Saturday 26 February 2011

Kent Blue

The generosity of bloggers will never cease to amaze me. Today I received some seeds for Kent Blue mangetout peas from Kath at Vegetable Heaven. Hubby had mentioned recently that he'd like me to have a go at some mangetout this year, and after the description of these on Kath's blog they sounded perfect. The flowers are a bicolour purple which fade to blue, and the pods are produced in abundance. I shall ensure that I save some seeds so that I can grow them again in future years. Many thanks, Kath.

I popped in to Wilkinsons today and noticed that they'd got quite a few dahlia tubers in. I took a fancy to one named Arabian Night, a burgundy colour, so that came home with me. I grew a few dahlias from seed last year and intend to do the same again this year, though I'd like a few more this time.

The sun is out at the moment but the rain through the night and earlier today has meant that getting anything done on the allotment is out of the question. Perhaps I'll do some more seed sowing instead.


  1. Dear Jo, It is indeed wonderful how garden bloggers look out for each other. I look forward to seeing the peas in bloom. P x

  2. Brilliant! The friendship and kindness of others always warms me.
    For once I'm out doors - sunny here - quick cuppa and back out again :) enjoy the seed sowing!

  3. We ended up stuck in the shed while the rain poured this afternoon! Luckily it didn't last too long.

  4. Gardeners are a generous lot! I'm going to try some mangetout this year, though I'm not sure mine will be as stunning as yours sounds. Good luck with your dahlias - I've still not ordered mine.

  5. We had a massive hail-storm here today, which reminded me that I ought to leave it a bit longer before attempting to sow peas... Better get round to erecting some support for them.

  6. Good luck with the mange tout...I can't wait to see how they turn out and what your taste verdict is on them. I'm going to sow seeds this week least that's the plan!

  7. Bloggers are indeed lovely folk. My dahlias have sadly not overwintered and I threw away their slushy remains yesterday. May well be following you to Wilkos Jo to replace my 'Arabian Night'. Am also sowing' Bishops Children' this year.

  8. Glad they arrived ok. I'm sure you'll love them!

  9. Yes, blog friends are lovely people!
    It's rained here most of the weekend! Flighty xx

  10. That was really nice of Vegetable Heaven. It's great to hear. By the way, northern ireland had hail stone showers today, couldn't believe it!

  11. Hi Jo, I'm a friend of Flummery (Veg Heaven) and I see you've got some of her Kent Blue's.

    I have spare seeds of a couple of other Heritage varieties, both very prolific, one with purple pods = Stephens and Robinson. It would be a shame if they weren't grown, so if you'd like some there is an "email" link on my Blogger profile page.

  12. I love this world of garden bloggers! Those mangetout do sound amazing. I like seeing new 'friends' pop up in comments on posts I'm reading, it's like we're having mini conversations on multiple topics! Hello everyone up there! :)

  13. I shall ensure that I blog about my progress with the seed, Pam. Perhaps by saving seed I will be able to pass some on to more people too.

    You can't waste the sunshine, Fay. Hope you made the most of it.

    I'm wondering when we're going to be able to get some gardening in, Sue. There's no let up to the rain at the moment.

    It will be the first year I've tried mangetout, Janet. This variety does sound rather nice.

    The weather's very unpredictable at the moment, Mark. I wouldn't guarantee that we've seen the last of the snow either after waking up to a covering of the stuff last week.

    It's very rare that I've actually eaten mangetout, Tanya, but hubby fancied some so I thought I would definitely give them a go as he's not the worlds best veggie eater. If he's actually asking for something then I'd better grow it. This does sound like a lovely variety too.

    I like Bishops Children too, Anna. I've heard of many people losing their Dahlias this year. It seems even digging them up and storing them in a shed or garage has still been too cold for them. On the plus side, you get to go shopping for more.

    Thanks again, Kath. I'm really looking forward to growing them.

    I've been amazed at how lovely the people in blogland really are, Flighty. It's a miserable day again here today, I think it's a case of finding things to do indoors in this type of weather.

    Northern Ireland has been hit really bad this winter, Kelli. Let's hope that all this bad weather has killed off all the bugs and you get a pest free gardening year, that would be nice.

    Thank you very much, Bilbo. Another case of a generous blogger. I have dropped you an email.

    Thank you for visiting, Mrs Bok. You do get to know many of the same bloggers and read the same posts. I shall be popping over to your blog when I get a minute.

  14. Jo, thanks for your email. I forgot to say, neither of the peas I'm sending you are true mange tout BUT both can be picked and eaten young - last year it was quite a struggle to get any into the kitchen, we used to stand in the garden munching them! The purple one (Stephens) is doubly wonderful because it keeps the pod colour on cooking.

    I do have a couple of additional packets if anyone else could be tempted!

  15. It's lovely to hear about the generosity of others. Good luck with the peas.

  16. Hope you enjoy your peas and Arabian Night dahlias are my faves. the deep colour is so rich.

  17. Thanks, Bilbo. The purple ones sound particularly interesting, they'll certainly brighten up our plates.

    I've found the blogging community to be very generous, Mo. I've come across some very warm hearted people since I started my blog.

    I love the deep coloured dahlias, Plotkeeper. I'm going to pick up a few more as I stumble across ones which take my eye.


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