Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cherry cherry

This is the third year that I've had my Stella cherry tree. In it's first year I got the grand sum of one cherry from it, though it was utterly delicious. Last year three cherries ripened but the birds got to them before I did so I missed out. This year the tree has started producing much better and this was my first haul from it at the weekend. The cherries don't quite fill a teacup, but there were twenty ripe cherries with lots more still to ripen on the tree. I'm really pleased that I've netted the tree otherwise there'd be no cherries to pick, I saw a magpie trying to poke his beak through the netting this morning to get to the ripe fruits.

The mange tout which I picked at the weekend were delicious. I've never grown them before, in fact it's not something I buy either, but we came across them whilst eating out and hubby asked me to grow them. I couldn't say no, he's only started eating veg since I've had my allotment so I'm only too pleased to take requests from him. Everyone seemed to enjoy them so it's definitely something I'll be growing again. I'm looking forward to the Kent Blue starting to produce as they're supposed to be very tasty.

Hubby finished weeding the onion bed for me, so with one less job to do this week I should have time to get the leeks planted out. I always start my leeks off in plantpots, lots of seedlings to one pot, then separate them when it's time to plant them out. It's always worked fine this way for me. I intend to have more things to harvest over winter this year, so I also need to think about what needs sowing.


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    Your cherries look lovely. I would love to grow more fruit and veg but only have 3 small beds... with lots of weeds my job for today.
    Have a great week

  2. Martyn watched a blackbird trying to get through our cherry netting yesterday but it failed!! Our cherries are later ripening. Last year we weren't sure how long to leave them but now know they ripen to a really dark red.

  3. I love cherries, they are probably my favourite fruit.

    I think a tree will be added to the shopping list for next year!


  4. I harvested 3 very lovely cherries from our new patio tree last week. They were extremely sweet-tasting and based on your experience, I have high hopes for a larger harvest next year!

  5. I am so glad you got to enjoy some of those cherries. When I was growing up, our neighbor had a giant "bing" Cherry tree. It produced more than enough for both of our very large families. Have you ever tried dried Cherries?

  6. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    It's been a good year for cherries! Flighty xx

  7. Perhaps your cherry tree could have a word with my apple tree. Something needs to.

  8. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    Hi Jo,
    Those cherries look lovely, I don't mind a few currants or strawberries disappearing but would definately not be prepared to share cherries with cheeky birds!
    I'll be interested to see what you plant for winter as we don't make enough use of the veg beds and greenhouse in winter so need some inspiration.

  9. Those cherries look delicious...I am still wondering whether or not to replace my dead cherry tree.

    I do my leeks the same way as you and got them planted last weekend.

    I want to have more in the garden over winter this year too!!

  10. I must get a cherry tree ! my friend has one on her plot it's the third year and it had masses of cherries. Like you she netted it or as you say the birds will have them and strip the fruit in no time at all.
    I grow mangetout every year and it never fails to please. I sowed three more rows today, so that I have it for longer this year.

  11. Ooooh I'd love a cherry tree! They look beautiful, hope you scared the magpie away... ;)

  12. Hope you got the weeds sorted out, Sue. I grow my cherry tree in a half barrel. I'm lucky that I have my allotment as I don't have any room in my garden for growing fruit and veg, other than in containers.

    The magpie failed too, Sue. I'm so glad I netted them now. This sunshine is ripening them all nicely.

    Cherries are one of my favourite fruits too, Martin, but they're so expensive to buy in the supermarket. I don't think you'd regret buying a tree.

    It's taken three years for my tree to give a decent amount of cherries, Surburban veg gardener, but I can tell you that it's certainly worth the wait.

    Cherry trees can grow huge, Kat, so one large tree would provide an ample amount. I haven't ever tried dried cherries.

    It's been the best year yet for my cherries, Flighty. I hope now that the tree has started producing well, it does so every year.

    It's a shame about your apple tree, Mark. I've never seen the bark split like that before. Another casualty of our strage weather I presume.

    I think I feed the birds well enough without them pinching my cherries, Bluebell. I've got my parsnips already growing for winter, and I've got plenty of leeks ready to plant out. I've hardly made use of the allotment in previous winters so I want that to change this year.

    I would definitely replace your cherry tree, Tanya. It's taken three years to get the tree producing well, but I'm reaping the rewards now.

    I'd definitely recommend a cherry tree, Maureen, especially as cherries are so expensive to buy in the supermarkets. I may sow some more mange tout, I never thought about setting some more off to extend the season so thank you.

    The magpie left of his own accord when he realised he couldn't reach the cherries through the netting, Paul. I'm really pleased with my cherry tree, not only the fruits but the blossom looks gorgeous in spring.

  13. Thise cherries look delicious, Jo, here's hoping you get more like them :) Mo

  14. They taste delicious too, Mo. I'm still picking them and there's lots more to come.

  15. Glad you enjoyed the peas. Did I send the seeds to you? (sorry, have sent them to so many folk I can't remember exactly who received them!!)

    Mine are absolute rubbish this year, if you save any of your own seed I might be asking for you to return the favour!

  16. I'd love to see a photo of how you've netted your cherry tree, Jo. I tried with my second year tree but the net draped across the branches, weighing them down. A good pruning next spring should firm things up a bit but I'm interested in how other gardeners manage.

  17. The Stephens and Robinson were seeds which you sent me, Bilbo. I'm very impressed with them and we're picking loads at the moment. I'm hoping to save seeds, though I've only ever saved tomato seeds before so I hope I manage it, so if you want any just let me know.

    All I've done with the netting is drape it over the top of the branches and let it hang down, Caro. My tree is only small though so I haven't needed to use much netting, and it's very light too. The branches on my tree are hanging down but it's the weight of all the cherries which is making them do that. I'm not complaining.

  18. Thanks Jo. If you can successfully save tomato seed you can definitely manage peas. Decide you are going to stop picking from one plant and just leave it - you will know when the peas have matured, dried and become seed pods ready for harvesting.

  19. Thanks, Bilbo. That sounds easy enough, even for me.

  20. Looks like we're all counting our small crops! But your strawberries look scrumptious!

  21. I've had lots more cherries since these, Linda. I'm really pleased with how the cherry harvest panned out, and I'm still picking. It's only a small tree, so it's done well.


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