Wednesday 20 January 2010

Would You Believe It?

Last week, this little flower was buried beneath a six inch blanket of snow, and had been this way for well over a week. It surprises me how anything manages to survive those type of conditions. Ok, it looks a little raggy around the edges, but so am I after the weather conditions we've experienced lately. When I planted up my baskets and tubs ready for winter, I blogged that I usually choose Pansies as they always seem to tolerate the weather conditions so well, and they're still going strong after all that the past few weeks have thrown at them.

I still haven't managed a trip to the allotment yet this year, and I'm working this weekend so I might just manage to get down there for a fleeting visit to check that all is well. I still have some leeks, parsnips and Brussel sprouts in the ground, but what condition they'll be in is anyone's guess.

Our allotment site gets quite boggy and before I took it on, all the allotments on the site had drainage pipes laid. That is all the allotments except mine. Apparently, the previous tenant had a disagreement about how it was done so decided not to bother. So that's a job which definitely needs doing before the growing season gets underway. A trench needs to be dug for the pipe to be laid, and this will drain the water into a sump which has already been installed. The sump then drains into a beck which runs along the bottom of the site. My allotment neighbour has offered to help, which is really very nice of him.

I haven't started any seed sowing yet, but as time goes on my fingers are becoming more and more itchy so watch this space.


  1. Lovely little flower, unbelievable that it survived freezing and snow!

    There is so much work to do in the garden before actual planting season begins. I guess that in a month I will start with some outdoor activities also.

  2. i am amazed at some of my plants too! We had some horrendous snow here and I thought they wouldn't survive, but low and behold they emerge unharmed!!

  3. I'm really getting itchy fingers too Jo but I know it's way too early to start planting so I am biding my time..... My brussels are looking ok although haven't done to well (again) but I think this is more due to me than the weather...I really don't think brussels like me as much as I like them...oh well...If I didn't have failures I wouldn't have anything to obsess about!!

  4. Hi Jo I have a self-seeded wild heartese plant growing in the asparagus bed and its in the same family as pansies and they have also bounced right back after the recent icy weather, its even crazier as I thought the heartese was more summer flowering plants only, hmm go figure.

    Some how the itchy fingers haven't started as yet for me which I'm silently pleased with as I always start too early then burn out around mid/ late June which is exactly when the garden needs me most, so I'm hoping I'll have a more balanced growing season this year.

  5. What a little survivor! A welcome touch of colour to brighten up these January days.
    I think I must be in hibernation mode Jo because I've absolutely no itch to get out in the garden. It's not like me and I know there's lots that should and can be done before the planting season starts. I need to get motivated!

    Jeanne x

  6. It survived well, to give colour to your garden. Such a zest! Seedlings are growing in my little pots, so lets match up gardening across the ocean!... happy sowing.., ~bangchik

  7. It is quite amazing. There is nothing growing in my garden at all, it is completely soggy! I have got lots of chillis germinating inside though!I am getting sooooo excited now about getting the garden started, just need to motivate the man to do the same!

  8. I think those little flowers are there to keep us from giving up hope. Yours is lovely. I look forward to more posts.

  9. Hi Jo, like you, all I have in flower at the moment are Pansies. They really are remarkable little plants aren't they? And I haven't sown anything yet either. February is early enough unless you are lucky enough to have a heated greenhouse I reckon.

    G x

  10. There is alot to do, Vrtlarica. Even whilst the weather has been so bad I've been making plans of what needs doing.

    Thank you for visiting, Rosie. It does amaze me when plants which look tender survive the harshest of winters.

    Yes, it is still a little early to be sowing seeds, Tanya, but it doesn't stop my fingers itching. I'll give it until February and then I'll have to sow something just to feed my addiction.

    You've got the right idea, Kella. Hold off the sowing until you get the urge. Later sowings always catch up with the earlier ones anyway.

    I'm sure the warmer weather will bring the motivation with it, Jeanne. I don't think these cold dismal days do anything for motivation.

    It's some much needed colour, Bangchik. I don't have much winter colour in my garden, something which I must rectify.

    It won't be long until I'm sowing my seeds too, Natalie. It always cheers me up to see seedlings popping through the compost.

    They're such a cheery little flower, Kat. It's so nice to have even a little bit of colour in the garden at this time of year.

    The luxury of a heated greenhouse, Georgie, something I would love, but I can't justify the expense when I can sow seeds a little later and they still catch up. I've just got to stop these itchy fingers from tearing open the seed packets.

  11. I know what you mean by itchy fingers Jo. I can't wait to get going :)

  12. It won't be long now, Anna. I'm looking at my seed packets to see what can be sown in February.


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