Sunday 9 October 2011

The Last Of The Tomatoes

This is the last pickings of the tomatoes for another year. It's very rare that I buy tomatoes from the supermarket, they always disappoint when you're used to the superior taste of home grown, so it will be the best part of another year before I get to taste a tomato again. The Tangellas have been my star tomato this year. They've got a fantastic taste, and I've had a huge harvest from them. The Gardener's Delight grew very leggy, even though they were grown in exactly the same way as the other two varieties. The first tomatoes I harvested from the plants were extremely small, but they did eventually give me some decent sized ones. I was very impressed with San Marzano last year, yet the five shown here are the only tomatoes I have harvested off two plants this year. They developed blossom end rot earlier on in the year, a sign of erratic watering. It was around the time that we took our fortnight's holiday, so I wasn't too concerned, but the plants just haven't produced many tomatoes at all. I shall try a different plum tomato next year, I've already got the seeds.

I had intended to plant lots of daffodil and tulip bulbs at the allotment this autumn ready for cut flowers for the house in spring. I feel like I'm so behind with everything at the moment though so I'm going to leave that for another year. I think it's more important to spend my time getting the allotment in order before winter sets in rather than using the time to plant bulbs. I do feel a little downhearted though, I always mean to be more organised at this time of year yet I never am.

I had made lots of plans for getting jobs done this weekend, but it's been so miserable that we've spent time indoors instead. We had continual drizzle yesterday, certainly not allotmenting weather, and today isn't much better. I think autumn is finally here.


  1. There's nothing to beat home grown tomatoes is there. Shop ones are always picked too early. I was really late with tulips last year and they didn't go in 'till the new year, but they still came up fine.

  2. I have daffodils and tulips in tubs in the garden that just aren't suitable as they just get windswept. Theses were to go to the plot but like you they haven't managed to get there!

  3. I'm looking for a good small-sized red plum tomato to grow next year; any suggestions? I tried Roma once but got results similar to your San Marzano.
    The little "Tropical Ruby" cherry-sized plum tomatoes I grew this year were not so special. The taste was "OK" but nothing to write home about, and the fruit matured very late, by which time blight was rampant and affected most of the fruit.

  4. Our tomatoes are still ripening here but I don't think for much longer. Home grown tastes much better than shop bought, I agree. Shame about planting the bulbs but you can only do so much can't you.
    Love from Mum

  5. I forgot to plant my daffodils last year and remembered in January. They still bloomed in March right on time. Don't fret, there is plenty of time!

  6. Sad to see the last of the Tommies isn't it? Hope your plans for the Lottie go well, I always forget bulbs :-(

  7. I think my tomato plants have only got another week or so in them. Plenty of Gardener's Delights left but very few Moneymakers. I'm trying San Marzano next year as a change from the Roma plums.

  8. The toms are on their last legs here too Jo and like you I'm not looking forward to what the supermarkets have to offer :( Think that I might give up buying toms during the winter. I still have bulbs to plant in the garden never mind the lottie :) The weather has been abysmal for the last week or so. The best laid plans of mice and men ........ !

  9. We had a very rainy weekend in Northern Ireland so I couldn't get much done outside. A dry weekend would be a treat! Your tomatoes look great.

  10. All I can say is its's all right for some! I've planted bulbs right through to the end of the year, and beyond, so there's still plenty of time. Flighty xx

  11. There's nothing to beat the taste of home grown tomatoes straight from the plant, Serendipity. I may have a go at planting some bulbs later when I've caught up with everything else.

    I wanted to get some bulbs planted in to pots in the garden too, Sue, but that plan has fallen by the wayside too. I always consider spring to be a busy time, but I'm still always rushing around in autumn too.

    The only plum tomato I've grown is San Marzano, Mark. They were very good last year so the bad results this year might just be a blip with the odd weather we've encountered, but I'm giving Incas a try next year. It might suit you as it's an outdoor type. I chose it simply because the packet of seeds was reduced to 50p in the Wyevale sale, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs.

    We need another late burst of sunshine to finish ripening your tomatoes, Mum. I always make far too many plans, there's always something which gets put off.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Jenni. Your daffodils were probably glad that they got planted late last year after all the snow that fell. I might get a few bulbs planted a bit later on.

    I hate finishing off the tomatoes, Mo. It always feels like the end of the growing year, though I'm looking forward to trying some new varieties next year.

    I hope you manage to get a few more tomatoes, Suburban Veg Gardener. San Marzano did well for me last year, but not so good this year, hope they do well for you.

    I think we've seen the end of any good weather, Anna, autumn has definitely arrived. It's very rare that I buy tomatoes from the supermarket, they never offer the taste that I crave.

    Let's hope for a better weekend than the one we had last, Kelli. It's so annoying not being able to get the planned jobs done.

    Thanks, Flighty. I think I'll still plant some bulbs if I get all my other jobs done. I really want some in containers for the garden too, they cheer you up no end when the weather's bad and there's splashed of colour to be seen.

  12. I'm always so unorganised Jo so I know exactly what you mean. I have a pile of bulbs to go in the ground and in pots so I had better get a move on!

    The last of your tomatoes look great. The Tangella came good in the end and we harvested quite a few fruit. They were delicious so thank you for those seeds.

    Have a great week.


  13. Dear Jo, Your tomatoes look so much better than mine which were drowned in the torrential rain we experienced in PA last month. The contrast in the English weather that occurred from one weekend to the next was amazing: from heatwave to deep chill. I packed totally the wrong clothes for my trip. P. x

  14. You're more organised than me, Jeanne, I haven't even bought any bulbs yet. Glad to hear that you managed to harvest some Tangella tomatoes, they did really well for me again this year.

    You've had some terrible weather over there just recently, Pam. You would have had to pack an all seasons wardrobe for the weather we've experienced recently. I think we've seen the last of the sun though now.


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