Thursday, 30 August 2012

Beetroot In A Bath

I haven't managed to get a single beetroot to grow this year. The seeds I sowed direct at the allotment must have been washed away in the rain. I tried again to no avail. In the end I decided that I would sow some beetroot seeds in modules and transplant them. At first, they were going to be planted out in the ground, but seeing as how the carrots which were sown in the old bath at the allotment got eaten by slugs, I decided to plant them there. In the meantime, three seeds have germinated in the ground. The plants in the old bath look ok, but I think it's a little late to expect much from them now. If they get to golf ball size I'll be happy.

I've been looking for some purple sprouting broccoli seedlings but the garden centres all seem to do big tray fulls and I only want a few plants. One of the local markets usually sell them, but they haven't got any this year. I'm missing my local nursery already.

My tomatoes are still refusing to ripen, it's been a terrible year for them. I've got more fruit on the plants now but nowhere near as much as usual. I've decided that I'm going to have another go at growing some outdoors again next year, I don't think the results I've got this year will be typical so I'll give it another shot.


  1. I sowed two lots of beetroot seeds without success so gave up. I like them golf ball sized as they're quicker to cook and taste better.
    Sorry about your tomatoes, mine were one of my few successes this year. This year has been exceptionally bad so it's worth trying everything again next year in the hope that it will be better! Flighty xx

  2. I had one decent row of beetroot the rest bolted - all in all I would say it has been a rubbish year for veg growing all round. At least you keep trying rather than giving up.

  3. Delfland Organics sell PSB plants in quantities of 5. I ordered some about 6 weeks ago so not sure if they're still doing them. Worth a try though.

    My beetroot has struggled too. It always fairs better though when I start it off in modules first and then plant out.

  4. I have had a few nice beetroot, but many have bolted, and the rest have grown very slowly. Funnily enough this has suited us well, because we don't want lots of beetroot at any given moment, and little-and-often is better.

  5. We've been lucky with ours and they are huge. But we are in the same boat with the tomatoes, they just aren't ripening.

    X x

  6. We didn't get round to sewing tomatoes this year but the preschool did and they hardly have any ripe either. Last year I had a lovely haul of them and I really miss them this year :-(

  7. My beetroot, carrots and tomatoes are all terrible this year so I know exactly how you feel. I definitely recommend you try tomatoes outside again next year as I always grow some outside and usually I get a great crop!!

  8. Can't you get someone to share a tray of broccoli with you?

    WE are just starting to harvest our beetroot which have managed baby beet size which will be fine for us to pickle but not likely to make it as a vegetable unless they hurry up and grow bigger.

  9. Hi Jo
    Those beetroot that Sue mentioned were sown directly in the plot on 10th June and have just made it to golf ball size.
    In our home greenhouse we're still awaiting our first ripe tomato although the plot greenhouse has managed to provide a few ripe ones.
    Next year can't be as bad can it?

  10. The title of your post conjured up images of little swimming beetroots Jo or maybe it's just the way I think :)Glad to read that you will be able to enjoy some red goodness.

  11. I think Wyevale (Garden Centre Group) seed sale (50p a packet) is on again. I first learned about it last year from your blog, so thought I'd let you (and your readers)know it was on again now. Great value!

  12. I'm really pleased to hear that your tomatoes have been a success this year, Flighty. I know many of us have had problems getting them to ripen so you've done really well with them.

    I think half the fun of gardening is that you never know if you'll succeed, Elaine. With that in mind you have to be prepared for failures. It has been a bad year though, fingers crossed that we'll all have a much better year next year.

    The only problem with buying online is the delivery charge, Wellywoman. A small order ends up costing much more than you would pay in an expensive garden centre. I should have sown some beetroot seed in modules much earlier on in the season, you live and learn.

    It's great when you get a staggered harvest, Mark. I try to sow successionally but it doesn't always work.

    Glad to hear your beetroot are doing well, Please may I. Fingers crossed that our tomatoes come good in the end.

    Your tomatoes probably wouldn't have ripened this year anyway, Zoe, so you really haven't missed out. Let's hope next year is a much better tomato growing year.

    I'll definitely give outdoor tomatoes another go next year, Tanya. The ones I've grown outdoors this year have produced fruit, they just won't ripen.

    If you saw my allotment site, you'd see that noone's bothered to grow summer veg, never mind winter veg this year, Sue. I'll probably just end up buying a large tray, it'll all come in, though I might try Castleford market again, they've usually got veg plants there. I've never pickled my own beetroot, though I do like it.

    I'm really hoping that next year isn't as bad, Martyn. I'm thinking of taking the green tomatoes off the plant and having a go at ripening it indoors, though it just won't taste the same as sun ripened tomato will it?

    Ha ha, I thought the same when I gave the post it's title, Anna. I'm not counting my chickens but it would be good to get some plants to maturity.

    Thanks, 50decs. I'm really pleased that I helped you out last year, and pleased that you've picked up some more bargains again this year. I visited the garden centre last week and got the seeds I need, I shall be doing a post soon so watch out for it.

  13. Our beetroot did ok and I have pickled some, but we did have it in the polytunnel. Our tommies are beginning to ripen too :)

  14. I think most of my beetroot seed got washed away in all the rain we had, Mo. I don't know if this batch will make it to maturity or not, but I'm hoping so.

  15. I completely forgot to sow any beetroot this year - I think I was over ambitious about how much variety I could grow and so some things were left out. Sub Arctic tomatoes (an early tomato!) are deep green and waiting to ripen on my balcony; Red Alert tomato has produced a 4ft tall plant with only 3 fruits! Not one of my greatest successes, ha ha! Like you, will persevere next year and hope for better weather.

  16. It's definitely not been a very good year for tomatoes, Caro. Let's hope we both do much better next year.


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