Sunday 6 February 2011

Rhubarb Shoots

I noticed today that my rhubarb is starting to shoot. This will be the third year that I've had this particular rhubarb crown and it's been in a container all it's life. Each year I've intended planting it at the allotment, but still haven't got round to it. I'll have to make more of an effort this year.

We had some terrible winds here on Friday, so much so that two of the ridge tiles on the extension roof have come loose, and half of my greenhouse blew away. I've arranged for a roofer to come and sort the tiles out on Wednesday, and the greenhouse is now back in one piece. It's glazed with polycarbonate, so there was no breakages, but I found the door and two side panels in our garden, and one of the roof panels in our next door neighbour's garden.

The everbearing strawberries which I potted up last month are looking very healthy and have started to put on some new growth. I just need some decent weather now to get a new bed prepared for them, though there's none forcast for the next few days, it's supposed to be very wet.


  1. I hope the weather dries up and the damage wasn't too bad.

    If its any consoluation I grew some rhubarb from seed several years ago and only in October planted it in the garden! Its coming along - nicely!

  2. The weather has been absolutely horrendous here too!!! Very strong winds rain lashing at you!!! Not ideal weather for gardening...lovely to see the garden coming back to life makes you realise that spring isn't far away!!

  3. So cool, new shots are always exciting! My strawberry got a bit down because I change it to a new pot, but I hope it will resist and start growing soon.
    Hope weather treats you nice

  4. beautiful shoots... a definite sign of life. Hope rhubarb gets in lottie soon...

  5. It looks very happy in its pot! Hope your winds die down soon.

  6. Northern Ireland had rain and strong wind on Friday as well. Your photo enticed me to look at the status of my rhubarb, & it has wee red shoots like your photo. Its a nice feeling seeing it begin to sprout. I'm thinking about forcing mine this year; haven't tried that before. All the best, Kelli.

  7. Noticed ours is coming through so I've covered it with a bucket to see if we can get some early forced stalks.

  8. I forgot to look for my rhubarb when I was last on the plot, so reading this has reminded me to do so when I'm next there. Flighty xx

  9. It was scary wasn't it? Just our old bird table suffered damage in the garden and we haven't been to check the plot but a tree outside my sister's back fence scared her so much that she daren't go to bed.

    Our rhubarb is shooting too - soon be able to have a crumble :D

  10. Has your rhubarb pot been kept indoors, or undercover? My rhubarb is in the open ground, and there is no sign of it just yet.
    I'm in Cambridge today, and the weather here is pretty rough too.

  11. Glad you didn't have too much damage from the wind and hopefully your roof repairs won't be too expensive. I am thinking that at the end of autumn this year I will maybe check to see what need repairing before the wind least it's a nice thought to be so prepared but it probably won't happen

    I've yet to venture to the plot to see if there was any damagel

  12. Dear Jo, My rhubarb is under a foot or more of snow still. Your shoots give me hope that spring WILL arrive ... first in your garden; then in mine. P x

  13. Rhubarb shoots look very pretty. I was thinking of growing one plant, but I have never tasted it and i wouldn't know what to do with it...
    But I do love it for the looks.

  14. Glad to hear that your rhubarb is doing well, Orkneyflowers. I've never thought to grow rhubarb from seed.

    I wish spring would hurry up, Nellilou, the winds are getting up again here.

    I'm sure your strawberry will be fine, fer. They can sometimes sulk for a while when they're repotted but they pick up again in time.

    Rhubarb can look quite dead until it starts shooting again, Bangchik. I must make sure that I make time to get it in the lottie this year.

    I was quite surprised at how well rhubarb grows in a container, Su. The winds are back today, I hope it doesn't cause any more damage.

    I've never forced rhubarb, Kelli, but I know it's supposed to have a lovely taste. You should cover it now if there's signs of buds.

    There'll be rhubarb on the menu in no time, Damo.

    I'm sure you'll see some growth from you rhubarb, Flighty. You're always ahead of me with you being further south.

    I was terrified, Sue. Five fence panels at my mum and dad's were blown out and completely destroyed. There's lots of houses with tile damage. The wind's getting up again today, I hope it doesn't get any worse.

    The rhubarb's been kept outdoors, Mark. It's had all the weather thrown at it but it doesn't seem to mind.

    It would be good to have a check up in autumn, Tanya, but there's always something that you forget about or which would work loose with wind even if you're prepared. I don't know yet how much the repairs will cost, I hope it's not too much.

    I'm sure your rhubarb is just waiting for the snow to clear and then you'll find some buds, Pam. Meanwhile, enjoy the lovely snow scenes from your garden room.

    You should definitely grow some rhubarb, Ana. You can make pies and crumbles and even jam.

  15. Violent winds here again - I'm sure I felt the roof lift!!

  16. Ah, rhubarb and strawberries - fantastic! A great year's growing is ahead I think...

  17. The wind was bad again on Monday, Sue. It's been glorious today though.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, Amy. I love this time of year when everyone's looking ahead.

  18. Im also tempted to set seed, but I will resist the urge, it is a bit early. This year I have to fashion some protection for my seedlings once they get out of the ground, or the pigeons and mice will have a field day again, still that's nature. Happy gardening and thank you for your comment on my blog.

  19. Yes indeed dreadful winds Jo - I was down in East Anglia at the time and it fair blew a gale. Glad to hear that you have put the greenhouse back together and no permanent damage done. Always exciting to see rhubarb unfurl - crumble here we come :)

  20. You're welcome, James. I've lost my purple sprouting broccoli to pigeons this year. I'll make sure that I net it next time, you live and learn.

    I'm pleased that we don't get those strong winds too often, Anna. Crumble is my favourite.


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