Monday, 11 April 2011

Tanya's Lucky Day

My Blog Anniversary Give Away ended yesterday, and in true gardening blog style all the names were put in to a plant pot, a name was drawn at random by my son, and Tanya from Allotments 4 You was the lucky winner. Please let me have your address, Tanya, so I can get your prize sent off to you.

I'd like to thank everyone, not only for entering, but also for all the lovely comments I received on my second blog anniversary. My blog was started as a means to record my adventure on my allotment, and it's really heartwarming to know that people enjoy reading my ramblings. I wish I could give you all a prize.

Jennifer Tetlow from Stone Sculpture Journal asked if I am growing any Cosmos this year as Cosmos is the two year anniversary flower symbol. I didn't know there were flowers to mark certain anniversaries, this is something I will look in to more. The answer is yes, I am growing some Cosmos this year. I'm hoping to get some growing on the allotment which I'll be able to cut and bring home for the house.

Denise from Mrs Nesbitt's Space asked for hints and tips on what to grow from seed in the greenhouse. Why not head over to her blog and give her some advice. I would say grow what you like to eat, Denise. If the plants are to stay in the greenhouse once they've grown then tomatoes, peppers, chilis and aubergines are a good bet.

Kay from Kay's Cakes asked if I ever go back and re read old blog posts. The answer to that is yes, when I started my blog it was to keep a record of what I did and when I did it so that I could do the same thing with things which did well, or change the way I did things which didn't do so well, so I often look back at dates and names.

Thanks again, everyone, for continuing to read my blog. I hope I can continue to keep going for another two years, and beyond.


  1. Thanks Jo...I am really pleased to have won your giveaway and I will let you have my address shortly. xx

  2. Congratulations Tanya, very good luck! Maybe you should buy a lotto ticket tonight too, just to keep the ball rolling... :) you never know!

  3. Thank you for the link - got a surprise (lovely) to see my name in print here - and thankyou for introducing so many other great sites.

  4. You have a lucky streak in you Tanya - well done

  5. Dear Jo, Your blog is a joy to read! P x

  6. Congratulations Tanya!

  7. Your prize will be winging it's way to you soon, Tanya.


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