Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Beans Beans....

....are good for your heart, the more you eat, the more them! It was a quick trip to the allotment today in between the downpours. I'm pleased to see that not only are my runner beans flowering, as per the photo, but the dwarf French beans are starting to produce some small pods. The runner beans are Scarlet Emperor and they have lovely scarlet flowers to match their name.

Last weekend, I did some serious weeding around the parsnips and they seem to have doubled in size since. I've decided that it's a losing battle with the weeds though, so I think it's a case of having a weeding session each time I visit in a bid to stay on top of them.

One of the lilies has finally burst into bloom and the others look like they won't be long until they follow suit. I'm pleased to say that we weren't the only ones visiting the allotment today, there were so many bees there too. A buff-tailed bumble bee was feeding on the open lily and looked to be drunk on the nectar. I'm also really pleased that we planted borage as the plants looked to be buzzing. On further inspection we could see bees on nearly every open flower. Borage certainly is a bee magnet. Let's hope that all these bees are doing their job of pollinating my veggies.

The strawberry runners look to have put down roots in the pots already. I'll leave them a little while longer before severing them from the parent plants though. Hopefully I'll be bulking up my stock of strawberry plants ready for next year.

The kids patches are doing really well. My daughter's tomato plant, which she was given at Gardener's World Live, is in flower, and her beetroot is almost ready to be lifted, and my son's radish, which he sowed last weekend, has germinated. His pumpkin plant has put on lots of new growth and some flowers, with fruit behind, are getting ready to open.

I still haven't done anything with the top end of the plot, but this is the area where my compost bins are going to be placed. I'm going to have to pull my finger out and get this part of the allotment organised so that I have my compost bins sorted out ready for all the waste parts of my plants when they have been harvested.


  1. wish my beans looked like that! mine are riddled with blackfly *sob*

  2. Keeping on top of the weeds could be a full time occupation. My dwarf French beans should be ready to start picking in the next few days :)

  3. I think I'll be picking my first runner beans and french beans by the weekend both will be small pickings though but I can't wait.

  4. oo, good news on me beans. looks like the ladybirds have been having a field day! barely a blackfly in sight on my quick inspection this morning. huzzah for mother nature :) can't wait to try my beans.

  5. Hey - you know the rhyme too! Enjoy your beans - I bet in about 6 weeks you'll be looking for bean recipes just like I'm doing at the moment with courgettes.

  6. Have just got back from holiday, and everything has grown so much with all the rain we have had!! When I have finished wading through the washing I shall go and see what has grown!! lol!!!

  7. Glad to hear that Mother Nature is helping in your quest to rid your beans from blackfly, Steph. I have seen alot of ladybirds and ladybird larva this year, so I'm sure they're helping.

    Yes Anna, it certainly could be a full time occupation. I've had a fleeting visit to the allotment today and I've got my work cut out. The weeds are nearly taking over again.

    My dwarf French beans should be ready soon, Kella. I can't wait either.

    I have harvested my first two courgettes today, Allot Of Veg. I'm on the lookout for recipes for them already, in advance of having a glut.

    This weather certainly makes everything grow well, Libby. Unfortunately, the weeds enjoy this weather too.


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