Sunday, 26 April 2009

A Good Harvest To Come?

This picture is of my blueberry plant. I bought one bush in 2007 but it was only a young plant and I didn't get any berries off it last year. Blueberries like to be planted in ericaceous compost as they like the soil to be on the acid side. You can get self-fertile bushes, however, you still get a better crop if two or more bushes are planted in close proximity. I bought a second, more mature plant last year and now both of the bushes are getting ready to produce their deep blue berries. I'm hoping to get a good harvest from both of the plants this year which will please my children immensely. The question is, will I get any?

It's been a gorgeous week here in West Yorkshire and I've got lots done. Today I have been giving the garden an overhaul, repotting Fuchsia's and Hosta's and top dressing and feeding other plants.

Our pet rabbits, Monty and Sammy, have moved house from the patio up onto the grass. During the drier months they have access to their runs on the grass directly from their hutches. During the winter months we move them down onto the patio as the grass seems to get so waterlogged. On drier days we do still let them have a run round on the grass, which they love.

My winter hanging baskets have now been cleared out and are all ready to be planted up with summer bedding. They won't be hung outside though until all risk of frost has gone.


  1. Hi Jo
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I thought I would have a nosy at yours. I love your old bath, I wish I had one to plant up. It would look great painted.
    Like you I have 2 blueberry bushes and I hope to have a good harvest this year. I have kept them in the garden at home as I have rhubarb, raspberries and strawberries on the allotment, so the fruit area is full.

    Your mini greenhouse looks so tidy and productive. I'd bet you are going to have a very good allotment
    good luck with it.

  2. I'm a year behind in the blueberry stakes, I've got two new ones this year but don't expect any fruit till next year. Hoping to enjoy some lovely black currants this year though, assuming the birds don't get to them first! ;)

  3. I wish i had room for more fruit! I love blueberries, they are supposed to be good for the brain and I need all the help I can get!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Jo
    Thanks for visiting me. Looks like you've done loads of work on the allotment since you got it hope it brings you peace and joy (that's what I get from mine) and lots of veg of course!

  5. Thanks everyone for your good wishes.

    My blueberry bushes are also in the garden at home. I'm going to leave them in containers so that I know they've got the soil in there that they require.

    I don't have any blackcurrants or any other currants for that matter. It's something I will look into once I get the allotment into shape.

    I know that blueberries are classed as one of the new 'super fruits' but didn't know what they are supposed to be good for. I'm with you there Libby, I also need all the help I can get!


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