.

  2. What a lovely little bud - a reminder that spring is just around the corner. The sun has come out here too and its turning into quite a nice day really. Hope you get your potatoes soon Jo - we chitted some last year and they turned out well.
    Boys will do anything to get out of work won't they?!! I wish him well.

    Jeanne x

  3. Sunny day, whats that? :)

  4. Hi Jo! How many hours of sun do your blueberry bushes get?
    I wish a speedy recovery to your son's arm!

  5. How exciting ! I bought six decidedly mini blueberry bushes in the sale corner of the local garden centre before Christmas but still have to plant them. Sorry to hear about your son's arm. Hope that he is not in too much pain. Fingers crossed that your spuds arrive soon.

  6. I can see the blueberry pancakes now! Hope your son heals quickly, broken arms are no fun.

  7. So you are suffering spud anguish too? I know you feel, I really do. Let's be brutally honest, your son's arm will heal, but that potato agony will haunt you for years to come, every time you need more seed potatoes.

    I'm off to my SAA (Spud Anguishers Anonymous) meeting now.

  8. I have one blueberry bush which I bought last year so I don't expect it to do much this year...also I think they like to have friends...I will see how I go and maybe get another this year!!

    Shame about your son's really should let him know that there are lass dramatic ways out of having to

  9. Just left you a Favourite Photograph Meme on my blog.

  10. Jo, We are all out there looking for signs of spring ... glad you were successful! Wishing your son a speedy recovery. Pamela

  11. you have an award on my blog

  12. You don't get a very good harvest with only one blueberry bush, Vrtlarica, especially when it's only young like my first one was. As you say, you get a much better harvest with two or more bushes of different varieties. I might even get another bush some time in the future as I like them so much.

    Thanks, Jeanne. Yes, boys will be boys. The first signs of spring are everywhere now, buds starting to appear as are the first flowers from bulbs in the ground.

    Thank you for passing on the meme, Kella. I will do a post shortly. We've had a lovely sunny weekend, It's still been cold though. I hope the weather has improved for you too.

    Thanks, Tatyana. My blueberries are grown in containers and placed in the sunniest part of the garden, so they really get whatever sun is available, which sometimes isn't much here in the UK.

    You should get a decent harvest from six bushes, Anna. They soon grow so even if you don't get much off them this year, hopefully you will next year.

    My son was supposed to be starting indoor cricket training today, Kat. He's not impressed that he'll be missing that for a good few weeks. Blueberry pancakes, yum.

    You're right, The Idiot Gardener. Put my name down for SAA too, they still haven't arrived.

    Thank you very much for the award, Tanya. I will do a post about it shortly. I'm sure you will find you get a better harvest from your blueberry if you provide it with a friend of a different variety.

    Spring doesn't seem so far away now that there are signs appearing, Pamela. Thank you for your good wishes, I'll pass them on to my son.


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