Friday, 1 April 2011

Blog Anniversary Give Away

It's two years ago today since I started my blog, and to celebrate I thought I would run a giveaway. The prize is a Kitchen Garden Planner which contains lots of information about growing edible crops, whether you're growing on an allotment, in your garden or, if space is limited, in containers. There's also plenty of space for writing your own notes and a little pouch for keeping news cuttings or seed packets all together.

I got the key for my allotment on 21st March 2009 and started this blog shortly afterwards to keep a record of my progress. I've really enjoyed writing the blog and also reading lots of other people's blogs with shared interests. Many thanks to all of you who have stumbled up on my blog and return to read more of my posts. Thank you too for leaving such lovely encouraging comments, I'm still so excited when I see that I've got a comment, even after two years, I don't think that feeling will ever leave.

To be in with a chance of winning the Kitchen Garden Planner, just leave a comment on this post and I will draw a name at random. I will leave the competition open until midday on Sunday 10th April to give everyone a fair chance of entering, and will announce the winner shortly after.

Last weekend I sowed my tomato seeds. I've held off as long as possible to try and avoid the seedlings growing leggy, but couldn't resist any longer. I'm growing three varieties this year, Gardener's Delight, Tangella and San Marzano. The Gardener's Delight have yet to germinate but the other two are up already. I'm particularly pleased to see the Tangella seeds spring in to growth as these were my first attempt at seed saving so I was a little worried that I may have done something wrong and I'd be left without. I needn't have worried as I've had 100% germination. Let's hope they grow and produce well now.

I sowed some spring onions - White Lisbon last weekend too. I've sown them in a container and they've been placed in the greenhouse for now. I always grow my spring onions in containers and they've always grown well this way.

There's rain forcast for the weekend, but the schools break up today so I'm hoping for some good weather during the next fortnight so I can get my son to give me a hand at the allotment. He's always a huge help to me.


  1. Congratulations on your second anniversary! I'm just starting out this year with my first raised beds so have been avidly reading all your advice. Year two anniversary flower symbol is Cosmos - are you planting any?

  2. Congrats on the anniversary, you've created a great blog! I think there's something special about 'gardeny' people that makes their blogs such fun to read. I guess we all like to see how other people do things, and what they're doing but rather than get competative we all just like to help each other out where we can. Like you still get excited when I get a comment. ;)

  3. Happy blog anniversary! It's been great following your journey.

    Hoping to pot on our tomato seedlings this weekend, looking good so far and like you 100% germination so I think I will be giving them away again this year. I often find the saved tomato seed have better germination rates than bought seeds, might be nothing in it, but that's how it seems to me.

    Enjoy the holidays x

  4. Congratulations Jo, I've seen many bloggers give up in the first year. It's hard work sometimes, but I always enjoy your posts, so well done making it two!
    Your lot must break up earlier than ours, I think my kids still have a week to go. As I work from home, I'm hoping they do...

  5. Dear Jo, Happy blogaversary! How generous of you to share your big day with a give-away. Sorry I can't enter this year, not even on behalf of my Mom, as she doesn't garden anymore. Wishing you many happy returns! P. x

  6. Happy Blogday! I love coming here as you remind me what I should be doing on my own plot!

  7. Happy blogiversary, it's always a pleasure coming here to read your posts!
    I've sowed some tomato seeds, Gardener's Delight and Golden Queen, in pots today, and hope that I do better than I have in the past.
    Please don't include me in your draw as I already have two similiar planners!
    Flighty xx

  8. Happy Anniversay! :)
    It's encouraging that you still feel the same way about your Blog - I had wondered when/if I would tire of it.
    How lucky to have some help with the Lottie over the next couple of weeks ;)
    We never seem to have much success with Springing Onions, but I'm hopeful this year (and every year!)
    Enjoy the 'Spring Break'!

  9. ps - I did mean tire of our Blog - not yours! LOL!

  10. Congratulations from Sweden! I started my blog in October, so I'm even newer to this than you are! :) I couldn't resist sowing my toms either, and half of them are really lanky, but some are doing really well. I have some really fun ones this year, including snow white and lemon bay :) I also have trays of leek and spring onion threads inhabiting the window sills, I've clipped them back to get them to grow a big thicker, which seems to have helped.

