Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Operation Clean Up

The weather was gorgeous at the weekend, perfect for pottering about at the allotment, but instead hubby and I spent all Saturday and Sunday doing jobs in the garden. There was still last years dead growth on the plants in the border so that was all removed, the small pond got a tidy up and plants in there which hadn't survived winter were removed. Hubby mowed the grass as well as cleaning all the cracks in between the paving. The rabbits were moved from their winter spot on the patio up to their summer spot on the grass, I won't call it a lawn, you should see the state of it. The rabbits have runs which attach to their hutches so they can come out or go back in as they please so they like being on the grass so they have something to graze on. The greenhouse got tidied out and my small mini plastic greenhouse is now situated in there and holds lots of seedlings. I fasten the small greenhouse up at night and it gives the plants a little extra protection than they would get from just being in my cold greenhouse. It means that I can move seedlings outside a little earlier than I would otherwise do so.

I sowed lots more seeds at the weekend too, cucumber - Prima Top, cucumber - Bella, courgette - Soleil, courgette - Firenze, courgette - All Green Bush, marrow - Tiger Cross, Squash - (Butternut) Hawk, pumpkin - Mars. I also sowed some heritage pea seeds which have very kindly been sent to me by other bloggers, Kent Blue, Stephens, and Robinson.

Things I need to concentrate on now are getting my potatoes planted, getting a bed dug for my new strawberries and getting those planted, planting out some pea seedlings which are now ready to grow away, planting out the shallots which I've started off in pots in the greenhouse, planting my onion sets and direct sowing some carrot, parsnip and beetroot seeds. It seems a lot now I've typed it all out, but I'm sure it will all get done just as long as this weather holds for a little longer.


  1. Hope the wind calms down so you can get those parsnips planted.

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend, I had to earth up my potatoes this weekend they are flying, better keep a watch out for frost!



  3. Of course you will get it all done, fingers crossed the weather goes your way though! Wishing you all the best with your seedlings and sowings, and can't wait to see some pictures of it all developing!

  4. What a busy time of year! I have three of those little plastic greenhouses now, and I have found them to be absolutely invaluable.

  5. It always seems so much more when it is written down...i have learnt to write what I have done after completion...this way I don't scare myself silly into not even

    You reminded me though that I really need to do something about peas and carrots!!

  6. Lots done and lots to do...but isn't there always.
    Hope this weekend is another good one! Flighty xx

  7. Wasn't it a glorious weekend Jo :) I was away for the weekend and must confess that although I enjoyed walking and garden visiting my thoughts kept turning to the allotment and what I could be getting on with. My peas have started to intertwine so must get them in pronto. Sounds as if you have a long list of to dos so hope that you get a chance to get on with them soon.

  8. We had lovely weather at the weekend too, a nice change lately. I've growing cucumber for the first time, do you put it outside in the ground or keep it under glass over the summer? All the best, Kelli

  9. Flighty pinched my comment! Hah! Great minds or fools? ;)

  10. Its such a madly busy time of the year, isn't it! I have to remind myself that if I leave the plot able to see what I have done, then I have made progress, despite all the other things crying out for attention - and then there's the garden. And the seedlings. And the sowing... Good job we are happy addicts or we would be stir crazy by now!

  11. The wind's vanished now, Sue, but the parsnips still haven't been sown. Maybe this weekend.

    I remember lots of people being caught out with the frost on their potatoes last year, James. Keep the fleece handy.

    I'm hoping to get some time in at the allotment this weekend, Kay. It's good to be able to cross things off the list as they get done.

    The plastic greenhouses are good for all sorts of things, Mark. I used it outdoors before I had my proper greenhouse, and now use it inside my greenhouse as added protection.

    It's satisfying to be able to cross things off a list as you do them, Tanya, but I do know what you mean about a long list being scary.

    That's true, Flighty. It always looks so much more though when it's written down.

    You chose a gorgeous weekend to get away, Anna. That's the sign of a true gardener when your thoughts are turning back to the allotment.

    I grow my cucumbers in the greenhouse, Kelli, but there are varieties which are specially bred for outdoors. I remember my dad always growing his in a coldframe.

    I'll say great minds, Mo.

    I long for this time of year when I'm sat indoors during winter, Janet. I plan everything and know what needs to be done, but it still seems to creep up on me. It would be very boring if everything was done already though, what would we do then?

  12. Hi Jo!
    Yes, suddenly there is so much to do!
    We have a lot of gardening jobs to do this weekend, and like you need to get a strawbery bed organised for moving ours.
    No sign of any courgettes seedlings here - most everything else came up, including (in the end!)loads of tomatoes, peppers, peas, dwarf beans, sweetcorn...forget what else
    Now just ongoing task of keeping everything watered!
    have a lovely gardening weekend!

  13. Hello Jo,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Sounds likes you had an enjoyable and productive time last weekend. My greenhouse needs a proper clean and sort out, a job I keep putting off!
    Hope you are having another good weekend.

  14. It's so busy at this time of year, Gill. The watering can take quite a bit of time when there's so many seedling on the go. It sounds like you've had plenty of success with your seeds.

    Thanks for visiting, Bluebell. I tend to put off the cleaning jobs too, they're not much fun.


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