Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Good Idea?

This is a picture of an old bath which was left on my allotment when we took it over. I've been pondering with the idea of using this to grow carrots in. I thought if I stood it on bricks to raise it a little it would be high enough for the carrot root fly to miss. Apparently the carrot root fly can only fly to heights of around 18 inch, therefore, I wouldn't have to use fleece. Also, carrots like to grow in soil which is free draining and they certainly don't like soil with stones in which cause them to fork, so by using the bath I would be able to give them exactly what they like. I'm still mulling over the idea, so I might sow direct into the ground this year and see how they do, but if I don't get a good crop I might go with this idea next year.

I was at the allotment until 9pm last night. It was such a lovely evening and after being at work yesterday it was nice to get out into the fresh air. I got some more digging and weeding done, and I got some of my strawberry plants into their new bed. The strawberry bed still isn't completely finished so I planted as many as I could, but I've still got more to go in once I've done some more weeding and digging.

I'm hoping to get my peas in soon. I have started them off in toilet roll inners in the greenhouse and they have germinated and grown well. I have already prepared their bed so they're now ready to go in as soon as they're hardened off properly.

Although there's still loads to do at the allotment it's really exciting that things are now getting planted. I'm really pleased that I've chosen to define seperate beds as it seems less daunting somehow. I'm getting a sense of achievement each time a particular bed has been weeded and dug and is ready for it's occupants. I've made a decision that I want raised beds made out of wood, but that will have to wait for now. I think that the way that I have started off the allotment with seperate beds will make this easier though when the time comes.


  1. Carrots are so tricky to grow! If the soil isn't just right you can't get anywhere with them and then, if you do, the root fly get them!
    The best success I've had is growing them in a raised bed in my greenhouse so I reckon your bath could work. Don't forget to thin them as well - though the thinings can be delicious! I'm sure your kids will love eating them!

  2. Mmm - not sure about carrots in a tin bath. The metal will mean it gets hot and dry in the sun - and you've not got a huge amount of water on hand. Something that likes hot and dry might be better (and that harvests in summer) - or warm and wet if you can find a bath plug! (I also wouldn't assume that the bath would be free draining, it might be, but might not).

    I'm not savvy enough to recommend anything though. Sorry!

  3. Yay! Thanks for visiting and the lovely comments. Last night on Gardeners World they planting carrots in metal containers lined with cardboard - to insulate them from the heat. Would also help with water retention. Worth a try in your bath I reckon.

  4. Thanks for your comments.

    The bath is one of the modern ones, made out of acrylic i think. I will be able to drill some holes in the bottom of it (or hubby will) for drainage.

    I have heard of others growing carrots in baths before and they have had a good harvest from them.

    I think this year I will try in the ground though. I'm going to make deepish drills and fill these with compost so that the soil isn't so stoney where the carrots are to grow, and sow into this. I'll see what sort of crop I get by doing this and then if that doesn't work I'll give the bath a go.

    I haven't watched last night's GW yet but I've got it recorded so I'll watch that segment with interest.

  5. Oh drat I forgot about gardeners world :o( I quite like the new guy!
    I've never had much luck with carrots, this year they are in the middle of the onions!

  6. Apparently, it's a good idea to sow carrots and onions together as each repels the other's pest.


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