Sunday, 16 August 2009

Aubergine Harvest

I returned from my two week holiday yesterday to find my aubergine plant overflowing with fruit. My dad, who was looking after my greenhouse whilst I was away, had already picked up one aubergine which had dropped off the plant, but these three were waiting for me on my return. There are lots more flowers on the plant too, so I should get some more. I have tried to grow aubergines for the past two years and have failed miserably, not even getting the plants to flower, so I'm really pleased that I've been more successful this year.

We spent the first week of our holidays in Cornwall, and it was lovely. We had a couple of days where it rained, but we found things to do, and overall we had good weather. The second week was spent in Devon, but unfortunately my daughter got a stomach upset and just as she was getting better, my son caught it, so we were only out and about for the last two days of the week. We enjoyed our time away though, it's nice to have a break.

The tomatoes are now starting to ripen and I have picked about a dozen off the plants so far, but there are lots more which are no longer green but need a little more time to ripen fully.

The courgette plant which was showing signs of powdery mildew before we went away is now well and truly past it. I still have another plant at the allotment so I hope I get some more courgettes from that.

After moving the pepper plant outdoors from the greenhouse it has produced lots more peppers and there are some fully grown ones now on the plant. I'm going to leave them on there longer in the hope that they'll turn from green to orange or red. We just need the sun to shine a bit more for that to happen.


  1. Glad you had a good holiday,shame about the stomach bug it is miserable being ill away from your own bed. the aubergines are looking good, I only have four decent ones (and a few tiddlers) but I am growing outside for the first time so I'm quite pleased. Not quite sure how to tell when they are ready though any ideas?

  2. Hi Jo and welcome back. I guessed you'd been away but now you are home I can post some of the goodies I've promised you. I lost both of my Courgette plants to snails so you have my sympathy. But those Aubs look almost too good to eat. :D

    G x

  3. Well its lovely to have you back and congrates on your aubergine, mine are still non-exsistent but the one plant I gave to my neighbour has four young fruit on it and his plant is a monster. Oh the injustice of it all.

    Have you been to the lotty yet?

  4. Aubergines! Cripes - well done!

  5. Welcome back Jo - glad you had a good holiday - what a shame about the tummy bugs though ...

    Your aubergines are fantastic - good luck with the pepper plants. We have some in the greenhouse which have taken off and my tomatoes at home have been consistently cropping for a few weeks now.

    Glad to hear the weather in Cornwall was good to you!

  6. Hi Jo...good to have you back...and very happy that you had lots of produce ready for your return!!!

    I am going to try growing aubergines next year...not even sure if I like them but thought I would give it a go when I saw the seeds on sale in the shop!!!

    Get some pics. of the allotment up soon!!!

  7. Your aubergine is lovely. Like a colorful still-life. I recently got two flowers on the Thai eggplant I've been attempting to grow in a container. I'm still hoping for fruit!

  8. Those aubergines look wonderful, they'd make agreat mousaka

  9. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your holiday illness aside. We went to Devon last year and the year before - a lovely part of the world although it rains a lot :) I have an aubergine plant in the greenhouse at the lottie but the aubergines are too small to pick yet. Congratulations on your healthy crop :)

  10. glad u had a nice time away. well done on your successful aubergines - they look amazing! mine got attacked by slugs :( hoping the next batch ripening will not get so badly affected. blooming pests! sorry to hear about your courgettes - want some of mine?! i have way too many :P

  11. Aubergines are ready to pick whilst they are still glossy, Allot Of Veg. As they go over they lose their gloss and start to taste bitter.

    I received the goodies, Georgie. Thank you very much. You'll have to give the courgettes another try next year, and watch out for those pesky snails.

    Oh, that's Sod's law, Kella. Yes, I've been to the lottie. I will give updates in my next post.

    Thanks, Simon. I have to say, I surprised myself after failing with them for the last two years.

    My tomatoes have only just started to ripen, Jeanne. There's lots on the plants though in varying stages of ripeness.

    The allotment is full of weeds, Allotments4You. Pictures would be too shocking.

    Good luck with your eggplant, Avis. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Thanks, Re. I'm rather pleased with them myself.

    This was my first time to Devon or Cornwall, Anna, but I really liked both places. I'm sure we'll go back as we didn't get to do half the things we wanted to in Devon with the kids being poorly.

    Thanks, Steph. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get some aubergines without any slug damage. I'm watching your blog to see what you do with all your courgettes.

  12. Your aubergines look grand - perfect specimens! Which variety are they? Perhaps I shouldn't ask though... I had a binge and I've already accumulated eight varieties to try next year...

  13. The aubergines were Black Beauty, Frugilegus. I expected them to be alot, well, blacker. They look nothing like the picture on the packet. 8 varieties? One variety has given me enough trouble!

  14. Devon and Cornwall! How lucky. Did you by any chance indulge in Devon Clotted Cream? Love the stuff. Unfortunatly it does not travel at all well and the stuff we can get in bottles over here just isn't right. One more reason we will have to come back to visit the UK someday. Your aubergines look nummy. A friends Mom used to cook them with Spagetti when I was a kid, good memories. Hope the kiddies are ok.

  15. I've never been to Devon or Cornwall before, Kat, but they're both lovely places. I would like to go back again, especially Devon as we didn't do much whilst the kids were poorly. There both fine now, thank you for asking. I'm afraid I don't like clotted cream, so didn't indulge, but I brought back some clotted cream fudge for my mum as she loves it.


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