Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Fast Runners

The pace at which my runner beans are growing are competing with the weeds. I picked the first lot last week and I've been harvesting most days since. They seem to grow overnight. Either that, or my eyesight isn't what it was and I'm missing lots as I pick over them. I've grown them up a wigwam structure, two plants to each cane, and this has worked well.

I'm still picking dwarf French beans, but these are slowing down now, and the climbing beans are ready to take over. Again, these have been grown up a wigwam structure. Another few days and I should get my first harvest.

Our allotment association is hosting it's flower and vegetable show next weekend. I'm not entering anything, but I will go and have a look at everyone else's lovely produce. Maybe next year I will have the confidence to show some of my own.

I've been in work for the last three days, so had planned to go and put some hard work in on the allotment today. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and I was confined to home. Fingers crossed that we get some decent weather in the next couple of days otherwise I won't be able to see the ground for weeds, they're that bad.


  1. look at you and your trug! nice beans :) i haven't got time for my allotment til the weekend so i hope things are ok down there. i'm giving up on the toms in the shed.

  2. Very nice runner beans Jo. Such a shame you can't get down to the allotment because of the rain - its the complete opposite here in East Anglia, very dry and it warms up during the day although mornings are cool. Still watering the garden like mad but the allotment is suffering due to work commitments here too.

  3. I have runners come out of my ears..this is a good thing though as it means I will have plenty to freeze so I hopefully won't run out before more are ready next year.. :-)

  4. Fine looking beans Jo. Here I am drowning in a surfeit of French beans - both dwarf and climbing :)

  5. I'll have you know that I've got a few trugs of different sizes, Steph. I'm filling more than one with beans on each trip at the moment.

    It's hard at this time of year to fit everything in, Jeanne. My allotment is suffering due to lack of time too.

    I wish I had a bigger freezer, Tanya. I can freeze small amounts but not enough to see me through the winter.

    Thanks, Anna. My dwarf French beans have finished now, but the climing ones have just started.


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