Thursday, 7 April 2011


This mangled mess of roots and shoots is what's left of my leeks after a ball my daughter threw landed on them. I have some more pots of leeks as well as these, and luckily it's early enough in the season to get some more sown. The peas in the background also took a direct hit but I managed to get them sorted and back in to their modules.

I'm pleased to report that the round stumpy carrots I sowed a few weeks ago in a container in the greenhouse have germinated, so even if I don't manage to get any to grow at the allotment again, I won't miss out on that gorgeous home grown carrot taste.

It looks like we're in for a mini heatwave this weekend with the forcasters predicting warm temperatures and sun. We've got a cooling breeze here today so it would be nice if that drops.

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  1. Yes - I have a few pots like that too - one of the pleasures of gardening with kids.

  2. My Onion bed is constantly being trampled on much to my annoyance lol. As for the heatwave, that hit us yesterday and I have a sunburnt neck, arms and face to prove it :(

    As for Leeks, when is it ok to plant them out? Are we getting close? Mine are looking similar in length to yours, or rather what yours were before they took a direct hit.

  3. I feel your pain as I have a three year old with a runaway ball at times too. I also have a very sniffy, nosey springer spaniel who also tends to root stuff out of pots when she really shouldn't - all part of the fun I guess! :)

  4. It's lucky that you can sow some more!
    The weather is looking good so enjoy the weekend! Flighty xx

  5. On my timescales you have plenty of time to sow more!

  6. Oh what a shame Jo but at least time is on your side, Must be difficult for both child and gardener at times :)
    What about trying to transfer the seedlings into modules. Hard to tell from photo but they might perk up yet.

  7. Dear Jo, A heatwave! How lovely. I am having my young grandsons here over spring break, so I imagine there will be several 'accidents.' It's all fun, though. Enjoy your nice weather. P. x

  8. I wonder what you said under your breath?

  9. Oh no! It looks a bit like parts of my borders after Bobbi has been taking a nap!

    Yep, the weather is set fair for the weekend - hooray! April is often lovely like this, isn't it. Enjoy.


  10. I've spent most of the day gardening with the girls and once they're in bed I'll be cleaning up! That reminds me I must sow some leeks!

  11. I thought when my kids got to the ages they are they'd be a bit more careful, Allot of Veg. Seems not.

    I feel for you, Chef_uk, my face is rather red today. They advise to let leeks get to pencil thickness before being planted out. Mine have never been at pencil thickness, though I'll let them get a little more sturdy before I do plant them out. Some put them in after the potatoes have been dug up, just to give you some idea, it's quite early yet.

    I used to have a Springer Spaniel when I was a child, Ruth. I've never known a dog with such a strong sense of smell, always in to something, so I can imagine what she's like with your plants. Archie, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel likes to deadhead all my flowers, before they're spent I hassten to add.

    Thanks, Flighty. It's been a gorgeous weekend and I've enjoyed it enormously. More leeks have been duly sown.

    It's times like these when you're glad you've started early, Linda. I had intended to sow more leeks anyway, but now I've sown more than I would otherwise have.

    I did think about transferring them in to modules, Anna. I decided against it in the end because as you say, time is on my side, so I've just sown more. It's hard enough pricking out all the things which I have to without things I don't.

    Thanks, Pam. Glad to see that the snow has gone in time for your Grandson's visit. Though they probably enjoy snow, your garden has so many other delights for them to enjoy.

    You don't really want to know that, Sue. No, really, since my kids were little I've tried to take accidents for what they are where they're concerned. I remember having to have my mum's engagement ring cut off my finger by the fire brigade after I got it stuck, and it breaking in to three pieces. I just remember how pleased my mum was that my finger was ok. I thought, I want my kids to feel so secure and loved, and I was only young then.

    I'm just hoping that this isn't our summer, Jeanne, it's been so gorgeous. Cats love to sleep where they shouldn't. I often used to find my old cat, Jake, asleep on top of a much treasured plant, how I miss him.

    The joy of young children, Damo, how I miss it. Still time to sow your leeks yet, though I bet you've already done it over the weekend with this gorgeous weather.

  12. It's amazing how weedy leeks are in their early stages, I look at ours alongside Spring Oinions and wonder how they are going to make it.
    Hope you had a good weekend :)

  13. I have lots of oops around the garden too!

  14. Oh dear, poor leeks! Nice save on the pea front though, and carrots sound yummy. Am hoping to grow some at the plot, but right now am sorely tempted to try replicating your pot of stumpy ones, just in case...

  15. I picked up my calabrese box over the weekend to give it a good watering and dropped it upside down on the floor. I managed to save the plants but it was tiresome having to prick them out and re-pot them!!

  16. I find the same thing with onions which are grown from seed, Mo, they're so wispy. It's amazing really how everything grows.

    You don't always need kids around to have those oops moments, Kelli, I make enough of them myself too.

    I haven't had any luck with carrots at the allotment, Janet. Home grown carrots taste so different to those bought from the supermarket so I didn't want to miss out another year. These container grown ones are my insurance policy.

    I think we've all done something similar, Tanya. At least you've got the pricking out done now, it'll save you a job in the long run.


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