Thursday, 20 January 2011

Another Potato Post

This time it's about potatoes to come, not ones which have already been harvested. At last, I've made the decision about, and actually bought, the potatoes which I'll be growing this year. As my allotment is only a half plot, and there's plenty of other things I also want to grow, there's only going be a 10 foot x 10 foot bed allocated to them, so I've decided that I'm going to grow my earlies in containers to free up more space at the allotment for maincrop. We went to our local nursery to see which varieties they had on offer and found that they only sell the tubers in 3kg quantities. I had hoped to grow a few varieties, however, when I checked the prices at other retailers, the smaller quantities were nearly as expensive as the 3kg bag, which were £3.30. I also get a 10% discount from this particular nursery as I'm a Gardener's World subscriber, so this brings them down to less than £3.00. I decided that it would be more cost effective to grow only one variety of earlies and one of maincrop. The earlies I settled on are Arran Pilot and the maincrop I chose are Maris Piper. I've read good reviews on both of these varieties so I hope they do well for me.

I was thrilled to bits when I visited My Life Diet blog and discovered that I'd won a Stylish Blogger Award. I'd like to thank Nellilou very much, it's always nice to know that people enjoy my blog.

I'm supposed to divulge seven facts about myself, however, I've recently been awarded the same award on my other blog, Through The Keyhole, so I won't repeat myself. You can pop over there to have a read if you like.

I now have to pass this award on to fifteen other blogs, so I'd like to nominate:-

I know not all of you accept awards, but I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blogs. Please don't feel under any pressure to accept the award if you do not wish to do so.

All that's left is to thank you all for continuing to read my blog. It really does make my day when I receive a comment on my posts, so thank you very much.


  1. I also need to go and buy some seed potatoes. They are usually sold here in 5kg bags, so I am not sure if I will be buying them at all. Recently I read that there is one local seed company that sells a mix of potato varieties for sowing. Maybe I try them.

    Thank you very much for the Award. Just like you, I appreciate that I have readers who enjoy my blog and with whom I share the same passion for gardening.

  2. Hi Jo, finally made my way to your Blog and I'm glad I did. Our seed potatoes haven't arrived yet. Hope yours do well for you. Mo

  3. I'm not usually short of a word or two, but I'm not sure what to say, other than thank-you Jo. I'm not really an award type, though, so thank you so much for your nomination, but I'll stay humble and quiet and just carry on doing what I do. It's nice to know my passion for brewing beer doesn't alienate the allotment types, and vice versa.
    Congratulations on your awards, and good luck with your spuds. Mine arrived this week and are laid out to chit too.

  4. Congratulations on your award, and thankyou for thinking of me. I too really enjoy visiting your blog.

    I'm just about to order the potatoes for my Dad (he grows them better than us, too dry here)

    take, care and thankyou x

  5. Hi Jo; Thank you very much for nominating my blog for the Stylish Blogs Award. It's great to know that it's appreciated by at least one discerning and enthusiastic fellow blogger!
    I'm not sure if I can accept, because I may not be able to think of 15 different blogs to pass it on to, since many of my favourites are also on your list. It wouldn't be honourable to accept the award without joining-in as was originally intended, would it?...

  6. Hi Jo,

    Can I ask which nursery is selling the 3kg bags of tubers for £3.30? They seem far cheaper than I can find them anywhere!

    I've got some small quantities of different varieties of earlies but like you, I'd like a decent maincrop too.

    -louisa :)

  7. We had an email to say our potato seeds were on their way too. We do have room to grow them but it is one crop that you need to limit if space is at a premium.

    Thanks very much for the award - I also got the same award from Free Range Girl. I really appreciate you nominating me but I dod a similar posting about my 10 secrets a while ago - not sure whether it was on my blog or on someone else's so I won't repeat if you don't mind. That isn't to say I don't appreciate the nomination I really do!

  8. Hey glad you got your potatoes sorted..I bought some of my seed potatoes this week too..King Edwards.

    Thanks for the nomination...I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog and really appreciate you showing it to me in this way!!

  9. Thank you for thinking of me Jo. Always honoured to be considered for an award. Don't have the computer know-how to be able to paste it on to my blog template. Maybe one day I will stop being such a luddite and learn!

  10. I have no idea when I buy potoatos to grow....I just pick ones that are right for the time of year in wilkinsons!!!! Should I go for a poarticular type then? All I can say is they always taste gorgeous!!!

  11. Hi Jo! I am way, way behind with reading other blogs. Blog life is passing me by because 'real' life is so busy.
    I have missed getting over to your blog, and was so surprised to see that you'd given me an award. I'm very flattered, thank you. But I'm hopeless about putting awards on my site and passing them on, even tho there are many blogs I read which I should give an award to. So you'll excuse me if I don't do anything further. But it's left a warm glow!

  12. Thankyou for the award, I'm glad you enjoy my blog. As I posted 7 facts about me last year, I might save people from having to read them again, but I do really appreciate being chosen by you.

