Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dinner's Sorted

We don't very often have a Sunday dinner. I don't like spending Sunday in the kitchen when everyone's home, so we have roasts midweek instead. Tomorrow we're having roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, so whilst we were at the allotment today I picked the first of the mange tout to go with it. The purple ones are Stephens and the green are Robinson, and the seeds were kindly sent to me by another blogger. Strictly speaking, I believe they're actually peas, but they can be eaten as mange tout. I'm looking forward to trying them. When we got home from the allotment I pulled up the first of the carrots which have grown in a container. These are Paris Market 5, a stumpy round carrot which are ideal for growing in containers as they don't have long roots. I decided to go the whole hog and emptied out the first of the potato containers. These are Arran Pilot and I'm quite pleased with the amount I've got from one container, especially as they've only been growing for just over ten weeks. I'm sure our Monday roast will be delicious with these accompaniments.

The weather has been gorgeous today so we spent some time at the allotment. I've finally got the dwarf French beans planted out, along with the courgettes, squash, pumpkin and marrow, though I didn't quite finish weeding the onion bed. It was far too hot for weeding so that will have to wait until this coming week.

Going to the allotment was a real family event today. Not only did my son and daughter come with us, but we took Archie with us for the first time. He was really good and sat on his rug whilst we got on with everything. Pop over to my Through The Keyhole blog to see what my son found whilst picking strawberries.


  1. Brilliant haul - enjoy it - nice the whole family came along!

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2011

    Well done, that all looks delicious! Good to read that Archie was well behaved, but just wait until he sees a butterfly flutter past! Flighty xx

  3. What a fabulous haul - great potatoes! I didn't grow any this year. Too many disappointments with container grown pots in previous years.

  4. That picture of your harvest says it all! If anyone was in any doubt about the merits of growing your own, these doubts must now be banished.
    Those carrots looks handy for container growing. I must try them. In the past I had always dismissed the little round carrots as not giving a big enough yield to justify the effort of growing them, but yours look quite substantial.

  5. No mangetout or peas ready for us yet and we didn't plant any carrots in containers this year but are bags of potatoes are providing a bumper crop. I've been weeding onions too and pulled up one or two really pathetic garlic. Useless this year!

  6. A lovely, and I bet tasty, haul.

    Sue xx

  7. It used to be a regular family outing to the allotment, Orkney flowers. The kids are growing up though now and they're no longer eager to accompany us, so it's nice when we're all there.

    Archie was on his lead, Flighty. He was as good as gold, but I wouldn't have trusted him to behave the same off the lead.

    Thanks, Martin. They tasted great too.

    I've always done well with my container grown spuds, Surburban veg gardener. I've tried different varieties too. I think the secret is to keep them very well watered.

    The carrots were delicious, Mark. I just top and tail them then give them a scrub, and then cook them as they are. There's plenty in one container for a good few meals for four of us.

    We don't use much garlic in cooking, Sue, so I don't grow it. I've got some peas nearly ready, just waiting for the pods to swell a little more.

    Thanks for visiting, Sue15cat. It was all very tasty, you can't beat home grown.

  8. Looking good...i love ti when it gets to this time of year and you start to eat the benefits of all your hard work!!

  9. It sometimes feels like everything's way off, Tanya, then everything starts producing and it's great.


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