Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Drum Roll Please....

....I can now announce the varieties of potatoes I will be growing this year, well, subject to Thomson and Morgan having them in stock and delivering them. I have been looking through the potato supplement which they sent and it's been quite a hard choice. The first early I have chosen is Sharpes Express which is 100 years old. I have chosen International Kidney as my second early. This is the potato which is grown on Jersey and marketed under the name of Jersey Royal, however, if the potato is not grown on Jersey it is called International Kidney. The maincrop I will be growing is Lady Balfour.

I also decided to order some potatoes to plant in containers again at the end of summer to get a crop for Christmas. Thomson and Morgan do a Christmas collection containing Carlingford, Vivaldi, Orla and Maris Peer. There are five tubers of each variety so it looks like my greenhouse will be full of containers next Christmas.

Because I had spent over £19.99, there was an offer to take 10 tubers of Blue Danube for 99p. This is an early maincrop which has previously been known as Adam Blue. The foliage has moderate resistance to blight, but the tubers apparently have excellent resistance. It looks a stunning potato with blue/purple skin.

Another offer available to me was some Santero onion sets, again for the bargain price of 99p. I can't resist a bargain so they're on the way too. According to Thomson and Morgan, this is the first onion set with a resistance to downy mildew. I have never grown onions before, apart from spring onions, so I am looking forward to having a go with these.

We had more snow in the early hours of Monday but none since, however, there is lots of ice around. Hubby took me to work and a taxi skidded into the back of the car. There was only slight damage, thank goodness, as the kids were also in the car on the way to school, so no injuries to report.


  1. This weather has been dreadful for people venturing out in cars. Glad to hear that you and family are all ok Jo ((((())))) Here I am still debating over what spuds to grow. Definitely decided on Lady Christl after tasting lottie neighbours crop last year but not sure what else. Have you ordered potatoes from T&M before?

  2. I have tried last year to grow potatoes, but this year I decided not to. They take too much room in the garden.
    My onions in greenhouse are from sets, but for spring I will try with onion seeds.

    Bad luck that you had car accident, but good luck nobody was injured... I guess this winter weather is not helping.

  3. I haven't a clue what varieties I will be growing but it will be one early, two second earlies and 1 or 2 maincrop varities, The final decision will be made at the garden center.

    Sorry to hear about the little car accident, I'm glad no one was hurt and that the damage was minor.

  4. Choosing which potatoes to grow is hard work! It took me a few days and that was after I had decided what it was I was looking for.

    I went through my seed boxes and 'to grow' list last night and now have a final shopping list for seeds, was a nice way to spend the evening though and I am feeling very orangised and ready for when the snow finally goes.

  5. I haven't even thought about my potatoes yet...let alone putting orders in for them...hopefully once the weather clears up I will feel much more like getting into the gardening...I hope!!!!

  6. Its good that you come up with plans..., while waiting for snow to melt and flow to the sea... ~bangchik

  7. That sounds an interesting selection - will look forward to hearing your tasting comments.

    I've had a potato muddle and have ordered the wrong varieties, so will have to see if they'll change my order.

    Thanks for your kind wishes.

  8. Last year I had two plots, but gave up one because it was getting tough, so I will have to think carefully what potatoes to grow this year as I had limited space.

    Glad to read that you and your family are well, the weather has been atrocious. NOt only are the roads dangerous, so are the icy pavements.

  9. Jo, I somehow missed this post. I'm sorry to hear about your accident and relieved no-one was hurt.

    Your potato plans as ever are inspiring Jo! I've lost my 'allotment' since my friend Sue has moved into rented a few weeks ago. They are looking for a house with more land so hopefully we can start over at their new house! In the meantime I may just try out your recommendations in containers.

    Jeanne x

  10. I grew Lady Balfour one year and keep wondering why I haven't grown them since: They were excellent. Huge yield, healthy, tasty. Made excellent chips.

  11. I haven't ordered potatoes from T&M before, Anna. I have heard of people who have had their order substituted by them though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't happen to me. I thought I would give them a try this year and see what happens.

    Potatoes do take up quite a bit of room, Vrtlarica. I just love the taste of freshly dug spuds smothered in butter though.

    I chose to order from T&M this year so that I had a larger choice than the varieties they have in the garden centre, Kella. You'll be able to grow more than last year now that you have your allotment.

    I love choosing seeds for the coming season, Poppy. It's so exciting but as you say, hard work as there is so much choice.

    The seed potatoes are only just arriving in the garden centres now, Tanya, so you've still got plenty of time to make your choice. I think the weather we've had recently has made us think of other things rather than gardening.

    We have to do something gardening related while we've been waiting for the snow to go, Bangchik. We had alot of rain last weekend which shifted the snow so it's all systems go on the gardening front now.

    Hope you manage to get your order changed, Linda. I'm looking forward to doing the taste test, I've never grown these varieties before.

    It must be hard when you've been used to so much space and then it's been reduced, Mangocheeks. It would be good to choose varieties which you know will perform well for you and that you know you like.

    Definitely go for containers, Jeanne. Before I had my allotment I grew potatoes in containers and they performed surprisingly well. Just remember to keep them well watered. I hope Sue manages to get a house soon or else you'll have withdrawal symptoms this summer.

    Thank you for the review on the Lady Balfour's, Soilman. I chose them as it stated that they're a good all rounder.

  12. This is bad, so much potato talk. I had limited myself to two varieties (Arran Pilot and Pink Fir Apple), what with it being my first year, but I love the spud, and the spud loves me. Now I have to reconsider your varieties!

  13. There are so many varieties out there, The Idiot Gardener. I haven't grown any of these varieties before, but I like to try new ones each year until I find one which I really like and which do well in my soil.


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