Monday 4 October 2010

Saving Seeds

This is my first attempt at saving seeds, and I'm doing it out of necessity. This year I have grown a variety of tomato called Tangella. It's a medium sized orange tomato and I'm so pleased with it's taste that I want to grow it again next year. The seeds were kindly given to me and until a couple of days ago, I couldn't find anywhere which sold the seed so I decided to save some myself. I followed the instructions from Matron's 17th September post on her Down On The Allotment blog, and at the moment the seeds are drying out on a saucer. I had mentioned on UK Veg Gardeners that I couldn't find anywhere which sold this seed and I was supplied with the web address for a site called Tomatopedia. It's well worth a look as it sells so many different types of tomato, including Tangella.

Last Christmas, I was bought The Allotment Gardener's Cookbook. I've used it this year and found it really useful. The recipes are divided in to chapters according to which veg is used, but I would now like a cookbook where the recipes are divided in to monthly chapters according to what's in season. I'd be really pleased if anyone could give me any recommendations.

It's a beautiful day today, so different from the weather we had yesterday, I'm sure my allotment must be under a foot of water now after all the rain we had. I had hoped to get to the allotment to pick some more beans, they're still producing really well, but I'll have to go today instead.


  1. I saved seeds from a tomato I grew on my allotment about 3 years ago, called Histon Cropper, as I couldn't find them for sale again either. I planted some of the saved seeds this year, not expecting them to do anything, and I've had loads of fruit!


  2. Wonderful, I'm an avid seed saver especially tomatoes - they are always very successful for us.


  3. It's been nice enough for me to sit in the garden cleaning off our onions.

  4. It's always a good idea to save seed, especially for unusual or unknown varieties.
    If that's the Reader's Digest cookbook then it's the one I got last year as well. I'm not much of a cook but I've had a go at a few of the receipes!
    It's been mostly wet here since Saturday so I've not even ventured to the plot. Flighty xx

  5. I am a convinced and dedicated tomato seed saver! Welcome to the club.

    I like Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook - it's divided into months and you can cook with what's available in your garden. I've tried some recipes and they are sensible and easy to follow (and don't contain dozens of ingredients you haven't got!)

  6. hey Jo...I have 'The great allotment cookbook'...I love it and purchased it from has some handy tips...lovely recipes and has four for each season and the recipes to follow...check it out!! I was going to put you a link in but I don't know how so just go to amazon and type the title it should be the first book up but they don't have many left in stock.

  7. Sarah Raven gets my vote too! An excellent book which has lovely pictures as well as more fantastic recipes than I'm likely to ever try.

  8. Glad that you have found a source for Tangella seeds Jo. Don't know if you know that the Fennel and Fern website are offering their readers discount with Tomatopedia but you do have spend at least £20 to qualify. Another vote here for Sarah Raven's 'Garden Cookbook'.

  9. hope they grow again for you Jo. i know how pleased you've been with this year's offerings :)

  10. Jo, I haven't done much seed saving in the past ... just a few annuals. You inspire me to do more. Pam x

  11. It's amazing how long seed lasts, Su. It's good to be able to save seed when there's little hope of finding it for sale again.

    I'd like to get in to saving seed more, Dawn. I hope the seeds I've saved grow as it will save me some pennies.

    It's nice to be able to still sit out in the garden in October, Green Lane Allotments. We're forcast some good weather this weekend again, I hope they've got it right.

    It is the Reader's Digest cookbook, Flighty. Have you tried the recipe for cheesy beans? Delicious. I haven't been to the plot this week either, I'm hoping to put some time in over the weekend.

    Thanks for the recommendation, Vegetable Heaven. I'll have a look at Sarah Raven's book, it sounds like what I'm after. I like recipes which have few ingredients so it should fit the bill well.

    I'll have a look at that, Tanya. I've found it on Amazon but I'd like to look through it in a 'proper' bookshop. The price is good.

    Thanks, Amy. It's good to get a few recommendations for the same book, not everyone can be wrong.

    I didn't know that Fennel and Fern are offering their readers a discount, Anna, so thanks for that. I don't know if I will spend over £20 though, but it might help someone.

    I've been really pleased with them, Steph. That's the worry when you save your own seed, wondering if they're going to grow for you. I know that I can always fall back on Tomatopedia though now.

    I should really do more seed saving too, Pam. It's been so easy to save the tomato seed that if they grow, I'll definitely do that again.


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