Monday, 17 September 2012

It's A Start

The late sowing of runner beans is starting to produce at last. This might seem a small harvest, but it's very welcome after the poor year we've had, and they'll go down very well with the roast chicken dinner I'm cooking tonight. I had decided not to grow runner beans this year, opting instead for French beans, but things didn't go to plan when just about everything got munched by slugs at the start of the season. In the end, I decided that I'd sow some runner beans after all, other people have had lots of success with them in the rainy weather we've had. They were sown very late and I didn't know if I'd manage a harvest from them at all before the weather turned, but providing the weather stays on an even keel for a little longer, there should be plenty more to come. The plants are literally dripping with lots of tiny beans. It isn't only the runner beans either, at the same time as these beans were sown, I decided to give French beans one last try this year, and although I haven't harvested anything from those plants as yet, there's plenty of beans growing.

The tomatoes have had a reprieve. I was all for taking the green fruit off the plants at the weekend and having a go at ripening them indoors, but more of the tomatoes on the Gardener's Delight plant in the greenhouse are now starting to colour up, as are a couple of the tomatoes on the Tigerella plant outdoors. I shall see what happens this week and if not much progress is made, I'll remove them at the weekend.

Hubby has spent some time at the allotment this weekend clearing beds and digging the ground ready for winter. We always seem to fall behind at this time of year, the bad weather creeps up on us before we know it, and then we're always behind when spring arrives. It would be nice to get ahead of the game this time.


  1. I know how you feel about 'falling behind'.

    Anyway those runners are a good sign that things are still growing! We have a later sowing of runner beans which are just starting to produce too. Certainly helps to prolong the growing season!

  2. Glad you're getting some beans at last. I know what you mean about feeling behind. After a weekend of family staying and then 2 days out this weekend in London I'm starting to feel like there's so much to do and not enough time to do it in. I think Wellyman is getting sick of me saying 'how do other people find the time to do so much?' Hoping for a dry weekend so I can get out then.

  3. Thankfully something is growing!

    Jan @ Door251

  4. I bet you're glad you persevered. Those Runners look great. I hope you get plenty more. We ARE going to get a nice warm Autumn, aren't we??

  5. Yaaaaaaaaaay! I'm sure that those beans will go down well with your roast Jo.

  6. Glad that the beans have come good in the end. At least slugs shouldn't bother climbing all the way up to the top of the runners!

  7. I bet there are a lot more beans hiding amongst the leaves.

  8. My runner bean situation is just the same as yours - my late sowings are finally producing - whew - just hope they get a move on before we get any frosts.

  9. Glad you finally got some beans Jo...I am still waiting for tomatoes..not only are they still very green there aren't even that many fruits on the plants.

    I am hoping to get some digging done ready for winter before it gets too cold to.

  10. Well done with the runner beans, you know of course how I fared!
    Fingers crossed for the tomatoes.
    Good weather at this time of year really does make a difference doesn't it. Flighty xx

  11. I'm so pleased I've managed to get some beans to grow this year, Martin. Who knows, they may go on producing for a while yet.

    I've never been on top of the winter dig yet, Wellywoman, it's always left for spring, even after I've promised myself that it'll get done before winter. Let's hope we can both manage it this year.

    It would have been a very poor year without any beans, Jan.

    We definitely are, Mark. Positive thinking, and all that. The runners are nice and young, just how I like them.

    The runners went down very well with my roast, Anna. I've missed them this year.

    It was definitely worth doing a late sowing, Sue. I'm hoping for a mild autumn now, then they may go on producing for a while.

    That's always the case, John. There's usually one or two which grow to massive proportions because they've been missed.

    Glad to hear your beans have come good too, Elaine. It was worth doing a late sowing.

    I've noticed that about the tomatoes this year too, Tanya, so few tomatoes on each plant. Let's hope we're all back to normal next year.

    I'm glad we've had some good weather this year, Flighty, even if it's at the back end of the growing season. At least it's giving me a late harvest.

  12. Really pleased you got some beans. I tried growing runner beans last year and didn't get a single one - not sure if I sowed them too late or if they jsut didn't like it here. The variety I sowed are supposedly perenial so I am now waiting to see if they reappear this year.

  13. Lovely beans. Soon we will be clearing leaves from the garden as well! I'm not ready!

  14. It will be interesting to see if your beans come again, Liz. I've never heard of perennial runner beans.

    I noticed a few leaves in the garden the other day, Kelli. I don't think it will be long before the trees are all bare again.


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