  11. Hi Jo, a big congrats on the two years and well done for keeping an interesting blog for so long. Thanks too for sharing some of your knowledge. All the best, Kelli.

  12. Congratulations on you 2nd Anniversary of blogging and gardening your allotment!!
    I really enjoy visiting your blog, it's my favourite for gardening!
    I am very envious of your tomato seeds having germinated - i too sowed mine last weekend and not a dicky bird. Am quite disappointed but not surprsied as its been a dull week on the whole and cooler, and my greenhouse is unheated.
    have now moved the tomatoes inot the airing cupboard in the hope of giving them enough heat!
    On the positive side, some clarkia seedlings are up, but still no veg!
    Would love to be entered for your giveaway, that looks an incredibly useful item to have - i have a scruffy, dirty notebook where I jot down what I've sown when etc.
    Have a great weekend Jo!
    Gill xx

  13. Congratulations for your anniversary - we have sown our tomato seeds at last too - leave me out of the draw too Jo - it will give the others a better chance.

  14. Happy Bloggiversary! I'm hoping to get the majority of my seed sowing done in my little veg bed this weekend - I'm hoping for no rain my way!!!

    Likewise, as others have mentioned, I also have a little notebook that I have been jotting all my bits and pieces down in so please don't include me in your draw. :)

  15. Congratulations on two years Jo. Don't include me in the draw but it's a lovely idea which I'm sure someone will make much better use of than I!!

  16. congrats on the last two years, i know i have only been following a short while but its great to read everything that you do.
    I too have just sowed my tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers in the green house i should say im just waitin for them to start to raise their little heads, have a good weekend.
    helen x

  17. Congrats, Jo. We're of the same vintage. You're just better at it than me!

  18. I would love to enter you giveaway. you were one of the first people to welcome me into blog land so one of the first I read and I have loved it ever since, happy blog birthday! xxx

  19. Congrats on your two years Jo, I always love reading your blog and have picked uo many little tidbits from you so thank you for that. I have plenty of seeds growing in the greenhouse and I am really pleased with my germination rate this year. Glad to know your spring onions grow well in containers as this is what I plan on doing too this year.

    I can't believe your children have already broken up from school...they must be getting a very long easter break this year, mine finish at the end of this week, wonder if I can rope them into some major help over the holidays!!

  20. Congrats on the 2 years - a great inspirational blog too. Now I need some hints/tips on what to grow from seed in my greenhouse - any thoughts humbly accepted. Dxx

  21. Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary! I enjoy your blog and I like to keep up with what you are doing.

  22. Congratulations Jo! Two years - doesn't it just fly by.

    Your gently informative and journalistic style has encouraged and inspired me in my own little veg garden and I have really enjoyed following your progress with the allotment. Your enthusiasm for vegetable gardening is wonderful and I have picked up many tips along the way. Thank you!

    I have sown the Tangella seeds you gave me and they are beig lovingly tended on a warm windowsill. From the ones I have sown to date all have germinated. I shall let you know how they do!

    Oh and please enter me into the draw!


  23. Congrats on your 2 years blogging Jo! And good luck with the tomatoes. Mine were sown in early Feb but I've managed to keep them growing and they're already having days out in the greenhouse when the sun is out.

  24. Happy two year anniversary! I was delighted to find your blog because it is always crammed full of your practical experience, something I am sadly lacking! Congrats too on the 100% germination rate on your saved tomato seed, that will spur me on to try it myself this Autumn, I could do with saving some money on seed!

  25. Hi,
    Wow, 2 years, I bet it seems like yesterday you were writing some of those entries down!
    Do you ever find yourself re-reading old entries, as a kind of pointer to what worked and what didn't in the past?
    I've just started my blog, and I hope I'm still doing mine after 2 years, I'm sure it takes dedication and a real thirst for journalling your experiences and sharing them with 'your' public! So, here's to another 2 years, or 10 at that! Congrats and keep going! x

  26. Jo, I didn't realise that you had only been blogging for two years - I thought you were an old hand at this game. I hope I will be able to maintain my enthusiasm in the same way as you have done!


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