Sunday, 29 January 2012

More Veg Seeds

There were only a couple of things left to get off this year's seed list, squash and cabbage. I don't often use mail order for seeds, simply because I begrudge paying the postage, but I've heard lots of good reviews about More Veg so I decided I'd give them a go. Postage wasn't bad actually, only 95p if the order is less than £7.50, or free if your order is above this amount. They also do packets containing a smaller number of seeds, so you're not paying for seeds which you won't use. I was impressed by the speed of the delivery. My order was placed last Monday afternoon and the seeds were with me on Wednesday, you can't ask for quicker than that. The order came with a handwritten compliment slip thanking me for my order, I thought that was a nice personal touch and I shall definitely use this company again. The squash I decided on was Uchiki Kuri as I've had recommendations for this and Blue Kuri as I quite faniced a blue skinned variety. The cabbage I've gone for is Advantage F1 as it seems a good all round cabbage and very versatile, it can be sown more or less throughout the year. The seed packets came with good instructions and even hints and tips on how the vegetable can be cooked and eaten.

The Big Garden Birdwatch which is run by the RSPB has taken place this weekend, but as well as being out and about, I've had other commitments which prevented me from taking part this year. I don't think the birds will have minded though, it's been a bit quiet on the bird front in my garden this past week, perhaps they knew what was happening this weekend and were already in hiding. Let's hope they come back this week now it's all over.

The weather was supposed to be getting colder this weekend, and I thought the forecasters had got it wrong as yesterday was a gorgeous warm, sunny day, but it's turned really cold today, I do hope that snow isn't on it's way.


  1. "More Veg" sounds like a good firm to deal with. I'm a bit anti all the huge companies who dominate the marketplace, just like the supermarkets dominate our food supply.

  2. I've used MoreVeg for several years now and I've always been well pleased with them.
    It certainly looks like we're going to get some proper winter weather for a while but at least we know that spring isn't that far away!
    Flighty xx

  3. I like the idea of smaller nubmers of seeds. Might give these guys a go.

    And, yes, we also failed on Birdwatch weekend. I"m afraid soft play areas trumped sitting around with binoculars. Kids are so shallow!

  4. We've used More Veg and can recommend the service.
    Love from Mum

  5. I think a lot of the birds were hiding today with it being so cold!

    Blue Kuri is one of my favourite Squash to grow and eat, delicious!

  6. After reading Flighty's post about MoreVeg I looked them up and have ordered some things from them that I couldn't find on my usual seed suppliers list. Where would we be without other bloggers to keep us informed.

  7. Will have to look into 'MoreVeg' Jo. Have now read about them on a few blogs. The idea of fewer seeds appeals. I use mail order quite regularly as I don't drive and himself doesn't always want to go traipsing round garden centres. I liked your comment about the birds going into hiding this weekend. I did my hour but there was little out there despite a well stocked bird table :( It was so cold and grey out there so maybe they had other distractions.

  8. I hadn't heard of them before. Looks like their seed is good value. Thanks for the tip. xx

  9. I've just posted our results which were much better than usual - although thinking about it I think the spring one was OK too. Our birds must have got the date wrong

  10. Glad you got such good service...i will definitely check out this site.

    Maybe you'll be around to take part in the birdwatch next year!

  11. Hi Jo, I'm growing uchiki kuri for the first time this year as well. We've been getting them from farmers' markets and the supermarket this autumn and winter and they are definitely our favourite squash. It is so cold here today. We had some wet snow this morning, although that has gone now but it is grey, cold and miserable. Wellywoman.

  12. I get the impression that More Veg is quite a small company and I love the fact that they've been flagged up by so many bloggers recently. Planting the few seeds you get means that, hopefully, there's very little waste and a fresh seed order to look forward to next year. I have the usual birdsong outside my window - all the usual culprits are there: I've seen the robins and great tits. Surprised to learn house sparrow numbers are decreasing, we have loads here nesting in the brickwork!

  13. I'd definitely recommend More Veg, Mark, I shall certainly buy from them again.

    It's good to find a company which is good to deal with, Flighty. I've just been out to take Archie for a walk and it's sleeting here, I hope we don't get snow.

    I'm amazed at the number of seeds which some seed packets contain, Dawn. I'd much rather pay less for fewer seeds which I know I'm not going to waste. Soft play areas always trumped anything else when my kids were little.

    I haven't heard anyone fault More Veg yet, Mum. I'm glad I came across them.

    I've had suet blocks hung for over a week now and they still haven't gone, Dawn, unheard of. I don't know where all the birds have gone. I'm pleased you like Blue Kuri, I only picked it as it's got a blue skin so I'm glad to hear that you recommend it.

    It's great that other bloggers pass on their recommendations, Elaine. I hope you find the service from More Veg as good as I did.

    Definitely have a look at the More Veg website, Anna, they've got some interesting seeds. The birds around here have been in hiding for a couple of weeks now, they must know something that I don't.

    You're welcome, Serendipity. I like the fact that the seeds come in smaller numbers than usual and the cost is reflected, no more waste.

    I'm still not seeing the numbers of birds which I usually do, Sue. Perhaps they know that bad weather is on the way and they're all tucked up in their nests.

    I'll definitely use More Veg again, Tanya. It's good when you find a company which gives good service. I'll hopefully take part in the next Birdwatch.

    We'll be able to compare how our Uchiki Kuri do, Wellywoman. We've got the weather that you had yesterday today. I've just been out in the sleet and it's very dark and miserable.

    I like the smaller number of seeds in the packets, Caro, definitely less waste. They say that the number of starlings is decreasing too, yet we've got loads of them here, as well as sparrows.

  14. I just wonder if Bird Count spurs on people who don't usually put out food to do so. Maybe the birds eat this unexpected supply before coming back to the places they know of that put out food regularly.

  15. I've just done a MoreVeg order about an hour ago and also like their minimalist approach as it keeps prices down so can try out things might not otherwise consider.

  16. More Veg sounds like a great company. The seeds you've chosen sound really good too.

    Apparently we're going to have a really cold week!

  17. As I'm relatively new to seed buying I'll look up 'more veg' and have a's all so new to me so I think I'd better choose veg that are easy to grow.

    We had a slight sprinkling of snow on the Welsh border, but nothing spectacular.

    Have a great weekend, lily x

  18. That could be a reason for the missing birds, Sue, but I noticed that there weren't so many about before Birdwatch. They've started coming back again now so I'm still none the wiser.

    That's true, John. I'm definitely more likely to try something if it doesn't cost so much. Hope you were pleased with your order.

    I'm really looking forward to trying the squash, Kelli. We've had a really cold week, and it's snowing now.

    The thing I like about More Veg is that the seeds are sold in small quantities which keeps the prices down, lily. You can try lots of different things this way, very useful if you don't know the difference between varieties. It's snowing here at the moment, we've got quite a deep covering and it isn't stopping yet.


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