Friday, 22 October 2010

Too Chilly For The Chilies

I think it's only a matter of time now till we get a frost so I have taken all the chilies off the plant. As you can see, they're in different stages of ripeness but they can still be used green. These are Serrano chilies and my daughter bought me the seeds for Christmas last year so I felt compelled to grow them even though we don't eat chilies. These will be given away to someone who can make use of them. I only grew one plant which I think has done very well.

I only realised last weekend that there are still some potatoes in the ground at the allotment, I had forgotten all about them. I will make sure that they get dug up this weekend. The potatoes I am growing in containers in the hope of new potatoes at Christmas are doing really well. They've now been earthed up to the top of the container and they're residing in the greenhouse. I will make sure that they also get a covering of fleece before we get a frost just to give them a little extra protection.

As well as digging up the remaining potatoes, I'm hoping to get some more clearing and digging done at the allotment this weekend. It's certainly worth digging the allotment over in autumn if at all possible as the frosts break down the clods of earth and it really is much easier to work the following year. So fingers crossed for some fine weather this weekend.


  1. Hi, i have just found your blog and i thought how lovely and informative it is. Im new to all this blogging and i think i need a bit more practice as i only have 1 follower, but thats going to get me down as amazingly i really enjoy just jotting down things that me and my family get up to.
    Please feel free to have a ganderand let me know what you think ta

  2. What a splendid haul of chillies Jo ~ somebody will certainly enjoy them. I am not a fan either taste wise but they are beautiful to look at. First frost here on Tuesday morning ~ brrrrrrrrrrrr. Hope that you manage to get on with the clearing and digging this weekend.

  3. You could make some chilli jam its lovely. I plan to make another batch tomorrow with the chillies my sister gave me today.

  4. Dear Jo, We don't eat chillies either, but they do look so very festive! I hope you have a good gardening weekend. I'll be in England next weekend ... packing some sweaters for sure. Pam x

  5. So how's your weekend weather, Jo? We've woken up to rain and high winds. Definitely not an allotment day, but the autumn dig has been on my mind too.

    Like you, I came across potatoes still in the ground. I looked at them and then decided they could stay for a bit longer!

    Whether or not you eat the chillies they make a great photo.

  6. We still have some potatoes to dig up too and definitely NO CHILLIES for us!

  7. your chilli plant did really's a shame you don't like them!!

    I still have a little soil to work over before winter and I am hoping to get down today to get most of it done and then I will be sorted for the winter!!

  8. A great batch of chiles, I hope mines does half as well next year.
    Hope you have some nice weather this weekend!

  9. Jo, your chilies look great. How about making some chutney for Christmas presents? Worth a try.

    I'm inspired to get out and do some jobs in the garden which has been quite neglected these past weeks. Fingers crossed the weather proves good for working on your allotment.

    Hope you got my email.


  10. Lucky you still digging up potatoes! I hope that you did some plotting over the weekend. I did some this morning, making the most the sunshine. Like you I dig over the ground now then leave over the winter. Flighty xx

  11. Looks like a good haul of chillies. I've got a few Cayenne still ripening in the greenhouse along with the last of the peppers.

  12. Thanks for visiting, Helen, and for your lovely comment. I have taken a look at your blog and really enjoyed reading your posts, I will be back to read more.

    We've had our first frost here too now, Anna. I didn't manage to get to the allotment at the weekend but hubby went and dug up the potatoes, one less job to do now.

    I've never made chili jam, Amanda. I must look in to that if I grow chilies again.

    Many people do make Christmas decorations with chilies, Pam, a good way to use them if you're not going to eat them. I hope you enjoy your trip to England and find your mum in better health than you did last time.

    Sorry to hear that your weekend weather wasn't up to much, Linda. We had some rain too but it wasn't too bad. I still didn't make it to the allotment myself but hubby went and got some jobs done.

    The potatoes got dug up at the weekend, Green Lane Allotments. We got quite a good haul from the few Blue Danubes which were still in the ground. I'm just hoping that they cook better than they did last time.

    You're always way ahead of me with the winter dig, Tanya. You're so organised. I think the chili haul was rather good considering I only had one plant.

    The weather wasn't too bad at the weekend, fer, but I still didn't get done everything I wanted to. Hubby has made a start though so that's less for me to do.

    I did get your email, Jeanne, thank you very much. I'm not a lover of chutney myself but never thought of making some for presents, I'll keep that in mind next year. I hope you managed to get more done in your garden this weekend than I did in mine.

    It's a case of making the most of the fine weather now, Flighty. There won't be many fine days left. We've had our first frost here now so I'll have to be quick if I want to get the digging done before winter.

    I'm still waiting for my last pepper to ripen, Damo. I've got two which have just turned red and are ready to eat.

  13. I made some chilli jam for the first time this year and it was yummy. It's an excellent way to make Hubby eat his greens, he loves it! :) Good with stir fries and mixed in with mayo for dipping potato wedges.

    I've posted the recipe at SPF if you want to give it a go. :)

  14. Thanks, Una. I might give that a go if I grow chilies again.


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