Wednesday 1 September 2010

Tomato Varieties

Every year I try some different tomato varieties along with my old favourites such as Tigerella and Gardener's Delight. The new ones I tried this year were Harbinger, Tangella and San Marzano. Harbinger is the one on the left in the photo and Tangella is the light coloured one. The San Marzano were started off quite a while after the others and is only just starting to ripen now so I can't give you my verdict yet, but I'm quite impressed with the others I have grown this year. I think next year I will simplify things a little and grow one salad variety and one cherry variety.

As the season is coming to an end it's time to start thinking of next year. A job for this weekend is to go through my seeds and see what I've got and what I need to buy. I usually go to the Wyevale sale which starts sometime in September where the seeds are on sale for 50p per packet. Some great bargains can be had. In the past I've had a sweet pea collection, five varieties in one packet which should have been over £4, a herb collection, again with five varieties in one packet and again it should have been over £4, and last year I got my cucumber seeds, Bella, which should have been £4.45.

I've really enjoyed writing this blog for the last seventeen months but would also like to include other things about my family life. I toyed with the idea of widening the subject matter of this blog but I would really like to keep this to gardening, so I have started another blog. Keeping with the theme of television programmes my new blog is called Through The Keyhole and will hopefully give you a glance through the keyhole of my front door in to my family life. I hope I will see you there.


  1. This year I have grown 3 tomato varieties. But for the next year I'm keeping only one and will add some new ones. I would like to try those dark, almost black ones.
    We also have seeds sales here, but I'm always worried that those seeds might not have a good germination rate as they are at least one year old.
    I wish you good luck with your new blog, the introduction post is very interesting and promising.

  2. I do love to grow a variety of tomatoes for different uses. We've had masses of them this year and they keep on coming too, one of our great successes this year (and most years really) - wish I could say the same for runner beans - argghh - too dry, etc.

    This year I grew gardeners delight (always a classic and great producer), Zuckertraube cherry, Sun-dried tomatoes (for drying), Black Russian (not pretty, but most delicious), plum variety (?name? escapes me), oh and now the mind goes blank - there are others out there.

    Anyway, look forward to seeing what you choose next year. I'm feeling experimental about choosing some new ones too next year.
    Off to peek at your new blog!

    Dawn xx

  3. Great photo!
    do you have one from the front?

    my tomatoes would be between the first and second from the right side

  4. It's always fun to try out new varieties as well as tried and tasted. This year I have grown Ferline, Ildi, Czech's Excellent Yellow and Japanese Black Trifele which is actually from Russia :) I am pleased with all of them but have already decided to ring in some changes next year. Good luck with the new blog Jo. Will have a reccie later.

  5. Ah, so many tomtoes, so little time! I'm trying to cut down on my varieties next year too. Good luck!

  6. We always say we will cut down and then never do - then there are all those tomato seeds that come free with magazines that just have to be tried out!!!

  7. Your Tomatoes all look FAB. I have had a bit of a glut this year and made loads of Tomato sauces for the freezer - all different ones, some herby, some rustic - can't wait to start using them!

  8. Good luck with your new blog...when I have time I will be sure to check it out.

    I think I need to think ahead more where my seeds are concerned too...I really should get stuff in the sales!!

    The tomatoes look lovely...i only ever grow two varieties so it's always nice to find out about others!!

  9. They look good! I'm probably going to try Gardener's Delight and Outdoor Girl next year.
    There are some terrific seed bargains around at this time of year.
    I'll add your new blog to my Sofa flyers list here so I won't forget to look at it! Flighty xx

  10. Your tomatoes look good Jo. I'm making pasta sauce tonight as there's so many ripening now. Good luck with the new blog.

  11. Hi Jo - I limited myself to plants given or grown from free seed packets and so far the results have been okay but I do wish Id tried some exotic colours. lots of mine are still green though, i thinks chutney is the only answer! Thanks for the advice to look out for sales, id never thought of garden centres doing that - top tip! Looking forward to checking out your new blog.

  12. I've never tried the dark tomato varieties, Vrtlarica. I've heard positive reviews of some of them though. I buy a lot of my seeds in sales but I don't buy things such as parsnip seed which should be bought new each year, I'm just selective about what I buy.

    The sun dried tomatoes sound interesting, Dawn. I suppose it is a good idea to grow different varieties for different uses, though I eat most of mine fresh.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting, ~fer. This is the only photo I took. Tomatoes come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

    I grew Ferline last year, Anna. It's a blight resistant variety, though I only grow my tomatoes in the greenhouse so I didn't choose it for this reason. I thought it was quite good.

    It's so hard to choose which varieties to grow, Vegetable Heaven. It's such fun going through the catalogues and deciding though.

    That's the problem, Green Lane Allotments, seeds appear from lots of different sources and it would be rude not to grow them. I'll probably end up with as many varieties again next year.

    It's nice to have a taste of summer in the winter months, Ali. I'm sure your sauces will be a big hit.

    I enjoy bargain hunting, Tanya. I've picked up lots of goodies in the sales. Don't forget to let us know if you find anything good.

    Thanks, Flighty. I haven't heard of Outdoor Girl other than you mentioning it before, I'll have to check it out. Gardener's Delight is a favourite of many gardeners though.

    Thanks, Damo. Pasta sauce is a great way of using up a glut of tomatoes, I hope you enjoyed it.

    It's great that you've managed to grow your tomatoes without any outlay, Freerangegirl. Wyevales are great for their seed sales, I use the one in York.

  13. I've had great success with Gardener's Delight again this year - it never fails to deliver. But not so with the other two varieties I experimented with. Good idea to stick to one or two only. You are so well organised Jo in sorting out your seeds. I'm going to knuckle down after we come back - I'm off on my travels tomorrow - see you soon.

    Have a great weekend.


  14. Your tomatoes look like one of those primary school models of the different sizes of the planets in the solar system!

    I'll pop over to your new blog and visit you there.

  15. My tomatoes haven't done very well at all this year. Probably because they weren't watered when we were away! Good luck with the new blog.

  16. Hope you have a great time on your holiday, Jeanne. Gardener's Delight seem to be a favourite among gardeners. I think it's because they have a great taste and they're reliable. I'll be growing them again next year.

    Tomatoes come in all different sizes and colours, Linda, just like the planets. I know exactly what you mean.

    Sorry to hear that your tomatoes haven't done very well this year, Mark. It has been a funny kind of year all round though I think. I was lucky that I had my dad to come and water my tomatoes whilst I was on holiday.

  17. I don't know why your comment hasn't shown up, Matron. It seems that Blogger had a problem yesterday. Matron wrote:-

    I love trying new tomato varieties, but have to grow my old favourites too. It is always a dilemma to choose which varieties to grow each year because I now have a huge collection. I love Gardeners Delight - never disappoints!

    I always try some new to me varieties along side my old favourites, but I never seem to find anything better. I'm hoping to cut down next year.


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