Sunday 30 October 2011

Tatty Plants

You may remember that I bought some new strawberry plants - Flamenco, which are everbearers, at the start of the year. I potted them up intending to plant them out at the allotment once I'd prepared a bed, but I'm ashamed to say that I never got round to it so they're still residing in their plant pots. I had intended to purchase some other strawberry plants too as the ones at the allotment were coming to the end of their productive life. That's another job I didn't get round to, however, the ones at the allotment did ok again this year. I've now pulled all the old plants up so I really need to have some more ready for next year. I came across an offer on the Gardener's World website of twelve Sonata strawberry plants for £4.50. I ordered a pack myself and ordered a pack in hubby's name too. They were delivered in a bit of a sorry state, though mail order plants often look this way when they're delivered but they soon pick up. I've potted them up in to generous sized pots, as you can see, and they'll now stay in the greenhouse over the winter to recover from their ordeal of being sent through the postal system and to establish themselves. I'll plant them out along with the Flamenco strawberries when the weather begins to improve next year.

I've noticed lots of wasps around over the last week or so. I don't remember seeing them around this late in the year before, certainly not in the numbers I've seen this week. I wonder if they're another thing which this mixed up weather has confused.

The clocks went back last night which means there's even less time to spend outside in the garden or at the allotment now. Hubby often has a trip to the allotment when he gets in from work, but as it will now be dark at that time the after work visits will cease until March when the clocks go forward again. I suppose it's now time for the winter hobbies to start up again.


  1. What a pity your Flamenco didn't get planted out - I've even picked some fruit from our new plants today!

    I've also noticed some wasps and today there were lots of bees too.

  2. I hate dark Winter evenings! One or two would be OK, but not six months' worth...

  3. Strawberries are pretty hardy and I'm sure they will eventually pick with a bit of tlc. I tend to hibernate over winter but at the moment it is still mild enough to work outside where we live - I dread all the darkness that is to come.

  4. We used to have strawberries planted right up next to the house. I think they were sheleterd a little by it. They produced early spring till very late fall, wish I knew what kind they were.
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  5. Strawberries definitely are very determined plants. Your new ones will certainly perk up soon, especially given that the weather is still so mild. I've got new flowers on mine yet again and one decent size fruit that's just waiting for enough sun to ripen!

  6. I got caught out at the weekend thinking I had more daylight than I acutally did. The time change makes it difficult to get outside to get things done. Your taters in your last post look good. My potato ouput was less this year. I think i will stick to container growing next year. All the best, Kelli.

  7. I'm sure your strawberries will perk up now they're getting some TLC. I've been picking the occasional strawberry for the last couple of weeks now but now the clocks have changed I don't think they'll get enough sunlight to ripen the others left on the plant. Still it is has been very weird picking strawbs in October.

  8. You certainly should have lots of strawberries next year!
    This continuing mild weather is confusing all round. I've got sunflowers with no leaves that are blooming again, albeit with very small flowers! Flighty xx

  9. I am sure that your new strawberry plants will perk up and will flourish next year Jo. Funnily enough we have been talking about wasps today and commenting on how few we have seen this year. Maybe it's a east/west difference. It does seem sad losing that daylight from the afternoon but as you suggest more time for other interests during the next few months.

  10. I've heard of perpetual strawberries though haven't tried them out yet...I look forward to seeing how yours do!

  11. I still had fruit from the Flamenco even though they're still in their pots, Sue. I've had some late fruit from them too, there's some more green berries on them now, though I don't think they'll ripen this late.

    I'm with you there, Mark. I quite enjoy cosying up in front of the fire at first, it's a bit of a novelty, but it starts to get me down eventually.

    It's been very mild again this week, Elaine. Cooler days must surely be around the corner now. The strawberries have been placed in the greenhouse so they're sure to pick up soon.

    It sounds like your strawberries were an everbearing variety, Kat, they tend to produce fruit right the way through the season. My Flamenco's are everbearers, I must get them planted out next year.

    I've got some green fruit on my strawberries too, suburban veg gardener. I don't think they'll ripen this late in the year, though you never know, stranger things have happened this year.

    It sounds like a few of us have struggled with our potatoes this year, Kelli. I'm doing the same as you and sticking to containers next year. I'm finding it gets dark really quickly now as well as earlier, it can really catch you out.

    It's been the same with strawberries here, wellywoman. I'm hoping to get all the strawberries planted out at the allotment next year, and then I'll buy another variety to grow alongside the two I've already got.

    I'm hoping I get plenty of strawberries next year, Flighty. I'm going to get another variety too, so I just need to get them planted out now. It's amazing what's happened this year due to the weather, I've seen spring plants blooming in October.

    How funny that you haven't seen many wasps around, Anna. I'll send some your way if you want them, I don't like them. I'm sure it won't be long until we start sowing seeds again, just get Christmas out of the way.

    I've had some strawberries off the everbearers this year, Tanya, even though they were still in their pots. I should get a better idea about them next year though once they've been planted out.

  12. You should see the state of my strawberries all the runners have rooted and it's worse than trying to untangle a big knotted ball of wool! I have no idea which ones are the originals. They're spreading like a virus, taking over the paths. I noticed your wee doggy. My allotment companion (as well as my son, and hubby) is a king charles cavalier called Barney. He's 10 now and loves it there.

  13. I've seen butterflies and bees too in the recent unseasonal weather. Daffodils are poking through the ground and my lavendar is flowering again!

    My strawberry runners have gone mad and cascading over the raised bed, I've decided to just let them route in the pea-shingle!

    I really don't like the dark evenings but I guess it may be time soon to hunker down and enjoy evenings around the woodburner! Winter will be here before we know it ....


  14. Flamenco sounds a good name for strawberries - hopefully they'll be bright and juicy and sweet.

    Not keen on the darker evenings, but we can look forward to spring.

  15. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Lorna. Strawberry runners can soon root all over the place if you don't catch them in time, I speak from experience. Archie isn't allowed off his lead at the allotment, he's bad enough in the garden biting the heads off all my flowers. Cavalier's are such lovely dogs, they have wonderful temperaments.

    I've also seen spring flowers blooming, Jeanne. It seems that everything is confused with the weather we've had this year. It's still unseasonally warm here, we're going to get such a shock when winter does arrive.

    We had some strawberries off the Flamenco this year, Linda, they were indeed bright, juicy and sweet. I'm hoping for a few more next year when they eventually get planted out. I'm looking forward to spring already.


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