Friday 1 July 2011

Tasty Lunches

At last, my spring onions are ready. I've been enjoying them in sandwiches with cheese all week, though they can also be used in cooking as well as being eaten raw. I grow spring onions in a container rather than at the allotment, they seem to do better this way. These are White Lisbon, a variety which I usually grow as they've always grown well for me. There's plenty more where these came from, though I've fallen down on my successional sowing again. I'll get some more sown this weekend for a late summer harvest.

The cherries are ripening well now, I picked a bowl full today and there's still plenty more on the tree. I know it's not loads by some standards, but the tree is only small so I'm more than happy with this year's crop.

I've just noticed the first tomatoes on the plants. I'm growing Tangella, San Marzano and Gardener's Delight, and the first ones are on the Tangella. They weren't there last time I looked, there's always something new to discover when gardening.


  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    They look good, I think that I'll try growing them in a container next year!
    I've got fruit forming on my tomatoes as well. Flighty xx

  2. Those onions look like perfect examples. Your picture looks good enough for an advert in a foodie magazine.

  3. We were a bit late sowing our spring onions and our cherries are a later ripening variety so I'll just have to enjoy yours.

  4. Hi Jo!
    Thanks for your comment! All is well, just been busy in my vegetable garden amongst a few other things!
    Your spring onions are beauties! they look so freash and atsy - not usre mine are quite the size of yours yet but i will check tomorrow, pull a few up to look.
    Congrats on your first little tomoatoes apperaing - i have only flowers still, but i have noticed lots of cute little baby french beans, quite a few broad beans not too far off, and a little chilli pepper!
    It is satisfying eating what youve grown.
    We had our first peas in a fish pie tonight - not even enough for a meal but in the pie they were perfect.
    Must catch up now on your older posts - have had a complete break from blogging to concentrate on other things.
    Bet you're glad Daniels exams finally over - as is he I'm sure!!!
    Gill xx

  5. So sorry Jo, that should be fresh and tasty!!!!I type quickly and inaccurately and forget to check!

  6. Thanks for your comment Jo - it would have been nice to have gone away but the new job happened!
    Proms arent really a boys thing I guess - I dont think there were many at Bella's.
    What are you sowing for winter already? (What should I be doing now I panic!)
    Spotted the first little baby tomato at last this morning - next year i must sow earlier, i wonder if they will ever get big enough and ripen this season!And not a sweet pepper in sight yet!
    Have a great weekend Jo
    Gill xx

  7. I haven't grown spring onions for the past couple of years, no-one seemed to eat them when I last grew them, but I keep needing to buy them from the supermarket so your post is a timely reminder that there's (just) still time! Yours do look nice, I must say!

  8. They do look perfect don't they!

    Ours are a bit, weak, limp, lifeless at the moment.

    Fingers crossed they pick up a bit.

    Martin :)

  9. Mmmmm - your spring onions look delicious Jo - hope that you are still enjoying them. You are not alone in falling down on successional sowing :)

  10. Your spring onions look perfect as do your cherries (pervious post). Love the container grown carrots. I can't wait to harvest carrots! We're forecast a week of rain in Ireland, hope your weather is better.

  11. I've always had more success sowing my spring onions in a container rather than the ground, Flighty. They're much cleaner too.

    Thank you very much, Mark. They taste good as well as look good.

    You'll still be eating yours when mine have all gone, Sue. It's nice to still have all yours to look forward to.

    It's funny how everything grows at different rates, Gill. My beans are weeks off yet, though I should be picking my first peas this week. Daniel's glad the exams are over, same as me. I shall mention my winter crops in my next post, I'm hoping to have more to harvest this winter than I have in previous years.

    I always grow spring onions, Caro. In fact, some years I've grown too many but my dad is a lover of them too so there's always someone who will eat them.

    I'm sure your spring onions will pick up, Martin. It's amazing how something the size of a blade of grass bulks up so much.

    There's still plenty of spring onions left yet, Anna. I'm hoping I can get another batch to grow quick enough to have some more this year. I must do better with successional sowing next year, though I say that every year.

    Thanks, Kelli. It's lovely and sunny here at the moment, though I haven't seen a weather forcast so that could easily change. The carrots were lovely and I've still got more to harvest yet.

  12. Lovely blog, I am a fan of gardening myself but your blog is truly impressing :). Kisses.

  13. Thank you for visiting, and for your lovely comment, Unikorna. I hope you'll visit again.

  14. I have grown spring onions in containers this year and i am really pleased with them....they have never done very well for me directly in the ground. I have just started to notice tomatoes on the plants I have planted outside which i am very excited about!!

  15. I always grow my spring onions in containers, Tanya. Glad they worked out well for you this way too.


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