Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Work Begins

Work has begun at the allotment. The photo shows that there is alot left to do, but since taking the picture there are now two beds properly dug over and another two nearly there.

The bed sizes are 9.5 foot X 4 foot. This size should give me plenty of planting space and also allow for two rows of potatoes in each bed, speaking of which, I am hoping to get my potatoes planted within the next week. I have got Charlotte and Kestrel which are second earlies and also Rooster and Maris Peer which are main crop.

Going to the allotment is a family event at present. My hubby is extremely keen to get the beds dug over (perhaps to avoid my nagging), but apart from weekends doesn't have alot of time in the week. He has been going down for an hour on an evening after work, but he insists that he doesn't like gardening. I think that he's having a change of heart and is secretly enjoying himself. My children are also enthusiastic, but being 14 and 10 and knowing how kids of this age soon tire with things, I'm wondering how long that enthusiasm will last. We'll see!

I've been like a woman possessed at home planting lots of things ready to take to the plot as the beds are dug. I've planted Pea - Early Onward, Leek - Carlton, Cabbage - Tundra, Cauliflower - All The Year Round, Brussels Sprout - Evesham Special, and Calabrese - Sakura, among other things.

I have always kept records when I plant anything and this seems extra important at the moment as I'm really guessing at quantities. I will be able to update my notes later in the season when I find out if more or less should have been sown and implement this next year.


  1. Sounds like your very organised. I always plan to write it all down but never do and it all becomes guess work again!!!

  2. It is looking good. You are so lucky getting your hubby involved. Mine really isn't a gardener, and altho he will come to the allotment if I drag him kicking and screaming, he could think of a thousand better things he could be getting on with. That said, it does me my allotment is my own private paradise.

    I am useless at keeping notes, and that is why the blog is so handy for me, at least then I can see what I did when from one month, or year, to the next.

  3. Hi Jo

    How lucky you are to have an under gradener! As for the children I'm sure they will enjoy it if they have their own little plots and have things they can plant which will grow quickly like Sunflowers and Beans for example. I bought my grandaughter a bug box the other other day - a container which magnifies x2 and x4 - and although she's a little young for it she loves looking at the plastic spider which came with it. Maybe you children would enjoy one too?

    G x

  4. Keeping notes is something I have always done. I do refer back to them too.

    Yes, I am planning on providing the kids with their own growing spaces on the allotment, I'm hoping that this will keep them interested.

    My daughter has had a bug box (I don't know what's happened to it now). She did get alot of enjoyment out of it.

  5. It's lookling like you're making a good start. I remember last year, my first on our allotment, I found it hard to keep up the sowing in the face of the digging and ended up either not putting some stuff in or putting it in late. Looks like you're well on the way to getting both bases covered though, well done. :)

  6. I'm hoping that I manage to get enough digging done to accomodate all the seedlings I have.

    Nothing's quite ready to go in yet though, so I do have some more time.


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