  13. The mix of potato varieties sounds good, Vrtlarica. I don't know any nurseries who do that here, but you can buy them online that way. The only downside is that they're more expensive and you have to pay postage too.

    Thanks for visiting, Mo. I'm usually at the last minute buying my seed potatoes so I'm a bit ahead of myself this year. I hope the varieties live up to the reviews I've read.

    There's a few allotment blogs I read which also dip in to brewing too, Mark. My potatoes are chitting now, much earlier than usual.

    I can definitely say that it isn't too dry to grow spuds here, Dawn. I have to contend with slugs eating them though. I'll be interested to read which varieties you choose.

    Of course you can accept the award, Mark. The rules aren't set in stone, either display the award on your sidebar without mentioning it, or pass it on to a few blogs only, it's entirely up to you but definitely not dishonourable.

    I get my seed potatoes from Swillington Nurseries, Louisa. I'm sure you'll be able to find it online for the address but if not let me know and I'll give you directions if you need them.

    Of course I don't mind, Green Lane Allotments. Not everyone will accept awards, they are rather time consuming, but I do like to nominate blogs just to let them know that I enjoy reading them. Even though we don't have a lot of space, I enjoy growing potatoes so will allocate some space for them. My compromise is to grow the earlies in containers.

    You grew King Edwards last year if I remember right, Tanya. I considered them this year but decided on Maris Piper in the end.

    It's very easy really, Matron. It must be if I can do it, though I've got a 15 year old and a 12 year old to help with a lot of the things I do on here, so I do know what you mean.

    There are first and second earlies and maincrop potatoes, Nellilou. They're all planted around the same time but the difference is how long they take to grow. Earlies are ready to harvest much sooner than maincrop, and second earlies in between. I agree with you though, home grown potatoes taste delicious.

    Of course I'll excuse you, Linda. I know how real life sometimes gets in the way of blogging, just as it should really.

    You're welcome, Su. I know lots of awards go round and many people have blogged their random facts more than once, so it's perfectly understandable if you don't want to do it again. I just like to let people know that I enjoy their blog.

  14. Hi Jo, thanks for nominating my blog, that's most kind of you and I am happy to accept, although I will do quietly if that's OK (selecting others to pass onto means I have to leave some out). Glad you enjoy reading it as I do yours. By coincidence I have received my seed potatoes today so need to get on with chitting! Thanks again.

  15. Hi Jo, I am also very excited about potatoes, I have my plot ready to go, I just have to decide what kind to grow. I am thinking of trying kipfler and dutch cream this year, can't wait to get them in!

    ps, your blog certainly is very stylish :) congratulations on your award.

  16. That's a really good price! I bought mine at the horticultural society trading shed and are £1-25 per kg regardless of variety or quantity.
    Congratulations on the well deserved award! Flighty xx

  17. Hi Jo, Thanks very much for nominating me for an award, very much appreciated. Thanks too for visiting my site and for your comments. It's so great to have fellow bloggers to share information and knowledge (I have alot to learn). All the best, Kelli

  18. Glad to have found your blog (via Mark's). Have just taken on an allotment, like you just a half plot, so I will look forward to learning from you. I've just gone for first earlies in just one 1.2m by 4m bed as I want to grow so many other things.

  19. Congrats on another award!

    Victoria xx

  20. Of course you can accept quietly, Damo. I do like to pass on the awards I receive as it allows me to let others know that I enjoy reading their blogs. My potatoes are now chitting, it won't be long until it's planting time.

    Thank you, Ali. It's quite bewildering knowing which kinds of potatoes to grow, there's such a wide choice out there. I'm growing ones which I haven't tried before, I do like to experiment with varieties.

    Thanks, Flighty. The price is good which is why I can't really justify buying different varieties which will cost so much more. I might pick up one small bag to grow alongside the ones I already have though, watch this space.

    You're welcome, Kelli. The beauty of this hobby is that we've all got so much more to learn, even the experts out there. I enjoy visiting blogs such as your's to pick up tips along the way.

    This will be my third year with the allotment, Plantaliscious. It's still as exciting now deciding what I'm going to grow as it was three years ago. I haven't had chance to pop over to your blog yet but I will do so when I get a minute.

    Thanks, Victoria. It's always a thrill to have an award given to me.

  21. Thanks for the award Jo which is much appreciated. I want to grow all sorts of potatoes and then remember just how much room they take. Decisions, decisions:)

  22. Have you ever tried to grow your potatoes in a box to make better use of space? I recently blogged about our potato planting experience in Central Florida -- my kids and I have spearheaded a school garden and so far, so good!

  23. You're welcome, Anna. It's so hard choosing between all the different varieties, I'm exactly the same with tomatoes too.

    I'm glad to hear that you've had success with your school garden, Dianne. I'm growing my earlies in containers this year to free up more space at the allotment. I've always had a good harvest from containers.


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