Thursday 24 May 2012

It's Not Looking Promising

After last year's fantastic cherry harvest, I was hoping for more of the same this year. The blossom's been and gone, and what's set doesn't look very promising, certainly nothing like last year. It's only a small tree so it's not too difficult to throw some netting over it, which I shall definitely have to do if I don't want to share the few cherries there are with the birds. It's just a case of waiting for them to ripen now.

We've finally got round to planting out the peas - Hurst Green Shaft and mangetout - Reuzensuiker. They've been languishing in the greenhouse since the end of March, so they look a little worse for wear, but I'm sure they'll soon pick up now that they've got their feet in some soil. The next things which will be turfed out will be the French beans. I'm hoping that they'll be in the ground within the next couple of days.

The allotment is in a bit of a state to say the least. Although many things I've wanted to grow have been held back by the weather, this isn't so with the weeds which have grown astonishingly well. I can see we've got out work cut out this year to bring everything back under control.


  1. We've disappointingly few cherries compared with the amount of blossom the tree had in spring.

    It's a full time job keeping up with the weeds on the plot. They always grow faster than the plants we actually want to grow.

  2. Those damn weeds will grow whatever the weather! Why can't our vegetables ect be the same!

  3. I planted out the french beans yesterday. They were bursting out of their pots so I thought I'd bite the bullet. Of course, one of the older guys was stood watching me, saying 'you'll have to watch the TV, you know watch out for frosts'. The thing is it's June next week and they've got to go out at some point. Famous last words I know but we surely can't get a frost now. Cherries are my favourite fruit so I hope its not going to be a bad year for them. I know the cold spell came at the worst time with all the blossom needing pollinating but with few insects actually about. My broad beans have certainly suffered with some of the lower flowers not setting.

  4. I think the same is going to happen with the plum harvest this year - none of mine have set which is a shame as I love plums - still it will give the trees a rest I suppose.

  5. We seem to be at a similar stage although our beans won't be out this weekend. Same stage with the cherries too unfortunately!

  6. Yes, same here in France. Last year we had buckets of cherries - we gave loads away, made jam, froze tons, made cherry brandy. This year, none at all. I think we had a late frost which did the very late blossom/baby cherries. Oh well, there's always next year.

  7. This years crop of stinging nettles and docks is the best ever, and all grown to maturity in a few short weeks. Still it is great to see lush greenery again.

  8. I left a comment about how fast the stinging nettles and docks are growing. What happened to the comment? Oh dear, I keep forgetting to hit the publish button! Let's see what happens this time.
    Just noticed you have to approve comments, so that's what happened I suppose.

  9. My plot neighbour Joe's tree is just the same this year.
    Good luck with sorting your plot out. Flighty xx

  10. Weeds always win over everything else...I think I need to learn which ones I can eat!!

    I am hoping to get my peas in this is only the seed though so I am going to be in for a late much other stuff needs tending to as-well...I really need to get my gardening head on!

  11. It's not frost I'm worried about but wind - it's been so gusty here today (and hot). I had hoped to start putting seedlings out this weekend (beans, peas, courgettes, sweetcorn all ready to go) but, having lost a heap of seedlings last year to bad weather, I'm really holding back! I've been keeping the weeds in check by doing a little bit every time i go down to the veg patch, one of the joys of having it nearby; I'm sure if I had to travel further, my plot would be covered in weeds! Hope the weather is kind to your efforts. Caro x

  12. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

    I rely on my mums cherry tree for fruit and it is not looking so good either....
    this weekend it is scheduled for me to do weeding and weeding and weeding!
    maybe i will catch up!

  13. Weeds - the bane of our life at our Lottie - we spend more time weeding than we do anything else [except making bacon butties lol]

    Helen x

  14. At first glance I thought your plant was a gooseberry. I hope you manage to get a good cherry harvest. I've been fighting the weeds as well and they seem to be winning!

  15. I was expecting a poor show with the cherries this year, Martyn, as we didn't have as much blossom as we did last year. The weeding continues.

    If only we could get our veggies to grow as well as the weeds, we'd have fantastic harvests, Wigglywoo.

    I'm hoping that we've seen the last of the frosts now, Wellywoman. Some of my French beans are out, others will be planted out this coming week.

    I've heard people mention that plums do well one year and not so well the following year, Elaine. Perhaps they do need a rest, and as the saying goes, there's always next year.

    I remember last year, Sue, you could have written my posts for me as we did everything simultaneously. Some of my beans are out, but others will have to wait a little longer.

    It's such a shame when we're let down like that, Vintagemaison. We wait all year only to be let down at the last minute. Fingers crossed for next year.

    All this rain has certainly made everything green, John. Don't forget, there's lots of recipes which use stinging nettles, just don't forget your gloves when you harvest them.

    We've made a start on the plot, Flighty. I think most people are in the same boat this year, well, they are on our site anyway.

    I started some peas off in modules, Tanya. They're planted out now, but I need to direct sow some more seed. I'll probably get that done this week.

    The wind can do lots of damage, Caro, I think we forget that sometimes. It's really handy to have your veg patch close by. I tend to grow things such as salad crops at home so I don't have to go far to harvest them.

    Hope you managed to get some of that weeding done, Sylvan. We've started on it, but there's still plenty more to do. It's a never ending battle with the weeds.

    It would be great to get on top of the weeds, Helen, we never seem to do though. All the wet weather we've had this year really hasn't helped.

    The weeds always win, Kelli. I've never grown gooseberries. I've never tasted them since I was a child and I didn't like them then. Perhaps it's time I gave them another taste.

  16. Cherries look good. A friend gave me her cherry tree early this year and she was growing it in a pot. So we plnated it and it has cherries on it which is brilliant.

  17. Hope the cherries come good for you, Vegetable Gardening. I grow my tree in a pot but I'm sure they do much better planted in the ground.

  18. my cherry tree had a fantastic crop last year, but this year i havent had any fruit set and wont get anything from it this year :-( we had a really good set of blossom but the week it came out we had really bad rain and winds and washed it all away.

  19. It's such a shame when that happens, Stacy. I've got a few fruit set, but nowhere near as good as last year. Fingers crossed for both of us next year.


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