Monday, 27 August 2012

A Tight Squash

My squash plants are vying for freedom. They've put on lots of green, lush growth, I expect at the cost of fruit, and the bed is looking very full. The Uchiki Kuri squash has a couple of small fruits, but the Sunburst don't seem to be even trying to produce anything. Unfortunately, I think it's too late now for any fruit to come to anything so I shall cut my losses and try again next year.

The Birthday Rose which I bought in the local nursery sale last weekend looks to be coming in to flower. It's my birthday next week so that would be lovely if it's in bloom then. It's just in a black pot at the moment, but I'd like to get a nice glazed pot for it, though the problem with decorative pots is that they don't often stand up to the weather. I'll have to have a look round and see what I can find.

It's Bank Holiday Monday today, and right on cue, the rain is coming down in buckets. We went to Brimham Rocks yesterday and did a bit of bilberry picking, you can read all about it on my Through The Keyhole Blog. I'm glad that we went yesterday rather than put it off until today, the weather being how it is. I'm hoping that the weather bucks up for the rest of the week.


  1. Rain and wind here Jo - typical bank holiday fare but I have read that the weather is going to perk up from next weekend :) Keeping my fingers crossed that your rose gets its act together for your special day.

  2. What colour is your Birthday Rose, Jo? Look forward to a photo

  3. I think you did really well just to get some squash plants never mind squashes.

  4. It's tippling down here and has been all day. I've not grown squash as we've not much room but I was just noticing today how rampant my cucumber plants are. I've only had one cucumber so far and I don't think I'll get many more so it's going to have a haircut this week.
    Love from Mum

  5. Shame about the squash. Fingers crossed for the rest of the week. Flighty xx

  6. My squash are one thing that are producing well for me...hope you have better luck next year!!

  7. Down here in the South East it hasn't been a bad day - though not the sort that inspires you to set up the BBQ. As it happens, I went to Stratford today to meet some friends, and was expecting the weather to be really grim, but it wasn't. Just nondescript.
    My Patty Pan squashes are just like your Uchiki Kuri - too little and too late.

  8. I'm growing uchiki kuri and it has only really got going in the last 3 weeks. I have one fruit about twice the size of a tennis ball and 2 other fruit that are much smaller. I'm just wondering whether there will be enough time now for them to get to a good size and then ripen. I've never grown them before so haven't got a clue.

  9. My Uchiki Kuris look the exact same - small and pitiful. I'm just going to let mine get on with it and hope for a warm September/October. If not, oh well...

    Bilberries! Thanks for the reminder to get out and do some picking :)

  10. We've had rain the last couple of days, Anna. I'm hoping that it's going to pick up now though for the weekend.

    The photo shows a picture of a white rose with a pinkish tinge, Sue, but I've often found that photos can be deceptive. The bud looks white so we're on the right lines.

    My Blue Kuri squash never germinated, Martyn. I shall give it another go next year.

    Squash plants do seem to ramble all over the place, Mum. I wouldn't have room for them in my garden, it's a good job I've got an allotment.

    We've had quite a bit of rain this week, Flighty. I'm hoping that the weather starts to pick up again now.

    Glad to hear that your squash are doing well, Tanya. I hope mine do as well next year.

    I don't mind just so long as it stays dry at the moment, Mark. My patty pan squash haven't even produced any tiny fruit. I'll try again next year though.

    I suppose it will depend on the weather in September as to what grows to maturity and what doesn't, Wellywoman. Fingers crossed for an Indian summer.

    I don't think there's much we can do now other than hope for some good weather, Tanya. Hope you find lots of bilberries.

  11. My spaghetti squash (grown for the first time this year) are the same - lots and lovely lush leaves and then ... nothing! I have another of these plants that has produced one large squash, but that's it. As the first plant is finally producing lots of beautiful yellow flowers, I'm hoping for some late summer warmth to help it along! What a year, eh?

  12. I think it's too late for mine to do anything this year, Caro. Something else I'll have to try again next year.


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