Friday, 24 June 2011

Weedy Plot

I managed to get to the plot on Monday afternoon as planned, but just look at the weeds which greeted me. I found time to weed some of the onion bed whilst I was there, but I'm hoping to get the rest of it done this weekend. I haven't seen a weather forcast yet so I hope it's going to be fine. My shallots look to be splitting nicely though, there should be a decent harvest.

I got my climbing beans and runner beans planted out against their wigwams, but the dwarf beans are still in the garden awaiting their turn. That's another job I really have to do this weekend. The courgettes are also still in their pots, even though they've started flowering, so they'll be going out too.

I've got quite a few cherries on the tree which are looking nearly ripe. I threw some netting over to stop the birds from feasting on them and it's certainly paid off, so I'm looking forward to tasting the first of them this weekend, perhaps it'll be a little treat after my plot visit.


  1. Shallots are looking good!
    Yes the weeds have enjoyed the rainfall we've had haven't they? My dh was up yesterday clearing some more - little and often seems to keep on top of most of them, and the mulching helps reduce them too here.

    Hoping to go up at the weekend here too - weather forecast is good for the coming few days, and into next week - hope it's similarly good where you are.

  2. I always find my onion bed seems to grow weeds better than any other... Perhaps it's because it gets a tad ignored once the onions are happily growing or perhaps weeds just like onions... ;)

  3. AnonymousJune 24, 2011

    I've done plenty of weeding this week as well! Enjoy your cherries. Flighty xx

  4. The weeds are beginning to take over my garden. I guess I am discouraged with the deer eating the tomatoes, peppers and beans.

  5. Weeds or no weeds, those shallots look pretty good. Much better than I have managed. I gave up growing them because mine always stayed small and pathetic.

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  7. I soent yesterday weeding too. All that rain! Still, we wanted it didn't we?

  8. There is an old saying: clear the weeds by June and... Oh blast I forget the rest.

  9. Must net our cherries very soon too!

  10. I need to net my currants next year as the birds have slaught4red them this year.

    The shallots look great...i have never grown them before but I am thinking of giving them go next year..what do you do with them??

  11. AnonymousJune 26, 2011

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  12. I'm envying your shallots. Ours are poor this year. We do have some excellent weeds though :)

  13. The weather's been good today, Dawn, so we managed our trip to the allotment. I think I need to put some extra time in for weeding as little and often seems to be key, as you say.

    My onion bed is always the most weedy too, Paul. The big weeds seem to be right next to the onions so it's hard to get to them. I must run a hoe between the rows more often.

    I've never known a time when there isn't something which needs weeding, Flighty. I don't think I'll ever be on top of the weeds.

    I always think it would be lovely to see deer around, Becky, but you tend to forget what a nuisance they can be. I hope they haven't destroyed all your hard work.

    Thanks, Mark. I started the shallots off in pots in the greenhouse, so they had already sprouted before they got planted out. I'm pleased with how they're doing so far.

    There's always something else to do other than weeding, Tanya. Finding the right balance can be hard.

    The allotment has had a good watering with the rain, Kath. It's a shame that the weeds enjoy it too though.

    I've never heard of that saying, Don't unplug your hub. Then again, it would never apply to me as my weeds are never clear.

    Don't forget to net those cherries, Sue. You'll regret it if you don't, you know how cheeky those blackbirds are.

    I grew shallots for the first time last year, Tanya. I don't do anything special with them, I use them as I would onions really, but I like the fact that you get loads more of them than you plant, whereas you only get the same amount of onions except bigger.

    Sorry to hear that your shallots aren't doing very well, Mo. If only weeds were the prized crop we'd be laughing.

  14. Glad to hear it, Sue. Best not leave anything to chance.


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