Sunday, 22 January 2012

Winter Blooms

Each year, I say I'm going to plant more things in the garden which will give me some winter colour, and each year I never get round to it. It's been quite an exceptional year this year, in that many summer flowers have lasted right in to winter, and many spring flowers are already blooming, so there's been quite alot of colour around this winter. I can't remember when this primrose last stopped flowering, it's certainly flowered without a pause for the last year, though it's looking a little bedraggled at the moment.

We've got blustery winds mixed in with rain again today. I can't remember a time when the weather's been so windy for such a prolonged length of time, it scares me to death and I got little sleep again last night. I'm wishing that the weather forecasters had been right and we'd had snow instead.

I'm hoping to get the first sowing of the year done today. As I'm growing onions from seed rather than sets this year, it's time that they were sown to give them a fair chance of growing to a decent size. That will be the extent of my gardening for today, I'm not braving the winds for anything else.


  1. Jo, you should try some Dogwood bushes for that Winter colour. I think they're fab.
    We have strong winds again here today, so I'm not venturing outdoors either. Trying hard not to sow anything until at least February (but getting itchy fingers...)

  2. I second Mark's suggestions for dogwoods Jo. I have the same intentions re winter colour too and have done for some time :) On days like this though the garden is not an inviting sanctuary whatever is flowering out there. I will not be venturing further than the greenhouse today, otherwise could be in danger of doing a Mary Poppins. Fingers crossed for a quieter night.

  3. It's just not pleasant to be outside in such strong, cold winds. Was going to do a couple of hours in the greenhouse but changed my mind - I just can't seem to get in the mood for seed sowing at the moment - hope I've not lost my mojo!

  4. We've been in for the last 2 days due to the wet, windy, cold weather. I think I'll brave the outside when the wind subsides.
    Love from Mum

  5. I've decided to for go the gardening today due to the weather as well Jo. I too hate the winds...the thought of what damage they could cause always bothers me.

    I remember there being bad winds like this about 6 years hopefully it will be about that long before we will have to endure them again!!

  6. When camping a few years ago, I remember lying awake all night listening to the wind rushing through the trees all round us and imagining them toppling - I was absolutely terrified, and sympathise with your fears. It doesn't seem too bad in London and at least my towels have dried soft and fresh on the outside lines! Good reminder about the onion seeds; I'm having a go myself this year.

  7. Primroses are just wonderful, but sadly, I don't have much luck with them. Maybe I should try again.
    And I am eager to get some vegetable gardening started, too. Our weather has been cold, wet, and windy. Today is cool and foggy.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog entry for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

  8. It's been really windy here today too. Wasn't the best day for standing on a hill digging and moving stuff around in a wheelbarrow, but needs must! I felt sorry for the poor little birds trying to cling on the the feeders, they must use more energy than they gain on a day like today.

  9. The wind was all too noticeable for much of last year, and I hope it's not going to be the same this year! Flighty xx

  10. Dogwood is stunning, Mark, I agree, but I don't think I have room for one which is a real shame. I'm holding off the majority of my sowing, I've had so many seedlings grow leggy when I've been impatient in the past.

    Hope we all get some sleep tonight, Sue. It's still windy here though, I hope it calms down soon.

    I managed to get some sowing done today, Anna, but I did it in the sanctuary of my kitchen. I wouldn't trust my greenhouse not to blow away whilst I was in it.

    I'm sure your mojo will return along with the warmer weather, Elaine. It's hard to get excited about gardening when the wind is whistling outside.

    I always think the wind is much worse at the seaside, Mum. It comes in off the sea and is usually bitterly cold, so I don't blame you staying indoors.

    I've satisfied my urge to garden by sowing seeds today, Tanya. There was no way I was going to try and do anything in the garden with the winds whipping around.

    I'm not surprised you were terrified whilst camping, Caro, I would have been too. The wind can do so much damage. I think any towels hung on my line today would have been blown to Timbuktu.

    Cold, wet and windy weather isn't ideal for vegetable gardening, Lea. I think we all need to be patient at the moment, not something I'm very good with.

    I put some suet blocks out for the birds yesterday and they haven't been touched yet, Alison. You have to wonder what the poor birds do in these sort of conditions.

    I don't remember a winter like this for high winds, Flighty. Luckily, we haven't suffered any damage, but I'm always very nervous.

  11. Very windy in West Cumbria too.

    I always remember advice from the late, great, Geoff Hamilton: if you go to a nursery once a month and buy something for your garden which is in flower, then you will have flowers in your garden every month of the year. Simple really :}

  12. Primrose are such pretty plants. The carrots (your last post) are looking good, hope you have a good harvest come Spring.

  13. I think that wind is starting to die down now. Oh the temptation to do some planting. I really do want to resist until the end of march. Bet I don't manage it!

  14. Sorry to hear how the wind has been disrupting your sleep. Hope it settles down soon. I find myself feeling more agitated when it is wild and blustery.

  15. It's amazing how similar our weather is with yours! You described exactly what we have here. Winds are very dangerous in our area, they damage electric lines and people stay without power. But, our biggest concern is that fir trees close to the houses can fall, they have pretty shallow roots.
    Good luck with onions, Jo!

  16. Last week I saw snowdrops and daffodils in a friends garden!

  17. It seems that Wordpress bloggers are still having problems posting comments. Wellywoman has sent the following comment by email.

    It was windy here to this weekend. We went walking in the Malverns and nearly got blown over. It was quite scary. It's quieter now though. Good luck with those onion seeds. I need to get my shallot sets this weekend.

  18. That really is simple, Bilbo, and great advice. In fact, it's such good advice that I'm going to do that this year.

    I love primroses, Kelli, especially the really pale lemon ones. I'm hoping that the carrots will do better for me now that I've moved them in to the greenhouse.

    I bet you don't manage to resist the temptation, Martyn. It's a lovely still day today, it makes a change from what we've had recently.

    The wind's died down now, Lorna. It's such destructive weather, scares me to death.

    Our winds have left for the time being, Tatyana. I hope your weather's let up too. The wind can cause so much damage, we've been very lucky this year.

    I'm noticing more and more bulbs springing up and opening, Don't unplug your hub. Some seem to be way ahead of themselves, it must be due to the mild weather.

    I'm sorry that you're still unable to comment, Wellywoman. I think it's a problem which Blogger has with Wordpress id's at the moment. Your walk sounds quite scary, the wind can certainly whip itself up in open spaces. I'm going to grow shallots from sets so I must get mine too this weekend.


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