Monday 14 June 2010

It Must Be Love

I decided to empty one of my potato containers at the weekend and this is what I found, well, not the courgette of course, that's the first one of the season which was taken from the allotment on Saturday. These potatoes are Sharpes Express, a first early which I haven't tried before, and as I haven't yet eaten them I can't give you the verdict on taste. Apparently, they're quite a dry potato so they're good for chips too. There were quite a lot of very small potatoes which would have grown if I'd left them a little longer, but I'm pleased with the amount of reasonable sized ones. Just look at the cute little heart which I found. I have more containers which I will leave to grow on for a while longer, I just couldn't resist my first taste of the season which I will have tonight smothered in butter.

I'm looking forward to the weekend as I have tickets for Gardener's World Live. I went last year but was going to give it a miss this year as I'm having to watch the pennies quite carefully at the moment since I have given up work. I then found that Tesco's were offering the tickets on their Clubcard Deals. I swapped £6 of Tesco Clubcard Vouchers for each Gardener's World Live ticket, and as it's free for kids at the weekend it's only cost me £12 in vouchers in total. It was a lovely day out last year and the ticket also gives entry to the BBC Summer Good Food Show, so all I need now is for the weather to be kind. They're open tickets so I can go either day, I'll just wait and see what the weather has in store before I make my mind up whether to go on Saturday or Sunday. If you fancy going to Gardener's World Live but haven't got a ticket, head over to Carrots and Kids where Deb is offering ten pairs of tickets to ten lucky winners.


  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    You already have courgettes. For us it’s very early in a year to have them in this size.

    Lovely potato harvest!

  2. We've just planted out our courgette plants so you are really doing well.

    It's amazing how many potatoes grow into heart shapes I have a strange veg page on my website and people keep sending me heart shaped veg.

  3. My first courgettes are just forming so it won't be long now. Broad beans too. I was able to get a half price ticket for Gardeners world through a friend who knows someone in the RHS - I haven't been before so very exciting. We're going on Friday.

  4. Nice spuds, I also harvested the first of my potatoes at the weekend, a variety called Rocket, some good sized one and some little ones, no funny shapes like yours though. No courgettes yet as I only sowed the seeds at the end of April - middle of May.

  5. The first new potatoes of the year are a taste of heaven!

    I'm sitting next to my 2nd vase of sweet peas - the scent of heaven!

  6. I can't believe you already have a courgette....mine are no where near flowering yet....the potatoes look first earlies have started to flower so I shouldn't be waiting too much longer now...enjoy your spuds!!

  7. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    Those potatoes look good, and I'm sure were tasty as well! Mine on the plot are starting to flower so hopefully in a week or so...
    Enjoy the Gardener's World Live which I know is generally considered to be a good day out by those who go.
    Flighty xx

  8. Hi Jo, you're ahead of me, not expecting the first courgette until the end of the week. Like the look of the spuds and enjoy gardener's world live.

  9. Mmm, exciting! Your potatoes look good. I'm hopeful of some in a couple of weeks, they're just flowering now. Have fun at GWL, Deb told me about her tickets but I can't go. Bad planning on my part as my sister lives a short drive away!

  10. Yum, nothing like your own potatoes to eat. Have a fab weekend.

  11. Courgettes already?? How?! Mine are still getting ready to open their flowers!

  12. I am sorely tempted to empty one of my containers. I've got close a few times, but refuse to do so until they've flowered properly!

  13. This was the first courgette of the season, Vrtlarica. There's no sign of any more yet though.

    I have some more courgette plants waiting to go out, Green Lane Allotments. I staggered the sowing this year so that I could get an early crop as well as a later one hopefully.

    Your courgettes will grow in no time, Rachael. Once you can see them growing they don't take long at all. Hope you have a great time on Friday, I'm sure you will. We went last year and I really enjoyed it.

    The first potatoes of the season always taste the best, Happy Plotter. I love them smothered in butter.

    You won't be without sweetpeas now, Vegetable Heaven, once they start they keep on coming. I agree, they smell divine.

    The potatoes were delicious, Tanya. I had them for tea last night along with the courgette. It won't be long before yours start producing, and then you'll get a glut.

    Thanks, Flighty, I'm sure I'll enjoy Gardener's World Live as much as I did last year. It won't be long now until your potatoes are ready if they're flowering.

    Once you get the first courgette the rest will follow, Damo. I don't mind a glut though, I adore courgettes.

    What a shame you can't get to Gardener's World Live, Caro, especially as your sister lives so close by. I really enjoyed it last year so I'm hoping it's as good this year.

    Thanks, Scented Sweetpeas. I agree, there's no taste like home grown potatoes.

    Thanks for visiting, Nome. I sowed these courgettes on 21st March for an early crop, as well as some later ones so that I can drag the season out a little. It won't be long before you've got a glut.

    My potatoes hadn't flowered, The Idiot Gardener. I'm always eager to empty the first container of the season as I just can't wait for the first spuds dripping in butter.

  14. Your potatoes look great Jo - I'm sure they will taste as good too. Just look at the heart-shaped one - that is love indeed!

    Enjoy the weekend at Gardener's World Live and the Summer Good Food Show. Good old Tesco - they're not so bad after all - *grin* !!


  15. you've inspired me to empty my first potato container - i've been too scared up till now! Tesco's do have their uses - enjoy the show. Am going to Hampton Court in a couple of weeks - am hoping to catch a glimpse of some telly favourites.

  16. I've just found your blog and have been enjoying reading all the summer posts from the northern hemisphere. No potatoes or tomatoes for us here in Melbourne, Oz for some time yet!

  17. Emptied our first potato container too but no hearts just lovely new potatoes

  18. The potatoes tasted delicious, Jeanne, the first ones of the season always do. I'm looking forward to harvesting the International Kidney now to see what they're like.

    I hope you get a good harvest from your potato container, Countrymummy. Enjoy Hampton Court, I'm sure you'll see some telly favourites there.

    Thank you for visiting, Funkbunny. It's always interesting to see the differences in gardening across the other side of the world, I look forward to following what you're up to.

    New potatoes are so scrummy, Green Lane Allotments. I always look forward to the first ones of the season. I'm sure you'll find at least one funny shaped veg this year.

  19. Hope that you enjoyed those spuds Jo. Have not been to GW Live for a few years now but always enjoy it when I go. Glad that the weather has come good in time :)

  20. The spuds were delicious, Anna. It looks like we're getting good weather for the rest of this week.


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