Monday, 11 July 2011


There's some lovely fat pods on the pea plants now, so we picked a batch at the weekend ready for tonight's meal. There's  more pods just starting to swell, and a second sowing which is a little way behind, so plenty more to come yet. I've also eaten my fair share popped straight from the pod and in to my mouth, the best way to eat them in my opinion. I never grow many peas as there's really only me who eats them. The rest of the family will have a token few on their plates, but they're usually still there at the end of the meal. As I only grow a small amount, I'm able to net them. This prevents the pea moth from laying her eggs in the flowers which results in maggots inside the pods, urghhh.

The sweetcorn has finally been planted out. It's taken all this time to dig a bed ready for them, I really must be more organised next year, though I say that every year. I don't know if it's too late for them now, but at least they've got a chance of growing, they wouldn't have had any chance left in their pots.

I've just pulled up more of the stumpy carrots to have with our meal tonight. I'm really pleased with them, one container will give all four of us four or five servings each. They're ideal to use whilst waiting for the ones at the allotment to be ready, so well worth growing.


  1. Fresh from the pod peas are lovely, I grow some but not an awful lot - they never even make it to the steamer for meals! Best way to have them I agree.

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    Hi Jo,
    Those peas look delicious, looking at them makes me wish ours were ready but they are not quite there yet. I haven't heard of the pea moth, I will be inspecting all pea pods from now on! The stumpy carrots definately sound worth a try next time.
    I think I will have to start making notes when I read your blog from now on!

  3. I agree with you on the fact that peas taste best eaten straight off the plant. If they are harvested young they don't need any cooking.

  4. Jo those peas look wonderful, and you have so many ready at the same time!
    We've had a few but I've had to put them in other dishes (like a fish pie!) as there have neverbeen eough ready at the same time yet for use as a veg!
    Good luck with your sweetcorn - only put mine in a few weeks ago and it has made great strides, already the silks are there. So Im sure yours will take off quickly.
    Gill xx

  5. Definately the best way to eat them!! We are still waiting on our peas and even on the broad beans - can't wait!

  6. That is cruel showing those lovely peas!

  7. We were able to have some peas from the allotment on Sunday, my brother claimed "they actually taste like peas"! High praise indeed!! they really are lovely fresh.

  8. Dear Jo, Your peas look wonderful! Mine are really good this year, too. My husband eats them right from the plant. P. x

  9. My peas haven't done too well this year and I am seriously thinking about sowing some more....I know they would say it's too late but I have come to terms with the fact that there is no exact science to gardening and I should just do what I think will work!!

    Glad you finally got your sweetcorn in....I am really pleased with mine this year....mind you it's been in the ground quite a while now!!

  10. Thanks, Martin. They were very tasty, another one to grow again.

    I do love them raw, Dawn, but these were very tasty with our meal last night. Can't wait to have them again.

    You'll have your's to enjoy when mine have all gone, Bluebell. I believe that some years are worse than others for the pea moth. I hate finding creepy crawlies in anything so I always make sure I net my peas. I've just sown some more stumpy carrots. I hope they'll have enough time left to grow.

    Home grown peas are like anything else home grown, Mark, much better than anything you can buy in a supermarket. These were lovely cooked, another variety I'll be growing again.

    I'm sure your home grown peas will have added something to your fish pie, Gill. I had plenty left over from this batch after last night's meal so peas will be on the menu again this week. I do hope my sweetcorn will grow. I gave each plant some home made compost as I planted them out, so I hope that helps them along.

    I'm sure they'll be worth the wait, Rosie. I've never grown broad beans. I remember I didn't like them when I was a child, perhaps it's time to try them again.

    I did think about you when I was writing the post if that's any consolation, Sue. I hope your second sowing do better for you.

    Thanks for visiting, Urban Eden Boutique. It's funny how different things taste when they're fresh from the plot that day. Another thing you can really taste the difference with is sweetcorn. Glad your brother enjoyed the peas.

    Glad to hear that your peas are doing well this year too, Pam. I agree with your husband, raw peas are delicious when they're eaten raw straight after picking.

    Sorry to hear about your peas, Tanya. I agree with you, I would put some more in now, at least then you've got a chance of getting some this year, they won't grow if they're still in the packet. It sounds like you will have some delicious sweetcorn though, that will definitely make up for the peas.

  11. Lovely looking peas! Our sweetcorn is dallying a bit...

  12. I really wish we'd got round to planting some peas, they look great! Our sweetcorn is doing really well at the moment tho.. fingers crossed!

  13. We had our own peas for tea last night Jo - most delicious. I grew Kelvedon Wonder this year - what variety did you go for? What amazes me is the number of pods you need to pick for one meal. I really must be more organised for next year". Now where I have heard those words before :)

  14. AnonymousJuly 13, 2011

    The peas look good, they're not something I grow! Fingers crossed for the sweetcorn.
    I'm determined to grow some decent carrots next year! Flighty xx

  15. Peas look great. I had the best fresh pea salad at a garden centre. It had uncooked pea pods, herbs, cooked potatoes, goat's cheese, dried tomatoes, etc. Must have had some sort of mayo sauce. It was devine and it was the peas that made it.

  16. I've done the opposite to you Jo! My sweetcorn went in but I didn't get round to the peas... I've now sown some peas about a week ago as I read somewhere that July is not too late for these (Sugar Snap). It will be interesting to see how your sweetcorn grow (could you let us know for future reference? I'm bound to still be disorganised next year!)

  17. Thanks, Mo. The peas taste really good too. I'll keep my fingers crossed that both our sweetcorn does ok.

    This is the best I've ever done with peas, Paul. I even got round to making a second sowing. Your sweetcorn looks really good, hope it does well for you.

    I've grown Hurst Green Shaft this year, Anna, and I'm really impressed with them. They're on the list again for next year. You get plenty of peas in the pods too.

    I've got my fingers crossed for carrots from the allotment this year, Flighty. I've got plenty of top growth on them, I just hope they're doing as well underground.

    The salad sounds delicious, Kelli. I never think of adding peas to a salad but they're so delicious raw that I'm sure they'd be very tasty eaten that way.

    I'll definitely let you know about the sweetcorn, Caro. I'm really hoping that it does ok as I was without any last year and didn't want the same to happen again this year, it's so delicious when home grown.


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