Tuesday 22 November 2011

Hanging Around

I moved my tomato plants out of the greenhouse a couple of weeks ago in order to have space in there to overwinter my tender plants. I've been a bit lazy in actually emptying the tomato plants out of their pots and disposing of them, they've been hanging around in the garden waiting for me to get my act together. Whilst I was in the garden this morning, I noticed that the few green tomatoes I left on the plants are starting to ripen, who would believe that they'd be doing that at this late stage? I don't hold out much hope of any more ripening though, you can tell by the photo that we've got a grey, damp day again today, there isn't much light never mind sunshine.

I've had a subscription to Gardeners World Magazine for quite a few years now. I've decided that when my year is up this time, I'm not going to renew it. I do enjoy reading gardening magazines but I'm finding that I just don't have the time to read each issue properly , there's two issues here which haven't yet been opened, so it's a bit of a waste of money subscribing. I actually find that reading gardening blogs is more enjoyable than a magazine anyway, especially blogs which you follow. It's a bit like a serial, tuning in for the next episode, plus there's two way communication with blogs, something else which I prefer.

I didn't manage to get to the allotment at the weekend so I must make more of an effort to get down there this week. Time is running away with me now and I know I'm not going to get everthing done before winter sets in, though I'm not letting it stress me, what gets done gets done and what doesn't will be left until spring.


  1. We have had a similar experience with tomatoes this year - it's really very weird.

    Must admit I'm more likely to read a garden magazine in winter although we do subscribe to 3! The trouble is that the same things seem to come round and round and round!

  2. I found two tomatoes on an outside plant yesterday - I spotted them because they were so red that they stood out against the dying green/brown. No idea how they hung on so long, or got so red!

    In related news, I really, really must clear away the last of my plant pots before the bad weather kicks in...

  3. I'm just coming to the end of my subscription to Gardens Illustrated. It is a really interesting read and I have learnt a lot from it. It is a bit like seeing how the other half live though, with designed gardens, acreage and dreamy greenhouses but I would recommend it. My gripe with GW magazine has always been that if you watch the programme you feel quite a bit of overlap in the magazine.

  4. Know what you mean about having the time to read the gardening mags Jo. I decided to try a cheaper digital description of one mag and am even further behind when I got the paper copies. I gave up GW a while back as it became repetitive but I do still get the 'The English Garden' and 'Gardens Ilustrated' plus 'Grow It". They may all face the chop though in the future :)

  5. You should pick those tomatoes and ripen them indoors. How nice to have your own home-grown toms in November!
    I subscribe to The Kitchen Garden, but having done so for several years it's getting to the point where much of the content is "old hat" to me, but they still feature lots of new things, and I find that some of the offers and adverts are useful.

  6. Your late tomatoe looks tasty. Have you ever
    Eaten fried green tomatoes? Just slice, dip in
    Batter and deep fry or for a healthier option, slice
    thin and add to stir fry. Yummy!

  7. I used to enjoy gardening mags, but they do become repetitive after a few seasons have gone by
    Another nice mild bright day here in West Sussex.

  8. Our tomatoes are still rippening too, bonkers in November isn't it.

  9. I agree what you say about blogs, and the same goes for forums as well. Flighty xx

  10. I've still got tomato plants I didn't clear and they are still producing, although very limited. I'm having the same problem with getting through gardening magazines - just not enough time in the day!

  11. I have about 2 tomatoes left on the plants. I keep leaving them because they are still ripening. I think this weekend is it for them now though!!
    I'm a new veg gardener this year so still find the veg gardening mags interesting. I don't subscribe but can't wait for the new issues in the shops.
    And I check all the blogs on my blog roll every day for new entries!!

  12. It's amazing that there's enough sunshine to ripen the tomatoes, Sue. Magazines do tend to recycle articles, but there's always something new there to read too.

    I need to tidy away all my plantpots too, Louisa. I left some out last winter and they cracked because of the frost. It's a bonus having home grown tomatoes in November.

    I've read a few editions of Gardens Illustrated in the past, Wellywoman. There's certainly some fantastic gardens featured in it, they do give inspiration even if you've got a garden the size of a postage stamp as I have.

    I like Grow It, Anna. It's one of the better grow your own magazines in my opinion. I know I'd get further behind in reading magazines if they were online too, I do enjoy having something to hold on to and pages to turn when I'm reading.

    I didn't pick the tomatoes as I didn't hold out much hope of them ripening, even indoors, Mark. How wrong I was, amazing to think they're still ripening outdoors in November. Kitchen Garden seems to be a favourite amongst people who grow their own.

    I've never tried fried green tomatoes, Kat. Something else I'll have to add to the list and have a go at.

    My dad kept a years worth of gardening magazines, Don't unplug your hub. All the main advice of what to do when doesn't change from year to year, so a magazine from a few years ago is still relevant today. We've got a lovely bright day today, makes a change from the grey days we've had just recently.

    I can't believe that we're still harvesting summer crops in November, Scented Sweetpeas. I'm sure we're in for a shock when winter rears it's head.

    I don't have time to visit forums as often as I'd like, Flighty. There's some great advice to be had on them though, and lots of friendly people willing to give as much advice as you ask for.

    I could do with a few extra hours each day, Kelli. I'm full of good intentions and then time just slips away. It's great to be eating home grown tomatoes in November, I've never known that before.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment, Meand2veg. I used to read as much as I could when I first started growing veg, you'll find that you learn through experience more than anything though, but magazines certainly have their place. Hope the tomatoes ripen for you, if not you could always ripen them indoors.

  13. Dear Jo, I am amazed how summer is lingering in England this year. I'm back in PA briefly, returning to Mum's at the end of next week, so no chance of 'putting my garden to bed' this year. It will be interesting to see how that effects my spring garden.

    I am cutting back on mag. subscriptions this year because of the economy -- like you, I don't have time to read them, anyway, and prefer blogs.

    Best wishes, P. x

  14. Hope things are going ok at your mum's, Pam. I think you'll notice a dip in the temperature when you return, it's got a little cooler just lately. I'm sure your garden will do fine without you, I think we molly coddle things too much sometimes, let's hope the weather isn't too unkind to your garden this year.

  15. Not getting stressed is a good way to be Jo...I used to really get down hearted with myself if I thought I was running behind but I found putting pressure on myself made it harder to get things done and took the enjoyment away, so now I get done what i can and enjoy every minute of it...after all life's to short to get stressed over things!!

  16. I haven't got much more done, Tanya, so I think the allotment will get a spring dig now rather than a winter one.


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