Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Disappointing Sweetcorn

After having great success with growing sweetcorn in containers for the past two years, I thought that having now got an allotment I would be in for a bumper crop. How wrong I was. The seed germinated really well and they were planted out after all risk of frost was gone, but just look at my total harvest. I could see from the moment they were planted out that they just didn't want to grow. Their final height was about two foot, and only a few of the plants produced any cobs. These didn't form correctly and this is what I ended up with. I think the failure is down to the condition of the soil. It hadn't been worked for a while, and I don't think it contains much goodness. I will remedy this ready for next year by adding lots of manure this autumn, as I'm determined that next year will be different.

Speaking of manure, last Saturday I sent my hubby off to the local stables. He spent several trips back and forth to the allotment with bags of the stuff in the boot of the car. All in all, he filled fifty bags, so there's a huge pile waiting at the allotment to be dug into the beds.

More clearing up at the allotment took place on Saturday. The rubbish sweetcorn plants were pulled up and part of the brassica bed was cleared. We have started digging the plot over ready to add the manure to the beds.

We're still harvesting courgettes and beans, and we also got the first harvest from the calabrese. The only plants left in now are Brussels sprouts, calabrese, French beans, runner beans, leeks, parsnips, and courgettes.


  1. my friends sweetcorn didn't do too well this year either...(mine never even germinated!!)...others on oue allotment got a good harvest though so maybe it is the soil.

  2. Yea, it has to be the soil and the nutrients available to the corns. Better crop next time!... and lastly thanks for the nice words about the Blotanical Award 2009. ~bangchik

  3. I've been looking at mushroom compost for both my garden and the veg plot, as we have 3 Beagles, so you can imagine them with manure - straight on the ground, straight in their mouths!!! Blurgh....!

    I manured the veg patch last year, the soil was better than before, but its just a yearly thing to do...and back breaking at times. Enjoy. Cat x

  4. The corn brings back memories of playing in the corn field. Corn should grow tall enough for a little one to hide behind. Good luck with the soil improvement, sounds like a lot of work.

  5. My next door plot neighbour had a good crop too, Tanya, so I think it's definitely down to the soil.

    You're welcome, Bangchik. Yes, I'm hoping for a better crop next year.

    Mushroom compost is supposed to be good, Cat, but I don't know where I can get it from, so manure will have to do.

    I remember playing in corn fields when I was a kid too, Kat. Happy memories.


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